The case of Russia: Implementation of email marketing in the online store for hobby

Need to liaise with clients, constantly, but gently remind myself, to tell people about new products, to communicate in person, to submit ideas for creative. Online shop “fancy Soap” perfectly coped with the task, and the Central part of the steel marketing and trigger distribution. In General, we believe that the success of the campaign due to three factors.

So, in order that was done. Running chain, consisting of three trigger mailings for the return of abandoned carts. After 45 minutes (conversion of 3.7%), 1 day (conversion of 2.6%) and 5 days (conversion of 0.9%).

In addition to the traditional list of items left in the cart, the letters remind the person in a friendly form that he was online (like away). The letters refer to the customer, as a fellow, whose shop is glad to see and happy waiting again and again. For example, “hi, yesterday we had a great time..”.

Opening letters to 57%, which is just amazing. According to the results of the three mailings per month returned more than 40 abandoned carts. Most of them have received the first one who leaves in 45 minutes.

Please note that unsubscribed from the mailing list just one person. Not bad, right. If the visitor leaves the site without buying, he is shown the widget Convead “Subscribe and get a gift!”. And it automatically takes a series of two letters (the first immediately, the second in two days) with the promised gift (a book of recipes for creativity), invitations to free workshops, a story about discount cards, offline stores and other.

As a result, is going to a database of email addresses that the client learns about the benefits involved in the creative process, receives in advance a free gift and configured on positive communication. The first letter of welcome series with free gift looks like this.

“Fancy soap” once a week send a letter with a coupon for a 10% discount to those who visited the website more than three times, but did not purchase. The coupon is valid only 3 days that encourages people to become active and to buy something. The letters are designed in the General style remind recipients about the joy of creativity and wish you a festive mood. Conversion of emails from 0.5 to 1.2%.

Over a month of emails received 52 new order. To dal customers get bored, and once a week they sent a letter with an advertising campaign, a new postupload goods or invitation to a master class. During the month the visitors who come by these letters, made 150 new purchases.

From the point of view of design and texts of the guys from “Soap fantasies” and Out of Cloud tried and made the content enjoyable and easy. All emails are very positive and remind the reader that he is a creative personality. Friendly easy text, nice colors, good photo. This newsletter, the hand does not rise to send spam.

Please note the informative newsletters. Besides the main message, each letter contains information about the benefits for the buyer. Discount for advance payment, terms of delivery, phone for a free consultation.

In the basement of the letter always has links to information sections, the contact information and pages in social networks. It is very important for customers – they always know where to look for information. The client receives no more than two marketing emails per week. Plus letter thrown in the trash if he went to the site and complete the checkout.

We believe that the frequency chosen well — and the recipients dont spam, and dont make themselves forget. Tried to run letters and different days of the week. Honestly, no big difference in otkryvalast or conversion saw. Much more on the opening of the letter affects its theme.

And the number of hits on the website and purchase depends on the offers in the newsletters. For example, the most opened emails with the subject “discount Coupon for You!”. And most orders brought the letter announcing the imminent price increase.


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