“The Biggest Story Of The Deception I Had With A Former Partner”

Photo. Optimization. In my opinion, one of the strongest emotional test in business is deception. Therefore, any person, even if he is not engaged in business, you need to learn not to transfer the experiences from some people to others. Even if you think that the situation is very similar, if you werent a collector, try to the last to trust people.

Im not talking about frustrations in confidence, Im talking about outright lie for profit. This challenge I call because every case of fraud, checks the density of your trust people. The greater the deception the closer a person is, the stronger the impact on the credibility of others. Cheating is like a battering RAM that shoots at the gate of the fortress.

Each blow weakened the gate. The weakness and lack of confidence often turns into paranoia. I meet many people who lost trust in others due to bad experience. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, a wealthy man, then rest assured that one of the characteristics of that person are panic attacks.

Such people are very common among owners of large companies. I always considered these people as guards. Theyve always aspired to something, succeed and eventually came to what became the guards of their capital. Not that the guard is a bad profession, but its pretty mind-numbing. I can, of course, wrong, but I think the classic success story, so call around books, coaches and articles in magazines, on the way to work the guard.

But its not just entrepreneurs. For example, my friend volunteered to help me buy the right category “A” a few years ago. And the policeman took money and documents and disappeared. When my friend after a while asked me to return the money, I told him that this is our common stupor and refused to pick up (but in the end he insisted and returned).

I explained to him that cheating policeman will harden him and he will not help other people. That is, if I accept the money back, it is unlikely that my friend will return to me or anyone else with a desire to help. The heart becomes every cheating harder. The biggest story of the deception I had with my ex-partner.

Almost eight years ago I invested a small amount of money (about $20 thousand) in the joint business. Partner was engaged in business operating without my participation and we had joint customers. Who works in the creative business with customers knows that any new business have to spend a lot of time on promotion. Need customers, need a portfolio, it is necessary to increase word of mouth.

So it was with us. The company had two customers. And we waste time to buy a new. But it was slow going, even though the money was and is allowed to maintain a small staff.

One of my worries was to find new clients and offer them services. Therefore, simultaneously with the sales of our services I dont forget to mention event Agency. And once I was able to meet with their friends from a large company and offer cooperation with our company. Then I transferred the contacts to a partner and forget about meeting.

A few months later we had a huge fight with this person because of some stupid case. A witness to this quarrel there were other friends of mine. It was a magical performance, the outcome of which was that in a short time I signed the documents to exit from the company. Most in this situation, I was surprised by two facts.

First- groundless quarrel, secondly, the rapid processing of documents for exit from the company. A little later, twisting back all the steps, it became clear that the true reason was the money. It turned out that the partner made a successful transaction with a new client about the project, but didnt say anything about it to me. Therefore, the division of the company as payments to profit a new customer was not taken into consideration.

For me it was quite unexpected, but I put up with it and took it as a price for peace of mind and the absence of a tense confrontation. Just finished all relationships. I often meet people who are afraid that they will steal ideas. I think its like cheating.

You trust someone your idea, and he uses it instead of you. But, in my opinion, this is contrary to logic. If you can create a unique ideas, you will be able to repeat it many times. And the one who steals your, and will remain with the stolen idea. He cant create something new.

Dont be afraid to share with people ideas, you rather implement them yourself, if you find companions and associates. But if you will be afraid of every Bush, you risk to die with his brilliant idea. Whatever fraud youve experienced in your life as if you didnt throw that life experience tells me that decent people much more, and trust pays off repeatedly.

“Better twenty times be mistaken in the man, than to be suspicious of everybody”.

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