The Announcement Of The Rubric On “the Future”

Its time to admit. The future is now. Computer vision, the mechanisms of perception of sound, motion, heat, and other innovations are ephemeral digital web, which envelops practically all spheres of life. Artificial intelligence does not exist in the virtual and the real world, machines are becoming smarter and are changing the essence of thinking.

To find the application of new technologies, one must first understand that has become the new norm in the modern world. How a person will interact with machine intelligence. Why do successful business it is important to know what strategic design or scenario planning. This is what we will tell in category.

What is the heading of the “Future” will be different from the other headings Almost nothing — except that well be talking about technologies that have not yet entered the life of people. Try to explain whether you can actually implement this or that technology, how it will affect the world — and, most importantly, on the business. We will use simple language to explain philosophy concept of the future and the essence of the technological inventions of the present.

In the category “Future” together with our mentors we will talk about how new technologies will change the world in the future years, five years, or even thirty. Show how can look not only business, but also the environment in which we live, with the emergence or development of specific technology. Experts column will make predictions about how soon we will see a particular design in action, whom it will benefit, some money.

However, we will stick to the General course of publication and to talk only about what can be useful and interesting to the entrepreneur or specialist. If you want to work with us on a topic (to write texts, to act as an expert or otherwise help edition), write to [email protected] It seems that technology has advanced so much that comprehend they are not in our power, and this process is unlikely to slow down.

You can hit the brake and try to put the Genie back in the bottle, but it would be reckless and futile gesture. Better to focus on the extreme, emergency cases, to designate the new reality and articulate, than it should be. Do it now. We live in a crucial time, and tomorrow the world could change beyond recognition.

To be ready, we invite readers to join us to reflect on how it might look, who will take the dominant role, who can earn and who will lose everything. This column will be the starting point for entrepreneurs of a new era. We will cover not only business, but also a lot of other areas — because in the world of the future some areas will be inseparable from the other. Now in a sense, the transition period.

In the early 20th century the era of the Bauhaus combined graphic and industrial design and architecture, and today converge, for example, interactive design and urban planning. All this can be observed in the educational environment. New words and terms may not yet formulated, but there are programs that prepare graduates to work with modern technological tools and life in the future in which cooperating completely different science.

There are architects who are interested in software systems; there are industrial designers who are interested in bio – and nanotechnology, and philosophers who are interested in cloud computing. In the Center of design, California University of telecommunications and information technology in San Diego a year ago, we launched a program for speculative design, where people of different professions and disciplines — architects, designers, sociologists and many others — can work together to develop new language and work with nano – and bio-engineering and digital technology. Category “Future” will be interesting for a variety of professionals who are not restricted to their own professional field or education and I want to think in broad categories.

We are interested to see the technology as a basis for creative practice and Vice versa, creative practice as the basis for building technologies. We will tell the stories of interesting people who dont quite fit into the category of ordinary and find the strength and ability to achieve goals. We show entrepreneurs how a new way to use existing and nascent technologies.

Topic will be interesting for those who have not yet decided what to do, and would like to learn something new, or those who firmly believe that will develop technology in the field of Biomedicine, urban architecture, agriculture, industrial production, consumer hardware projects and so on. Heading out in partnership with the educational program of Strelka Institute, the New normal.

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