The Authors Of The Popular Telegram Channels For The Sale Of “Former”

A compilation of the views of the channel owner about the promotion in Telegram Anton Protsenko. As many already know, the channel stand-up comedian Arthur Chaparana “Ex” was first sold by the author over 1.2 million rubles, and then resold the new owner — but for 5.5 million. The first deal has caused so much discussion that the news of it reached even to Federal TV channels. Re-sale was less reported, but a significant amount even more excited the market.

Im sure many have already managed to see the deep Analytics of the administrators of communities in “Vkontakte” and experts from the news feed. On stage — volume compilation of the views of those who really understand how the Telegram and the living ecosystem of its channels. To resale. Think Arthur did the right thing.

He himself said that ideas for content began to run. No, actually make the channel the same million he could easily, the only question is over what period. If I were in his place and feel the same, it probably also would have sold. Well you know Arthur, because Im acting the same way.

When you realize that what I do ceases to bring me pleasure, start gradually, say, “to retire”. How adequate price. Its hard to say. I think he underestimated the cost of the channel and could sell it two to three times more expensive. The point is still that the canal was signed by people from the so-called “tusovochka” (TJournal, “Poster”, “jellyfish”, professional Facebook community).

Most had learned about the fact that the channel was sold, and hence the response to advertising and the exhaust with it, in my opinion, will be quite different. Yes, the new owner invests money in development, but promotes the channel community in “Vkontakte” like 4chan. I think that here everybody wins.

Arthur received the money in cash, people who bought the channel that I saved on the purchase. Another thing is that I would before selling I tried to make another channel and to transfer the part of the audience. After the resale.5.5 million rubles. The most worthless purchase. Dont know what I was thinking, the owners of 4ch.

But for publishers its good. People are once again convinced that in the Telegram there is money in the channels here are invested, and therefore want to come here. Increase the number of new channels, their owners will be actively buying advertising in existing. The trend is good for earnings, but in terms of content Telegram will quickly turn into a dump, as it was with “Vkontakte”.

A bunch of cheap and useless channels with the copied content and photos now will go back to normal. I think the price was adequate only in the first sale. First, because this channel cant be funny for too long. Second, because the content bored. To keep in the channel of life, have to spend money on advertising that the Black Team did.

Buying channel for 1.2 million roubles it has invested at least another 100-200 thousand rubles in advertising, to restore the balance after the mass of replies. The new owners acquired the channel for inadequate money. The prospects for them are very vague. I think the channel will flounder in the area of 100 thousand subscribers, to pull advertising money administrators and strongly sink of content.

The level of content dropped instantly. Then it gets worse. I think the channel will squeeze all through advertising, while there is a flow of customers, and then quietly wither, while the price of the publication will fall to a minimum. First, I am jealous of Chaparana, and now-angry jealous Black Team, which for two weeks, “raised” about 4 million rubles out of thin air.

As for value for money. In media and social networks there is a fair price — is the price on which both parties agree. If 4ch was ready to give 5.5 million for this channel, so the team was confident that will block this amount. I wish them good luck. To resale.

I believe that Chaparyan very bad bargain (of course, if hes telling the truth about the amount for which he sold the channel, and the advertising revenue). I think that the appropriate sale price of the channel is at least half to twice the annual revenue of the channel. Accordingly, the “Former” ought to sell a million in five to ten no less, and even more. I dont know why he did it, may be forced personal circumstances or it is still disingenuous about the amount rescued.

But if all this is true and he really gave the channel for 1.2 million rubles, before selling advertising at 200 thousand rubles for a single entry, then its a stupid move, in my opinion. I certainly would not do so was. You could say he just took the money and slaughtered cow. After the resale. Like I said, Chaparyan very bad bargain.

Apparently, stand-up comedians are not very good head for business. How else can one sell the channel at a cost of six advertising publications. A couple of weeks he could earn as much, if normally sold advertising. Now he must be biting his elbows, seeing as his offspring earned by other people. To resale.

Yet to give a real evaluation of the sale of the “Former” is not possible, because of the market sale Telegram channels, which could dictate how adequate or that the price actually does not exist. After the resale.Well, any sale is a resale, where you can earn 400-500% successful, by definition. I think “Former” will continue to build an audience, and its new owner — “squeeze” from this auditorium all the juice through advertising. I do not exclude that in the future they will have another sale channel, and possibly not alone. Regarding sales, I can say that Korb, without knowing it, pulled off a very lucrative deal.

4.3 million rubles on the resale for a couple of weeks. On good envy, good for him. With regard to the authors channel. Chaparyan a little too cheap, but on the other hand, he hardly would have earned this money with advertising as they are treated pretty carelessly and not serious. However, due to the channel he gained some popularity, and while around his name is buzz, he ought to use it.

The new owners of the channel — not Amateurs, but rather educated people. The channel will continue to grow, and I think that soon the owners will discourage investment. Prior to resale.The price is quite adequate, provided that the author sold the channel because he was tired of them to do. To sell the channel at a realistic price, which reaches several million, it would be practically impossible.

Buyers willing to offer a valid price for any channel, just no. Chaparyan sold “Ex -” successfully and on time. Later, the content inevitably becomes worse, and the canal gradually began to depreciate. After the resale.

The guys from the Black Team well done, and 4ch overpaid. Chaparana certainly have an advertising agent, because nobody is going to pay hundreds of thousands for advertising “mere mortals”. Chaparyan really sold the channel is very cheap. Its, like, all seems clear. But resale for 5.5 million rubles, which is already inadequate.

It seems that the guys with the “Rain” said that the channel is worth over 7 million rubles, but in fact, the excitement wears off, leaving the effect of novelty and jokes cease to be funny. In this case, the “Ex” will lose in subscribers, and the price tag. By itself, the channel is a joke. So to tighten it, to turn into a business (which Chaparyan did) is the wrong tactic. While its hard to believe that 5.5 million rubles can be recouped.

How we all could judge by many interviews, Arthur Chaparyan sold “Ex”, not long thinking. Well, actually, I see it that way. Sold and sold, can be happy for him. This channel will not be worse.

Actually, I just have to find good authors (Black Team that seems to be not possible). I think the current owner understands the humor (it also makes 4ch), and in advertising also. The content will be adjusted, appears regular is and it wont be a surprise to anyone. Due to the price tag, which is now in the “Former” advertise, channel will pay for itself in only 55 publications. Therefore, the amount of 5.5 million rubles is quite adequate, especially considering that this is the media channel in Russia.

On the sale of a large Russian-speaking channel, the player is “outside” I think is extremely well — it creates a buzz around Telegram and goes to hand the rest of the administrators. But the prospects of the “Former” seem to be almost zero. The quality of publications held solely on the author. In my opinion, with such large-scale deals worth struggling to try to keep the author in the position of content Manager. The current value of the “Former” for me, its simple.

She is bloated around the noise. Happy for Chaparana. The channel is well shot and competently untwisted. Selling channel, the author did the right thing. There would be no resale — he still would have been applause.

Now many say that much. As for the future, I met two opinions. The fact that the subject is inexhaustible, and Vice versa. I think to myself that now everything is heavily dependent on content. If there are more or less good finds and phrases — the channel will remain afloat even with advertising.

Summary. Even if you “shake” a bit in the near future and will accomplish your goal even if 10 thousand people, later it settles and becomes smooth — this channel and bought. The price may adequate. “Former” to her fresh audience.

I think this is a unique case in the area of copyrights of digital media, which proves that any original idea, implemented project, can be sold for a lot of money and bring the authors incredible success. But these ideas — one in a million, and now all rushed to create channels in the image of the “Former” which I personally think is a reckless decision. This is not a scalable story, but an isolated case. Undoubtedly, similar cases will still arise, but in a different industry and with a different theme.

High price tag one provides the excitement, giving you the opportunity to sell is more expensive than the market average, in the next couple of months. But only on the hype from bad publicity did not last long. After losing interest in the intrigues of the “Former” and tracking its new advertisers will remain the audience that, without even noticing it, involved in the channel no less than in other more TV Telegram (although, admittedly, this is purely a business project, not the authors or fashion). Bonus recognition.

“Former” — this is a brand. The previous owners attracted new subscribers of “Vkontakte”, and there still remained a certain number of audience, plus users from other sites. As for the price. For the buyer. Without considering the risks, like lock Telegram in Russia, and by ensuring that authors have the strength to come up with quality content, the price is adequate.

Will pay off. The seller after the deal remained only in the black. He doesnt need to worry about content and native applications (which obviously did not work), and the revenue speaks for itself. “Ex” has long turned into a commercial project. To discuss here, in General, nothing.

In the history of the left creativity and enthusiasm of the Creator. The project is now about money. Even after the first sales channel has never been seen in the media that someone admired sparkling humor and succinct style of the “Former”. Everyone is talking about price.

Who will buy or sell more. Uninteresting. The new owners have invested in the channel, the cost of apartments in Moscow, now we will see ways to return the money. But this does not mean that the channel will not be read, and the media cease to write about it.

Prior to resale.Selling the “Former” — a logical move. Good money for a short period of time. The project will sooner or later pay off, but how quickly this will happen for a couple of months or a couple of years — will depend only on wit the new owners of channel. Judging from recent weeks, they do it not very well. After the resale.

Resale was an even better move. But, of course, not for buyers. To resale. Selling channel “Ex” was, in my opinion, the whole event, which went far beyond the Telegram-community and opened the discussion on the cost of projects and advertising them. After the sale of the channels started to speak not only from the point of view of anonymity and the new format, but in the context of the commercial appeal.

Simultaneously with the sale, or rather its active discussion in the messenger reached the professional traders to earn on the new platform. The prospects of the channel is directly dependent on the quality of the content and extent of discussions. If the content will remain at the level of the coming “push” from the “Former” will continue to attract attention, and the project will continue to grow. It is difficult to assess the quality of the content, as the growth of the audience, in my opinion, is ensured only through active discussion around the project.

As for the price, I think it could be more, but the author decided not to risk and to sell the project at a reasonable price for it at the peak of popularity. Thus, he took responsibility for the stagnation of the project and has gained serious popularity due to the wide discussion of the project and its sale. After the resale. Who knew that there are buyers. Think Chaparyan did the right thing by selling “Former” because the concept had already become obsolete, at least for one author.

In fact, the channel before the sale had reached its peak and started to fade. Would it be posted messages in the spirit of “Oh, sorry, that is not there wrote,” “Oh, Im drunk” and other platitudes, but still is terrible. I think buying for 1.2 million roubles it is an adequate deal. Because the channel would have absolutely fought back, and quite quickly.

We must not forget about advertising the place, so I think the channel covered all of the costs (or at least half) have been due to the first advertisers. The resale price was already totally inadequate. It is clear that the channel for the first time was bought for the purpose of resale. The prospect of him rather sad.

Part of the amount will be refunded by means of advertising, another part can recapture at resale some Uzbek owner of the channel — the devil knows. Strange enough theme. Why sold “Ex -“. There are several versions, but they are not entirely true.

The new owners could not do the same cool content, what did Chaparyan. First, Chaparyan wrote jokes for the channel and after sales (to record about magnetic storms and elections). So all the slogans in the spirit of “the return of Chaparana” and “content slipped” a little inappropriate.

Second, the new content has become just another. Try to discard all the emotions and to read the channel from the beginning. You will realize that the messages were not that funny, as everyone now seems. The new owners spent a lot of money on advertising to cover the outflow, but didnt earn anything, so the “Ex” became unprofitable.

Yes, advertising for the time of ownership the new owner almost was not, except for one disastrous political advertising. The channel did not earn. But applications for advertising was enough — not only had enough time to prepare for this audience. The new owner bought ads in community in “Vkontakte” to get to the channel even more people and start selling advertisement expensive.

Thats all. The outflow was, of course. It is natural for such a channel. If Yuri Korb decided not to sell the channel, he would have easily compensated advertising costs. But he decided to make a lot at once.

Good choice. This theme is ultimate, once authors will be nothing to write about. Despite the fact that it looks like the jokes on this topic no longer is impossible, “the Former” will continue to do so.

Because this kind of endless Brazilian TV series, where, as before, no one switches. Everybody is curious what will happen next, what trick shed pull.

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