The Case Of Russia: How Kupibilet Redefined “Black Friday” And Covered 6.4 Million Users By Quest With Raffle Tickets

The service big turnover on the market of online travel, we sell an average of 10 thousand tickets per day. But the portion of customers coming from meta-search engines do not always understand that they buy tickets from us. Therefore, it was necessary to increase brand awareness. One of the tools was the project “soul plane, Friday”.

We decided to participate in “Black Friday” and took the last Friday of November. Had to choose with whom to zapaterias. But entangled in this event, and has not decided which of the Fridays of the “black” we realized that we will not get the desired result, and lose yourself among the many brands. So we came up with the idea of creating your own project with blackjack and free tickets.

The audience does not like “Black Friday” because of the opacity conditions and minimum real benefits. Weve all seen the tricks with artificial price increases to “Friday” and in days of sales. So we abandoned the idea of discounts and made the tickets completely free. Marketing budget is not limitless, and organizers prefer to put thousands of items with little discount, instead offer a limited number of goods, but the real benefit for the client.

In the end, the value of the idea of discounts lost. In a world where for the repost give a free iPhone or travel to Sri Lanka, discounts are not so great. The conclusion is simple. You need to talk with your audience in one language, to be open and honest is the Foundation of effective marketing communications.

We chose this approach. On November 25 the search appeared 50 free tickets round trip to different destinations around the world. To find them, had to collect clues. When we presented the concept, among other reviews sounded. “Its a crazy idea!”.

So our Friday was “Awesome”. The hint was encrypted in the city and dates, which was free tickets. We raffled off tickets to Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Ho Chi Minh city, Kuala Lumpur, Kathmandu, Colombo, Dubai and, of course, the highlight of the program — Izhevsk. The winner is the one who first found the ticket on the website.

We have developed a style of “Awesome Friday” thought of the content of the prompts and used an interesting design decision. To highlight the content in social networks, where coding is performed in rectangular blocks, we have deployed images at an angle of -2°. It helped to break the usual model of perception and attract the attention in the news feed.

We have published tips on their pages in their social networks, email newsletter, blog and primelending. We also launched advertising publications. The first clue appeared on the second of November, the new published once a week. So we were able to attract and retain the attention of the participants almost a month. In the last week we have been particularly actively sowed advertising in social networks, and for a couple of days “to” all the content in our groups was dedicated to “Awesome Friday”.

At the end a bonus we got a 5713 new subscribers and 4313 confirmed email. Technical implementation we are sawing a few times. At first I wanted to make randomayzer to determine the winner randomly. Then decided that such conditions opaque to the user and rejected this option.

Eventually settled on the algorithm “first found — first won”. It looked like the results for the user who first found the prize ticket. Next, the winner had to keep their data.

After finding the ticket, he became unavailable for others, but could appear again if the reservation is not completed within 30 minutes. In this case, the participant saw this picture. Those who did everything right, saw this page.

Once we have received contacts to the winners, joined our service customer care. Each call, congratulations on the victory, check booking details and answered questions. Then the data is passed to the airlines, which, in turn, forwarded the itinerary to the winners.

Pictures with tips went as it should. The reason is the combination of neoclasica elements with a good dose of humor. We found a little-known but interesting facts about cities and dates and to visualize their funny pictures. Our goal was not to confuse people and to involve them in the game.

The most important thing here — do not overdo it with the complexity. All the clues was “googling”, and in the process of the game, the participants learned a lot. For example, the fact that “Street lift” — a famous landmark of Lisbon. Yes, in addition to the LHC, there is also such curiosities. So we encoded the city of arrival.

This is a hint to the direction. Clues with dates made on the same principle, but they were double because dates need to search in the format “round-trip”. We discovered these tips turn — first half hints and the departure date, then the date of return. It only remained to choose a city of arrival and guess where the departure (Moscow or Saint-Petersburg).

The second of November we launched ad crops, targeting in social networks and media publications. The publication was targetirovanie on audience groups our competitors travel and community users 24-35 years old. Good result showed crops in the group Vandrouki. They brought us over five thousand visits to your website and reach about 150 thousand people.

From email messages to landing moved about six thousand times. The publication in the media has led nearly three thousand people. After the first tips people began to wonder, to ask us very many questions. Someone didnt understand what to do with tips, someone wrote the answers and asked.

“Right?” The most perspicacious asked me to send them the missing clues. We had a few friendly airlines, 150 thousand rubles and gambling team. Partners are the Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines and Rusline. They gave us the prize tickets with a total value of one million rubles.

The head of the Russian representative office of Qatar Airways Nazir of Abduvahidov explained part by the fact that it allows you to get closer to travellers and to fulfill someones dream. Regional Director of Czech Airlines Exchange Liberty stated that the quest helped to increase the interest of air travelers to new directions and stimulate the growth of demand for tickets brand. The money went to.

So the quest went as it should, our developers have stocked up additional server capacity. The guys did protection from scraping and DDoS. They also watched the logs online — to be sure. From the first second of launch, the website began DDoS-attack with 250 IP addresses. was ready — did not fall. But the average time of search of the ticket has increased. The servers worked with the critical load, so while waiting for the search results two participants were able to book the same ticket. We looked at the logs — everything was fair, nobody used “gray schemes” of search. To retain the loyalty of participants, we sent two tickets to Bali.

Initially we were not going to give tickets for comments in social networks. But the will to win, outstanding sense of humor and creativity made one of the participants the winner out of the competition program. We gave him free tickets to Venice, about which he dreamed.

During the quest, and immediately after we received live feedback in social networks, with more than 1200 reviews. 94% of them positive, about 2% — negative. About 4% left comments with a request to repeat the quest and increase the prize Fund. A week after the quest we sent out an email asking you to rate “Crazy Friday”.

The results pleased — from 1526 reviews received only 9.9% gave a negative assessment of the project. Participants involvement in the game was felt by every person in the team For example, personal correspondence one of the contestants asked our staff to tell whether he guessed the date and city.

Today, the popularity of ad blockers users was developed at the DNA level. Our quest proved that its time to go to the next level — personalized and responsible marketing. Keeps people a useful, interactive content, and humor acts as a great ice-breaker. The value of the prize is not determined by its value and the fascination of a path that leads to it. Flights within Russia turned out to be uninteresting, many have tried to win the most expensive areas, although not all could afford such a journey.

Was and bugs. Due to the fact that the content was very much in the team we dont recruit robots in the visual part of the admitted flaws. For instance, the hint with the “city where awarded the Nobel prize” is ambiguous. These two cities, people are confused.

Equal distribution of time and content would allow for greater involvement in the game and not to overload the audience. The clues were complicated enough. Participants quickly figured out, and the bulk of the free tickets was sold out in the first 20 minutes. Next time we plan to do the complex category of tips — people fascinate puzzles.

The results of the quest liked us so much that we decided to make it an annual event and has applied for registration of the trademark “soul plane, Friday”.

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