The child in Silicon valley

In early September 2015 Mayer announced in a blog on Tumblr that in December, is expecting twins. The head of Yahoo has no plans to take a long vacation — it wont be at work only two weeks. Also she did when her first child was born in 2012 and when she was 37 years old. Note Mayer consisted of only three paragraphs, but all her attention was focused on the job. This, according to Bar, sparked a public debate about how to balance career and personal life, the role of women in the it business.

Some supported Maar in that it recognizes the importance of their role for the company, denies the conventions associated with women — even the birth of a child will not force her to leave work for a long time. Others criticized. Not everyone has the financial capability to do what makes Mayer. For example, to hire a nanny. Baby care is not what is worth saving, they say.

In addition, there are also the arguments of critics that a good Manager builds a strong team who can operate in his absence. Solution Mayer indicative for the industry, believes the Bar, as the head of Yahoo is the most influential woman in it. It is also noteworthy that all Yahoo employees provided fully paid eight-week vacation at birth — for both women and for men. Women in it are faced with the choice.

To abandon their career aspirations in favor of “less intensive” positions or abandon their dream to have a family. “When you work for someone, you have the weekend and hospital. To come later — not a problem. Sick. Take a few days for treatment.

Need to leave early. Everything has its price, but the business will not burst because of this,” writes Bar. But if we are talking about the founder or CEO, you need to always be aware of what is happening, said CEO Geektime. I dont think in startups there is the notion of a balance between work and personal life. “If you suddenly decide that we can at some time to leave the business, it will take advantage of competitors,” says the entrepreneur.

Shortly before Mayer another entrepreneur from the list of the most expensive it companies, the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg announced that his wife is expecting the birth of a child. Zuckerberg, in contrast to Meyer, wrote an emotional note about using what challenges had to pass a young couple. The founder of Facebook did not pay attention in the text how he plans to combine family life and work, how this will change his routine and stuff. It demonstrates the difference between men and women in it.

Women demonstrate that the birth of a child is a common thing. A man is allowed to share their feelings with others. And its not the fact that he already has a child, said Bar. Unlike Zuckerberg the CEO of Yahoo is acting within the rules adopted in Silicon valley. Beyond its action watched by investors and news like this can unsettle them.

The founder of Facebook can write whatever it wants shareholders do not perceive his statements as something that threatens the business. The problem of the relationship of men and women to a career, despite all the controversy remains relevant. Woman pays far more attention to the child, while a man is more free in their personal time.

And nobody plans to solve the problem. The family is perceived by the it giants as an obstacle. For example, Apple and Facebook announced a program under which they are going to cover the cost of freezing the eggs of women if they plan to postpone the building of a family and focus on his career. Before maternity leave, I managed his business for seven years. Everyone who starts, knows that this is the same child who needs attention 24 hours a day.

The reason I was able to switch to maternity, that in my team there are responsible people who can manage a team without me. I received the support of investors. One of them said. “Dont hurry. Work will always be here”.

“I cant be Mayer, says entrepreneur. For me it is important to pay attention to the child in its first months. But Im not Zuckerberg. The fact that I am a woman and mother will be decisive in my arguments.”.


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