That post on their Instagram accounts of Russian and foreign advertising agencies

In the Brooklyn Agency account, you can see beautiful scenery, books on design and personal productivity, products, brands and unusual items that bring employees from holidays. Much attention the company pays to its identity is the stylized letter H is common to many records in different prescription. In the form of a snake, donut, colorful horses and is composed of a set of objects.

California Agency lights in his Instagram the results of advertising campaigns, Friday corporate art lessons, important events in the life of the U.S. and the world, and remembers its history — for example, meetings of the founders.

On the page of the Los Angeles Agency that selected horizontal orientation for most shots, a lot of sunsets, palm trees and kitchen creativity. Sometimes there are work places and tables with award-winning advertising festivals. Predstavili company attentive to the references of your account on other pages — often designers thus share the works in hopes to get a job at 180la.

The Chicago office of the Agency Havas Worldwide places three or four pictures a week — the content is a mix of team life. Photos, cityscapes, animals. Interestingly, the content of the editor of the firms Danny Mota 57 million followers on Instagram, and the Agency is just over five thousand.

Every week keeping the account in Instagram takes on one of the employees of the Agency and puts down what he thinks is necessary, from pictures with music and cultural events to the subjects of architecture, paintings, and hidden from the eyes of an unusual surrounding places.

The Agency correct its main color behind the name, so all the pictures of the account — black and white.

Russian Agency to a greater extent share their corporate life — photograph workspaces zapechatleet joint recreation products and customers. Representatives of Red Keds congratulations to Instagram employees happy birthday, publish information about vacancies, post office food and make a lot of jokes.

“What did not meet in our office. Someone successfully go fishing and put the roach out to dry. On a rainy day apparently”.

“Sometimes well just repost Tits. They have no relation to advertising, its not the Tits of our employees, but we need to keep active channels”. “Senior art Director increasing its expertise in matters of beauty”.

In the account of the Agency you can find pictures with corporate yoga, photographs of actual campaigns and books recommended by heads.

The account contains images of projects, pictures and announcements of events and traditional agencies photos from the life of the company — a weekend in Suzdal, office still lifes. Once a week under the hashtag #recommendation_wpf the Agency put links to other accounts of interest to marketers and designers.

Account Nectarin consists of a large number of photos from conferences, business and corporate events — for example, city festivals, volleyball courts and office.

MST congratulates the holidays its subscribers, talks about the upcoming events of the company, publishes photographs of the employees in the office and at events.


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