The Brand Story Of Levis: The Rise And Fall Of Americas Oldest Companies

First jeans conquered the whole world, discoveries that allowed the company to reach unprecedented heights, and errors that brought the loss of millions of. What was interesting about company Levis — the brand story studied Explorer To a certain point the fate is not too pampered Jewish youth leyba Strauss, who lived in Bavaria. Large family soon left without a breadwinner, so the mother had to pull one of seven children. At the end of the 1840s, years, eighteen-year-old Strauss took the decision after the brothers to emigrate to the United States.

By the time they opened the business of a wholesale sales and supply of clothing and footwear small shops on the West coast. When I came to America, a young man, to hide their nationality, first changed his name to Levi Strauss, after which he joined the brothers with the purpose to understand the basics of trading. Later, Strauss opened his own business, calling the company Levi Strauss & Co. The middle of the 19th century saw a Gold rush to the American Goldfields in search of fortune sought people from all over the world. Enterprising Strauss realized how to benefit from it, and decided to start to provide gold prospectors durable clothing.

According to legend, the mines at San Francisco, Strauss went on a ship filled with goods. When the merchant sold all that he had brought, he had removed the sail and sewed it onto the pants. But this is just one of the legends, which has acquired a brand as one of the oldest in America. In fact, the pants made of canvas, Levi Strauss made in the framework of competition for customers who spent the whole day on his knees in search of gold and needed durable clothes.

The entrepreneur found a thick cloth and painted it with paint Indigo blue. The cloth he brought from the French city of Nimes, the name “denim” — “from Nimes”. However, it in fact until it was nothing revolutionary. In 1872 the tailor Jacob Davis, who bought Strauss pants, suggested the businessman to strength to strengthen the pockets and the fly to make buttons.

He would have patented his idea, but he lacked the money for it. On may 20, 1873 Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented blue pants with buttons — this is the official date of birth of jeans. In the first year of trading, has sold about 21 thousand couples. However, the word “jeans” Levis company written on the packaging only in 1960, before that they were called overalls. By the end of the 19th century, the overalls became the most popular mens work wear.

According to another legend, once a driver has bound pants two cars, and the train has successfully reached the destination. This is the story in 1886 formed the basis for the creation of a company logo is two horses pulling the jeans in different directions and are unable to tear them — and became a symbol of strength. In addition, the logo was clear without words, and while not all of the inhabitants of the American West English was the native. In the early 20th century, Levi Strauss died before he could give his company one more legendary thing.

At the time of the patent jeans, called “XX,” but the name “501®” they were rated only in 1890. Strauss himself did not explain the reason for this sequence number. However, this model has become the most popular in the companys history and the history of jeans in General. It was produced, like all jeans, no holders for straps — it was thought that men would wear them with suspenders.

After the death of the businessman, the company has moved away possession to his nephews as their children Levi Strauss was not. Ability to business was inherent in the next generation of the family Strausov. With them, the company managed not only to survive during the great depression, but to develop the business. In 1918, Levis audience was expanded at the expense of women. Before the advent of womens jeans were still 16 years old, but it was a start.

The company released the tunic and pants for work and leisure. It was believed that the new clothes of the woman will begin to feel more relaxed and freely. Emerging late Lady Levis mind reminded mens the legendary 501®Jean. More feminine they looked only at the expense of wide belts.

Now the company has released products for the whole family — in the early 20th century, the brand began selling denim overalls for children. But jeans are still considered mens clothing. In their first billboards, the company used the image of a cowboy. The target audience was the working class and farmers. With rising incomes and increased the number of competitors.

Jeans made by other brands, buyers often took for Levis. To protect yourself, the company invented sew on the right back pocket a little red tag with the name written in white letters. This finding still remains one of the main distinguishing marks of the authenticity of Levis.

The company has always associated themselves with freedom, jeans often stressed “rebellious” lifestyle — such as actor Marlon Brando, who played the biker in the film “Savage” in 1951. Throughout the picture character appeared on screen wearing jeans Levis. However, it has played a cruel joke brand — 50-ies jeans officially banned the wearing in schools, making the symbol of “bad influences”. The brand took the positioning of jeans clothing not only for work but also for leisure. In that time, the company is targeting an audience of teenagers.

Realizing how important for teenagers music, the brand recorded a song for the radio and released white jeans Slim Fit with five pockets. Teenagers called them “white Levis”. But the main thing — the company entered the country and began to distribute their products in Europe and Asia. It was during these years design firm Landor &Associates has developed a trademark batwing (“the bat wing”) with the brand name, which to this day is the Levis logo.

The company has always paid great attention to advertising, and the audience did not leave her unnoticed. In 1977, the brand planned to spend $16 million on advertising in the world, received the income for the previous year in the amount of $1.2 billion. In the early 80-ies of the brand Levis has released the first womens jeans 501®. In support of new products were launched television advertising Travis. The clip was a girl in cowboy boots, hat, shirt and jeans, sitting on the back seat of the car.

The VoiceOver told me that Levis produced the first collection of womens jeans. At the end of the video the girl says. “Travis, youre late for a year.”. In 1980 Levis became an official sponsor of the Olympic games. The Olympic Committee asked the company to raise the Patriotic spirit of Americans, frustrated by economic instability and policies of President Ronald Reagan.

At that time Levis was one of the most respected and recognized brands in American culture. Each athlete received a set of 30 items clothing Levis that cost $1200. The participants were dressed in a hunting jacket, fur mittens, cowboy boots, hat, plaid shirt, wool sweater and jeans. Until today it is considered one of the best forms of the American Olympic team. Besides patriotism, the company Levis has moved and financial interest.

Paying $350 thousand to the Olympic Committee, the company received the privilege to advertise their products as an official form of the American team. Just the brand has invested in the Olympics $12 million. The company Levis has also become a sponsor of the American team at the summer Olympics in 1984. In the previous four years, the brand has invested in the marketing of $50 million. In the year of the Olympics, the company has spent on advertising, $153 million, $34 million of which was given for advertising time during the Olympic broadcasts.

Despite the invested efforts, the company recorded a decline in the popularity. Sales in 1984 fell by 8% to $2.5 billion. In addition, the press Secretary Levis noted that the sale of goods related to the Olympic games was lower than expected. “There was a feeling that there was no real difference in advertising the advantages of the retail shares of the Olympics”.

A good television advertisement, released after the decline in sales, returned to Levis to life. Infomercial “Laundry” was filmed in the style of 50-ies. Model Nick Kamen stripped to the visitors of the Laundry, throwing the clothes, including jeans 501® in the washing machine. In 2000, the clip fell to fourth place in the “Hundred best TV commercials”. And in 1985, immediately after the screen advertising Kamenom increased sales of Levis jeans 501® 800%.

In the end, the company had to remove the clip from the air, as she could not produce enough product to cover demand. According to the estimates of the brand, in 1987 the sales of jeans have increased 20 times in comparison with 1984. It also increased sales of boxers, although nick Kamen wore them just because another underwear would never be allowed to live. In 1991 Levis 501® was introduced by a young Brad pitt. Later this job will call the best advertising photography in asset actor.

In the film, pitt plays a prisoner who had been released from a Mexican prison without pants. He meets a young girl who had brought him Levis jeans. On the wave of popularity the company has taken a step to the side and opened a new direction by selling mens trousers — some compromise between jeans and business pants. Dockers was developed in Japan, where they brought a company merchandiser Susan Kilgore. In 1986, the brand Levis Dockers opened in the United States.

The new brand helped the company to survive the 90s. The emergence of rap and hip-hop culture brought a new fashion. Buyers wanted baggy (baggy) jeans brand Levis was not rebuilt, preferring traditions. Between 1990 and 1998, the companys market share fell from 31% to 14%. The companys stubbornness in refusing to consider a hip-hop audience has cost it billions of dollars.

In 1996, revenues reached $7,1 billion, in 1997 they dropped to $6 billion. The company realized that to survive only by selling jeans will not work, and began to focus on denim and casual clothing, launching the brand Signature for large chain Department stores. In addition, Levis has decided to sell Dockers, estimating it at $1.4 billion. While this trend has brought about $1 billion a year, accounting for about 24% of the total income of the company. However, the sale did not take place, the brand is still at Levis.

In 1999, Time magazine named series jeans 501® “is a trendy thing of the century.”. New development of the company Levis jeans became for women — Curve ID. To create the brand studied the dimensions more than 60 thousand women tried to take them into account features and wishes. As a result the new model was a perfect fit for womens figures. Advertising campaign in support of the new product was launched in the social networks.

However, income in 2012 was reduced to $1 billion, and net income amounted to only $13 million. Now the products of Levis are sold in more than 110 countries. The turnover of the brand in 2015 was $4.5 billion, profit increased almost two times in comparison with the previous year to us $209,9 million. About 75% of the income of the company bring the sale of pants. In 2016, revenue totaled $4.6 billion, net profit of $291 million.

The brand Levis in Russia at the time was engaged in advertising Agency “Watercolor”. In Russia, the Levis works for people 18-40 years with average and higher incomes. The peculiarity of the Russian audience in the consumers desire to purchase thing for years. You must also consider the harsh climate and to offer the Russian customer a product that meets this requirement.

A major competitor to Levis for the Russian market, I can name the brand Colins.

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