Telegraph Has Offered To Pay 4 Million Rubles, The Fact That Rosenberg Was Silent

The answer of the General Director of the “Telegraph” on the statements of Anton Rosenberg, accusing the company of wrongful termination due to conflict with Nikolai Durov. 18 September 2017 working in “Vkontakte” Anton Rosenberg spoke about his relationship with the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov about the fact that he was allegedly illegally dismissed from the command of the messenger Telegram after a personal conflict with Nicholas. He filed a lawsuit against the company “the Telegraph”, which refers to owned by Pavel Durov, and demanded to restore it on work and to pay compensation. In response, the representative of the “Telegraph” filed a lawsuit against him for 100 million rubles due to the disclosure of confidential information. General Director of “Telegraph” by Alexander Stepanov, published his version of events with the participation of Rosenberg.

In his publication “the cat is there.” (removed from the Medium for the publication of personal correspondence, a copy is available on the site — from 18.09.2017 former employee of open company “the Telegraph” And. Rosenberg argues that the company “the Telegraph” needs to recover from him 100 million rubles. He also told reporters that the company “Telegraph” had not provided him with the opportunity to resolve the conflict in a non-public way. We believe these statements are a gross distortion of the facts.

To publicity of the case, OOO “Telegraph” offered And. Rosenberg in the presence of his lawyer and Trustee of a settlement agreement for both lawsuits with a payment of a sum equal to 20 monthly salaries. In the case of consent And. Rosenberg would receive about 4 million rubles.

De-Fakto, OOO “Telegraph” is not only not required But. Rosenberg 100 million rubles, as he claims, but on the contrary — I offered to pay 4 million rubles. This significant fact was silenced And. Rosenberg, apparently, to give impressiveness to its statements and shaping the image of a victim. When you publish your material And.

Rosenberg also tried to hide from the public the fact that in July 2017, he demanded in writing from the “Telegraph” of 30 million rubles, hinting that otherwise divulge confidential information about the companys activities, which will lead to the cancellation of the agreement with Telegram Messenger LLP and the termination of its activities within the framework of the fight against spam in the messenger (according to Pavel Durov, the “Telegraph” was a contractor Telegram on the suppression of Russian-language spam. Rosenberg argued that “the Telegraph” open command messenger — Rosenberg put forward such demands on the eve of his dismissal through personal messages, insisting on the payment of disproportionate amounts designated as “fair compensation”.

The tactics selected And. Rosenberg, we considered not only immoral, but also illegal owing to earlier taken obligations on nondisclosure of the confidential information of the employer. Contrary to the claims And. Rosenberg, a non-disclosure agreement with the “Telegraph” was signed by him twice — both within the document, and paragraph of the employment agreement. According to these documents, And.

Rosenberg assumed the obligation not to disclose to others information that is related to technology, management, Finance and other aspects of the activities of “Telegraph”. In case of violation And. Rosenberg assumed the obligation to compensate society for the damages caused. The claim of “100 million roubles” from our side, it was a tactical reminder of the illegality of elected And. Rosenberg tactics of blackmail.

As mentioned above, we were ready to withdraw the suit at any time once A. Rosenberg will no longer cause damage or threaten to violate its obligations. We felt disproportionate and unfair to our other employees to agree to the request And. Rosenberg space to pay him the amount of 30 million rubles. The last months of work And.

Rosenberg did not performed their duties and had all but disappeared in the workplace, as evidenced by testimony of employees and records of the permit system and surveillance cameras at the business centre. In this regard, And. Rosenberg was asked to terminate an employment contract by mutual consent of the parties, And. Rosenberg rejected, in fact, going to threats. We also raise questions And allegations.

Rosenberg to address the original owner of the company-the founder of “the Telegraph” — Nikolai Durov. We believe unethical attempts And. Rosenberg to involve family members in the settlement of labour disputes, but in view of the current situation I can not comment on one of the key points of attack of Mr. Rosenberg. In April 2016, Nikolai Durov has applied for employment in the company, “Telegraph” And. Rosenberg, who about two years before that was unemployed.

Ekaterina Volkova (from spring 2017 — Rosenberg), which was developed in OOO “Telegraph” to the position of moderator on 1 February 2017 and has worked to the termination of the company in the summer of 2017, has not informed us about any claims on her part. From the inner circle of Catherine weve heard some information about that in the beginning of December 2016 the girl broke up with her boyfriend (A. Rosenberg) and through a friend was looking for an apartment. According to our information, in response to this request Nikolai Durov temporarily gave Catherine his vacant apartment in Saint-Petersburg.

January 7, 2017 And. Rosenberg suddenly arrived at the place of residence of Nikolai Durov in Italy and accused him of his personal problems with Ekaterina Volkova. We believe that the actions And. Rosenberg can be qualified as defamation (article 128.1 of the criminal code) and blackmail (article 163 of the criminal code). However, at the moment we are not planning to file a petition under these sections.

OOO “Telegraph” in July 2017 has terminated employment relations with all remaining employees, except the CEO, and no longer conducts any activities with the exception of vessels with Mr. Rosenberg. We are also not interested to delay the consideration of current court cases, as we believe the low chance to recover our losses under the current Russian judicial practice. In this regard, even after the transition of the conflict in the public plane, the company offered to lawyers And. Rosenberg terminate all the claims settlement agreement, and expressed willingness to pay them voiced in the press of 1.5 million rubles. Our initiatives for peace again found no answer.

Thus, we believe that the publication And. Rosenberg “the cat Durov or the story of how Pavel Durov requires me 100 000 000 in court” completely distorts the facts with the aim of constructing an imaginary image of a victim, and we want to draw public attention to the real situation around And made. Rosenberg statements. We have to have all the necessary documents and evidence of the facts stated above, and if necessary we are ready to provide them to the public.

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