The case of Russia: How the application Prince hit the top of the SERPs App Store

As a product Manager of Dating service of Prince I am constantly looking to attract high-quality and affordable traffic for your app. Spoiler. I received 4000 units cost 12 rubles each.

The app has moved from 60th place to 4th in the search results. First things first. It looks like the search in App Store.

As applications are ranked on the search results is classified. To the position of influence update date, rating, number of reviews and other factors. The most important of them — how many times users have installed the app from the search.

To correct position, we pay users for installing apps from the SERPs for a specific search query (motivated search traffic). Great pain for users to find the app on the 60th place to download. We had 1200 units to move Prince from the 60th on the 4th place of issue in Russian App Store. After that we bought another 100-150 units a day to maintain this position.

The first experience was impressed. We got 4086 installations, spending 12 rubles for each. In this campaign I made a few mistakes — and if everything was done correctly, the Prince would have lasted a month in the top 3. I decided to repeat the success, but until we have updated the app, search the App Store algorithm changed.

At the time of publication of the material requires a minimum of 500 units from the SERPs within four days. Take a look at the second part of the campaign.

This time we spent money for nothing. One installation cost 109 rubles. In Russia, a similar setup is worth about 32 rubles. Changing search algorithm have made the campaign useless.

In September 2015, to pump rating the app in the search results, it was enough motivated 1000-2000 units upon request with average traffic. Now we need to buy 1000-2000 units four days in a row. Multiply this by 10-50 for the US App Store. However motivated you install from the search results useful to the application.

If youll work on a snippet for search results in App Store and conversion setup will be 60% and above, your app will remain on top. Choose relevant and popular search phrase. For American App Store, I chose the word dating.

Optimize the snippet of the application to issue. The screen is not relevant for this article Pure app from the us App Store.

Make sure that the icon, name, description and other elements relevant to the search query. You should not promote your app for singles on the word chat. The title should contain a word from the query. Better if this will be the first word in the title.

Bad idea it was to promote the word dating for app called Prince — we fulfil desires. The title Dating with your wish fulfilled works much better. Make sure that the application displays a rating (you need at least five reviews) and it is not below 4.5 stars.

Make bright and attractive screenshots. The snippet app in the search results needs to convert at least 60% of impressions in the download. This can be measured by App Store Analytics or A/B testing.

Get at least 500 new motivated installations of extradition daily, for four days in a row. Sell motivated search traffic in the Russian App Store. If the application a good snippet in the App Store and it is interesting to the user, you will be in the top 5.

Note. There are only two chances to bring the app to the top. Double-check the snippet. The effect is still preserved.

The indicators at the time of publication of such. Organic 300 installations per day, the 19th place for “Dating”.


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