Tele2 has offered to “destroy” the old SIM-card on your website with hungry goats and water energized

The user can choose the color of the SIM card (red, yellow, green, or blue), and method of destruction. At the end of all the videos appears with a message indicating that Tele2 can go with the existing rooms. Once the user is inspecting the roller, the operator invites him to go to the purchase of “beautiful rooms” from its base. Director at MOST Creative Club (the Agency who created and achieving the project) Daniil Filin told about why selected unusual options such as organized promotion of the page and if everything is OK with animals.

Why did you decide to use this concept and chose different subjects. They are often extremely weird (who would think to get rid of the SIM-card with goat or water under tension?). Tell us more about how he worked on the idea.

Wanted to draw attention to an important moment of parting with the old SIM card. And to do it in the style of the operator. Therefore, the options selected most unusual and often exaggerated. So you smile, so it was interesting to see all.

There are already some results on the performance of a target action. Interesting fact — the yellow SIM card destroy most often so far. Where did you get the animals.

They really spruce these cards. None of them was hurt. Of course, no one was hurt. Are specially trained animals that did look at the camera, that is cut with SIM card.

How do you promote this page. Attract traffic from social networks and entertainment sites, plus works well “shares”.

Advertising campaign of the mobile operator was launched on September 21. It includes outdoor advertising, TV and online commercials, developed by the Agency DDB Russia. The web site operator designed by MOST Creative Club. Start customer service in the capital is scheduled for October 22.


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