The Characteristics Of The Product, Based On Artificial Intelligence Algorithms €? Useful For Investors And Clients

Ivan Novikov, CEO of the startup Wallarm working in the field of cybersecurity, wrote for the Y Combinator blog post about how potential customer or investor to understand that the product which he is offered, actually uses artificial intelligence algorithms in their work. Edition publishes an adapted translation of the material. “A combination of “artificial intelligence” used by all and Sundry.

It is inserted in the advertisement, descriptions of new products, applications and devices. AI technology used in cyber security and other sectors,” says Novikov. In order to determine whether or not the product uses algorithms AI or the creators are trying to promote development using the big words, the author notes proposes to ask the creators of the five questions. He believes that these questions will help to determine the complexity of the technology and to understand what stage of development the product is.

This version should not work in the cloud, and yourself — to avoid data manipulation. If the company says can process information only on the “cloud” capacity, to test algorithms, have to chase through the system huge amounts of data. “The developers of the system at the presentation, of course, will work very well.

But that doesnt mean as well she will show and others. Test the system on its own data and verify that it actually works” — says Novikov. Artificial intelligence, says the author notes, may not learn if not give him a large amount of source data. The developer, in which there are such data, will be able to tell about their source, the exact amount and the basic parameters of the sample.

In most cases, the creators of the artificial intelligence systems using open arrays of data — for example, the history of changes in the value of shares in public companies, government or other data sources. The author proposes to discuss with the developers of the approach of the artificial intelligence system. Which models are used and why, what specific data it processes.

“This is not a commercial secret is only a General approach and not the implementation details. If the developer refuses to discuss such things is the bell.”. Novikov recommends that you speak with clients who already use the product, and ask them about working with him. “Try to find customers whose needs coincide with yours,” he says.

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