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Chubakova belong to the idea, text, music and production, and the footage he borrowed from the group Deee-Lite ( the video for the song Groove Is In The Heart). According to Chubakova, the purpose of the video was to bring together all the professional slang of the advertising industry (four years he worked as account Manager at Agency Red Keds). Far in the summer of 2010 when I survived after working in music production centre, it dawned on me to go to work in a creative Agency Red Keds mere mortals account.

At first I thought that smog and haze affected me so much that I no longer understand your native language, and then I realized that this “professional language” the brand managers of large transnational companies, which are subject only knows (that is, all those boiling in advertising and not only). Almost immediately in my head the big idea to write a song about it, but the lines wasnt enough. Therefore, during the long four years of my work, my colleagues at the meetings collecting the words and expressions of which turned out to be lyrics to my masterpiece.

Edition vc.ru talked to Chumakovym about the idea and create a song. In this connection the idea is to make a movie. Why about the bad brand-the Manager. You often with those encountered in the work.

Not that video, but the song. Im still a composer. Just my experience with music tells me what to convey to her audience, only with visuals. But its so, comment out the “grumble”.

I met different people in their work. For the most part Ive been lucky, and I worked with the appropriate people and cool professionals. The idea came from the huge number of anglicisms in the language of the advertising industry. I thought it would be very funny.

And then in the process, I encountered different situations, which only gave me additional ideas for lyrics. Video on YouTube is already a day. You feel that attention to you increased. Maybe customers even come.

The video I posted in my Facebook today, in the most Prime time (around 11:30), just yesterday, had everything ready to release. The emphasis I did not expect. The idea was simply to amuse the people, to cheer up the industry.

If this video brought me potential clients and gave me a PR effect, it would be a nice bonus. But I wont lie, several people on Facebook subscribe to me or add to friends. The website also got a number of people. But like I said above, attracting attention was not the goal.

I wonder how you worked on the song. How long it took, who you helped, who did the vocals in the song where you wrote. This is the longest project of my entire practice. I wrote this song (from the moment of idea generation to the moment of release) almost five years.

The arrangement makes its own (I now only do music, mainly ad, and I have all power to do this). Of course, when he was ready arrangement, I sang this song. At least for the demo. But it was more like the early work of the group “Disco Crash” and I immediately rejected version with my vocals, clearly understood that should a girl sing.

Were, pardon the expression, the focus group revealed that the song should be, but the young lady needs to sing. I have many friends among professional musicians, but I chose the same former advertising man, as I am the perfect rock diva Zhenya Yakovlev. We do rock project Lost in Lust (listen here) in my spare time. I knew what shes capable of, and was sure that it 100% will be able to get used to the need for a song image.

Thus, by the middle of August we had recorded the vocals, and I started finishing the track. The vocals were written in the Studio “Labrador”. There I often work with singers of different levels, just not to lose the skills of vocal production. In addition, the Studio Director Evgeny Petukhov — a good friend of mine and also works with the voice acting, commercials.

This topic is also close. So from where and how to record a missing element of the song, no problems. The song was finished in late August, and I wondered, to make the clip. Turned to friends who often worked on video and trust.

As always, the budget, and with the ideas I have tight, since Im not a Creator, and I have big problems with visual perception. Thats when my good friend and Director Rafael Timerbaev and sent a demo installation of the idea on the basis of the clip Deee-Lite. The installation went perfectly to the song that he created for her and was. By the time we realized what exactly we need and how much time will you need for a good video, it became clear that the budget money ran out.

Back video 1990 formed the basis for the movie, and its better than to rent something of inadequate quality. And so it happened that we took a song, drove it to the visuals and made a very provocative music video which, judging by the indicators of social networks, like very much.

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