The Case Of Russia: How Samsung Was Working On A Detective Series About The Kidnapping Help With Katya Klep, And Denis Kocakoy

The series started in another project, the brand YouTube channel, where users can vote for the show who want to see. The detective series became one of the sections that was chosen by the audience. Directed by Alex Needed (“Envelope” and the series “Olga” on TNT). The project came out three series lasting from eight to 12 minutes.

After each video the viewer is given leads and clues that help to investigate the crime. According to marketing Manager of Samsung Mobile Elena Podolsky, the company appealed to the interactive format of the show because the audience was hard to impress and retain just content with help. Users are accustomed to the fact that brands have become often work with bloggers to fit into their genre and style.

Therefore, we together with the Agency tried something new and created film content, which bloggers perform in unusual roles — as actors. Judging by the response of the audience, they liked the experiment. Main tasks.

The main goal was to come up with a story in which the product is integrated seamlessly. Thats why we chose the genre of the detective series. To this we have pushed the aesthetics of Samsung devices, which themselves resemble the set of a spy. Smartphone that works perfectly under water and shooting in the dark, smart watch, fitness tracker, miniature wireless headphones, 360 camera.

The background universe of the series. In 2011 people in the government began to realize the degree of influence of bloggers — uncontrolled opinion leaders with millions of viewers. This video was ahwahnee and more influential than TV, so needed someone who can control and keep bloggers if necessary. Thus was born the project “Denis Kukoja” special agent to work undercover at “the party” help.

The government has planned and developed the project “Bread”, “Student show” and other. This idea Sergey Mezentsev told the audience in the format PREROLL. After positive audience reaction, the team began to develop the script.

First, the show was extravagant — a little bit burlesque and absurd. When the authors group has developed three series in epizodniki, invited Director Alexei Desired. He agreed and the first thing asked us to rewrite everything.

The idea was this — a parody of the genre does not work well in our country. Also, this Director is to show realistic and most recognizable of the situation and images. So we refused all far-fetched and made the series more life, no cartoons. The main role went to Denis Cocoate, because hes not afraid to make fun of him.

Denis is a warm man, naturally playing himself, which the viewer immediately connects. The main villain was Sergei Mezentsev. This is a man who interesting more adult audience, and just Serezha very much like to be the bad guy, to find some new way. On the set he enjoyed, and it shows in the game.

Katya Klep became the companion of Denis. She is the popular girl on YouTube by the number of subscribers. Shes a bit distant charisma, which works perfectly in contrast with the simplicity of Denis. I was wondering because bloggers is a very curious world, I wanted to tell a story for a young audience in her own language without cartoons and hypocrisy.

When I turned 32, it seemed that Im losing touch with a young audience, but the Director cant get old — there is a risk of being misunderstood. If you 20 years and you know what Im talking about, so I this is handled. The team removed eight minutes of material a day. According to the producer Zebra Hero Alexander Khomich, this is a huge development — usually on their advertising projects experts removed only 30-60 seconds per shift.

The Agency identified three lessons learned from this process. That are attracted to working with the filmmaker — its his level of awareness and understanding of each scene and replicas for the character and history. As an advertising Director is always aware of the importance of each shots and film Director constantly asks questions.

“Why do we need this scene. As for this little episode changed hero. What new information about the character we learn. At the end of each episode the audience had to try to calculate the “villain”.

The audience discussed their guesses in the comments and shared observations. One of the spectators made a video about his investigation. The project team created a fictional account of “villain” in “Vkontakte” to post there tips.

The series was promoted through announcements from bloggers parties, prerolled and sowing in the community in “Vkontakte” on the basis of targeting. The first way the team has been called the most effective for attracting subscribers to the channel, “especially if the bloggers involved in the project”, says Artem Tsaregorodtsev. “Then the announcement turns out sincere, and traffic to their channel goes to our. For example, Kate said that this was the best project in which she participated in recent years. Denis is also very warmly responded about the shooting and the team”.

We were struck by the vigor with which people responded to us with their attention and comments. This is a big thrill YouTube-projects — immediate feedback real audience. Under each series a thousand reviews. We made page series on the “Kinopoisk” and proposed to put the valuation to reflect the possibility of creating a second season.

The rating now is 8.9 at 460 assessments. The sample is not very big, but it still says that Millennials want to watch high-quality YouTube content with bloggers, feel more gratitude to the creators of such unusual stories and projecting their love for the brand. The reaction of the audience.

Interesting was the reaction of bloggers on project. Denis Kukoja later admitted that when he received the script, was expecting some kind of trash, because that series of ads — the thing is a priori suspicious. But when I read, I was surprised — the story is coherent, logical and fun. The dialogue is not plush, all written organically and under it. Dan immediately agreed.

Sergei Mezentsev has a whole new perspective. Usually his images are quite shocking and absurd characters. However, this time his character was quite different, and Sergei really was your trip.

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