The consumer should sell for you

The clients must be on the gravitational orbit of your product, otherwise you will never get them to make your next purchase. About it write books and teach in business schools. But how to go further and not just to contribute to the next purchase, and to make paying the money, he loved your product. Given this issue, we have deduced a formula, forcing users to shout about our software Parallels Desktop for Mac “I love it”.

And formula, admittedly, was quite simple — “hear me and grant”. His formula we decided to build using the NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is based on customer opinion. To define the consumers, just one question — how likely is it they will recommend a particular product. Each company uses NPS for their needs.

Someone wants to find out the attitude of the branch, who would expect to see in user responses response to changes your own website, call center or your service. For us, the difficulty lay in the fact that people often do not think and do not notice goods such as software. This is not a subject that the user can touch, to hold, to get some idea about it. And NPS figures prove it.

For physical products, the loyalty index is generally higher than for software. And how to be, when the customer to the company there is no relationship, not to mention recommending. Another find was a pattern, where high rates of loyalty had received most often leaders in their segments. The highest NPS whose value is even higher than Apples, has a certain insurance company USA Insurance, almost exclusively serving the U.S. military.

The loyalty index company Turbo X implementing SaaS solutions in the field of calculation of taxes, 54%. And the market share of its parent company Intuit exceeds 60%, while its closest rival, it accounts for only 10%. In General, our NPS was to be the litmus test of all — the quality of the product itself, pricing, service. %NPS = %Advocates − %Opponents.

The share of those who are willing to recommend and sets the mark to the product 9 or 10, subtracted the proportion of those who are categorically not ready to recommend, evaluating the product from 0 to 6. Consumers who estimates 7 and 8, in this formula are not taken into account. Accordingly, any company has to deal only with the two extremes of share of share of supporters and opponents of the product. And since man is by nature inclined to the negative perception of the picture, it is always problematic to get considerably greater than the number of supporters and, accordingly, to obtain high rates of NPS.

It seems to be all I think that getting a 7-8 out of 10 is already good. But this is a big difference between market leaders and just good companies. It would seem that there are two products, both work well, but someone wrote “I love your product”, and someone who is content with “normal”. Those who put you 9-10, may not be much, but they have to be.

Must be some amount of people who actually “pretend” that you create about it and ready to write reviews and reviews. These comments can make the gear your business to spin faster. 100% of our users get an email from me with a request to evaluate the performance of Parallels Desktop for Mac on a scale from 0 to 10 in 30 days after starting to use this ON. On average, only 10% of the users answer this question.

Because you cannot improve what you do not measure, we began to work methodically with the enemies of the product. Every one of the negative user reviews that weve received in the NPS surveys, was handled personally by the technical support team, including its leader. For the year of the “incident” a few thousand unhappy people.

On average, four out of five opponents we were able to convert to supporters only due to the fact that they called back and solved their problem. While 35% of them are very active in their recommendations (write in forums, commenting in social networks). In addition to working with opponents, on the basis of the NPS estimates had to seriously change the product and invest in its development. For example, in 2007-2008 NPS helped to identify dissatisfaction with the speed of the program.

So we created a special team of engineers, which had focused on what “dispersed” our software, using the mechanisms, the less load OS X. Today people say that Windows runs faster on a Mac than Windows running on PC. Another area for improvement has become more tight integration of Windows and Mac. This means that the user the ability to copy and paste text from one system to another, opening files through Windows editors Mac, visual “dissolve” Windows on Mac and more.

But not only that you be praised. The user is supposed to recommend. And here we have created a marketing system, aimed at generating recommendations. According to our statistics, the number of people willing to post a review on Amazon or iTunes (for each country we select different areas) does not exceed 1% of the number of supporters of the brand.

However, such small figures work for us, especially when it comes to reviews and ratings in retail sites. For them, the quality prevails over quantity. The person who recommends is usually the one who spends the time to prepare informative and useful reviews. For us the most valuable are those reviews that mention specific product features or usage scenarios.

Training users take more time, but for us they are much more valuable than “Parallels is Awesome”. There is the downside NPS after you recommended that you begin this more to love. People not directly subscribes to the fact that the product is good, then spends more time studying it for myself.

Today, our total NPS index is one of the highest in the industry AT 35%. In 2 years we want to reach 40%. The average NPS for products from the field of software — less than 20%. And industry-wide NPS — 5-10%. European and American data NPS in our product are very close to each other, but in Asia they are always much lower.

For example, in Japan, consumers are in principle more demanding and spoilt the highest quality, extremely skeptical and less open to recommendations. The number of supporters of Parallels Desktop for Mac by country. According to R&G Technologies, leads that come to us through word of mouth and recommendations, are converted at 30% better than leads that come via other marketing channels.

About 50% of new users of Parallels Desktop for Mac learn about it from their friends, from the old users of the product. If not for these recommendations, our marketing costs were approximately two times higher. If we assume, for example, that marketing costs account for 15-20% of sales, but the profit margin is 30%, this is the difference between a highly profitable business and a business that earns very little.

NPS is just a scale, it is not necessary for them to adjust and tweak, if you suddenly ceased to enjoy your own weight. This index is the result, not the cause. You just need to start walking 10 kilometers a day to measure weight, and you will not notice how it drops. And in our case — we just listened to the expectations of the client and brought his opinion to the General public.


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