TeleFeedBot €? Bot To Read The Tape “Vkontakte”

Allows to consume content from social networks to bypass locks. My name is Vadim Kulibaba, Im 41 years old. My project TeleFeedBot launched 17 may 2017.

Every day we consume a huge amount of content. News, social networking and other media literally cover us with a wave of information. I always wanted to be able to filter the most important thing in this flow of information.

Well, or at least to structure it. But in order to control the chaos, you must lead. Thus was born the idea to make another “reader”. Messenger looks the ideal environment for content consumption.

It may not pop up annoying ads, it has built-in limitations on the size and types of publications. It is always at hand, and the installation of the application takes seconds. From a commercial point of view Telegram — not the most popular messenger in Russia. But now only this platform offers the developer the freedom of creativity.

Do not write applications to guess about the restrictions to take care of the form submission content. In the end, Telegram, in my opinion, is the fastest and most stable operating messenger. So I decided to make bot for him.

Frankly, since the bot is not very smart. To start, you just need to send him a link to the site. The bot analyzes whether this site is connected an API or a RSS or Atom feed, and if successful, begins to copy out the content and send it in messenger. Unfortunately, not all sites it works automatically.

In this case, you can pass direct link to the RSS feed. Fundamentally different in the first place the approach to presenting content. From the very beginning was not only to throw the user to the URL in the hope that the Telegram would get him the desired fragment, and analyze the content and apply it in the most convenient for user form.

For example, if the article has pictures to make the entry in the form of the most vivid pictures with her. If this video — upload and send it in that format. If it is predominantly textual content is to offer it in the form of text. And so on. In fact, it is a huge reservoir of work that is far from complete.

The result is often possible to turn an article from a faceless URL in nicely enough submitted material. Now most fully supported “Vkontakte” — is, unfortunately, only public pages, but all content is transmitted fully and as comfortably as possible. Fully — this means that if posts include text, images, links, and so on, all the material will be transferred.

To my delight, just recently announced the blocking of “Vkontakte” in Ukraine, therefore had to start the bot earlier than planned. The second good news is that the bot can be used to bypass the lock.

Now in varying degrees, tested the following popular sites: More functionality and description of the bot here. Now any restrictions there.

Technically the bot is designed in view of the potential of locks, bans, limits and so on. So now it looks like several independent from each other services, and I hope that this will allow us to scale the project to any number of users. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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