The Action Of Cleaning The Worlds Monuments From Kärcher And New Features For Facebook Applications

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. The volume of Russian advertising market in the first half of 2017 increased by 14% — up to 190-192 billion roubles, is spoken in the report of Association of communication agencies of Russia (ACAR). Kärcher cleaned the world heritage sites around the world. At the end of July 2017, the German manufacturer of cleaning equipment cleaned the building of the Riga railway station in Moscow.

The action was timed to the 180th anniversary of Russian Railways and became part of the global project of the company. The work was planned together with management of the Corporation, and the initiative came from Kärcher. In particular, the manufacturer of the equipment organized a campaigns for cleaning the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, mount Rushmore in South Dakota in the United States, the Potemkin stairs in Odessa, the Brandenburg gate in Berlin and other attractions. In just 30 years, Kärcher has carried out more than one hundred restoration projects around the world.

Service cleaning Qlean and operator of Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro “Maximalism” has launched a campaign with banners-ladogeneratory that appear at the entrance of a passenger into the network. They allow you to order cleaning directly from the banner without having to go to a third-party website. The Service “Yandex.Taxi” became a sponsor of the Internet show “Sobolev bombing” in which the blogger Nikolai Sobolev goes behind the wheel of a taxi and asks questions to the guests. The participants have to answer questions from the curriculum, the prize for each correct answer is 7 thousand rubles. The winnings get members of the community in “Vkontakte” for the fulfillment of the conditions of competition, which announces Sobolev.

“Yandex” has announced the start of the function “Turbo” to speed up page loading third-party sites to the mobile version of its search due to the demonstration of content without clicking the link. The usual links from links with the “Turbo” function can be distinguished by the presence near them icons in the form of a rocket. Facebook has announced a new opportunity for advertisers. Now they will be able to buy advertising format in-stream on social networks and Facebook Audience Network. Ads to appear in those videos that users are already watching and play with sound enabled, which will increase the likelihood of viewing.

According to the company, more than 70% of the commercials in this format for up to 15 seconds users search through. Facebook has updated the algorithm for generating news feeds and will now reduce the ribbon images that mimic the video. Facebook added new features to mobile app. Live Stories and a two-second GIF clips. The authors of the Stories Live broadcasts will be able to control where they will be visible.

In the ribbon, and in the stories or only one of these places. A two-second looped video resemble Boomerang records in Instagram, but positioned as a GIF. “Yandex.Direct” added the ability to use the announcement of the two headers with a length of up to 35 up to 30 characters, and also increased the length of the ad text character to 81, inclusive. Facebook has allowed publishers to promote the publication fee as is. Technically this feature was available previously.

To do this, the companies had to share the recording publisher, or blogger, and then pay Facebook for its promotion. Now companies do not have to make repost publication. It is sufficient to find the sponsorship record, and then to apply the appropriate targeting options, including custom audience. MyTarget launched a new format of video advertising in “Vkontakte” for mobile application developers.

Advertisements placed in the news iOS and Android users of the social network. The new format allows you to post videos up to 30 seconds with a title and a short description that automatically play in news feed. “Yandex.Direct” announced the possibility of mass adding counters Metrics to campaigns. In user settings there is a special option “Counter Metrics for new campaigns”. For its activation is necessary to specify the desired counters, then they will be added to all new campaigns automatically.

October 16 Google AdWords takes all the new campaign type “mobile app installs” campaign for a universal application (Universal App Campaigns, UAC). According to the company, marketers who use UAC to attract in-app actions, you get 140% more conversions per dollar than other products Google to promote apps. Always made new video campaign #LikeAGirl. The main theme of the video became uncertainty and fears that accompany girls during adolescence.

The fear of speaking in public, fear of failure in sport, the failure of the project in school. In the course of the movie explains that the fears and failures — this is only the engine of development and progress. They help to overcome yourself, to overcome laziness and to move forward to achieve their goals. The sources of The Bell praised the rescue battle Oxxxymiron and Purulent 4-5 million rubles.

The record of this battle was published on the YouTube channel of the company-organizer Versus Battle on the night of August 14. Was sponsored by “Tinkoff Bank”, BMW bookmaker “Leon” and the Dating service Badoo. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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