The Case Of Russia: Promotion Bot Game Slotobot Telegram

Disclaimer. All mentioned in the text methods of promotion are free, unless otherwise noted. The bot is not profitable (why this is so is a topic for another article), so that the efficiency of channels is evaluated only from the point of view of the involved users, and not, for example, ARPPU. To begin with — a bit about the product. A couple of years ago in the order of delirium we came up with the idea to make a text slot machine in Twitter.

At the beginning of this year, we remembered and implemented on the platform Telegram-bots. Bot emulates the classic slot machine. Field characters (result back) size 5⨉3, if you get certain combinations, the player receives a winning. The game is played on a demo money. Originally given 750 coins and then the bonus 100 coins every six hours.

You can buy them with real money or get bonuses for referred friends. For tracking metrics product, we immediately screwed in bot Analytics from This is a wrapper for Yandex AppMetrica”, respectively, all the work is happening in their interface. Despite the fact that it does not give a complete picture, the benefits of it tangible. For example, it does not track the sources directly, considering all the traffic organic.

This limitation can be circumvented via the Events tab. In reference to the bot in various channels, we add the parameter ?start=%TRACKER% (e.g., in the Lede of this article). Parameter monitored metric. For example, in the screenshot below, the highlighted transitions via the referral link of one of the users. Missing data we receive using their internal tools.

First and foremost is a console script. We decided not to waste resources on a GUI admin area, as at this stage it is sufficient to work with server console. Before release we thought. How to promote a Telegram bot. No one had experience in this, Google did not help.

Came in the following variants: The release took place on 25 March this year, then we placed the bot on — the largest directory of Telegram-bot. Resource informal, but the Telegram is no store, and Storebot it quite successfully replaces. The problem is that the transitions from Storebot not tracked in any way. We invited the developers to add a tracking key ?start=storebot, they promised to add.

The next day we wrote to the administration several thematic groups in “Vkontakte” with a request to place a news about the bot. Got the following results: For the next month we tried out the following channels: At the beginning of may was an interesting case. We created a page in Facebook bot.

One user saw it and posted a link in the Gambling Marketing. There she, apparently, found Eugene Gordeev from the Russian Ventures. Bot him so much that he made several entries about him on his page (one, two, three, four, five). Publications were with the referral link that brought Eugene a lot of in-game currency, and us — about 800 registrations. In the group “Durovs Code” (its probably something to do with Gordeyev) in “Vkontakte” was posted entry with the same referral link.

While Eugene link has registered 290 persons other registration, obviously, were “the echo”. At the end of April we added in bot English. Unfortunately, a major English-language resource dedicated to the bots, not so much, and our queries about the location of the news responded only Bots for Telegram. They safecell us in your channel Bots Channel (about 5000 users). The message went through all 5,000 people signed up 250 of them (5%).

Play now 970 of English-speaking users (about 25%). Two months after its release, weve decided to buy a bit of advertising. To do this, chose the Russian-speaking Telegram-channels Historygram Russia (on the canal place historic photographs with brief comments, the audience — 1200 people) and LifeHack (a more entertainment-themed, audience — 4200). In Historygram released two records on Tuesday and Wednesday. We received 14 and 12 registrations respectively.

The value of each of posts — 100 rubles. The conversion rate is 2.1%. At LifeHack we bought one record for 200 rubles and received from her 62 registration. The conversion rate is 1.4%.

Lower than the Historygram, but the cost of registering went out less. The case below is not ours, but we decided to mention him as a very revealing. When @PokerBot added request to rate the bot in the store, users began to rate it. In the result, the bot climbed into the top Storebot on the main page and got a huge number of registrations. A screenshot from the presentation of the developers:

The most targeted traffic, of course, comes from the Telegram, related community and store. If you have channels in the Telegram, use them safely. People have installed the client, and they do not need to switch to a new platform. Free promotion can be quite effective, but, on the other hand, slow.

The referral system works. Likely to work and cross-promotion with other bots, but we have not tested this channel.

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