The cost of placements and coverage of advertising in different communities Vkontakte — Sociate research

We analyzed advertising placement in our exchange for summer 2015, selecting and dividing by topic 100 communities that have published the most advertising posts. The result showed that advertisers often prefer community theme “Humor and entertainment”. Rarely their choice fell on the ground with a female, male subjects and kinopalatsi.

Organic advertising “Vkontakte” is divided into two categories. Consider the relationship between the activity of the advertiser and the topics he chooses.

In the category “Humor and entertainment” we see advertising of different products and services — from the sale of parties to promote online seminars on personal growth. A wide audience of subscribers of such groups to advertise products aimed at the mass segment. In this case, less attention has been paid to characteristics such as gender, age and geographic location of potential buyers.

In “womens issues” expected production predominates, is interesting primarily for women — cosmetics, womens and childrens clothing, home textiles, diet, wedding services. Less advertised the goods for needlework, jewelry and cookware. In “mens groups” among the products confidently leading multi-brand watch and watch shops. Here we also see advertising devices (usually smartphones, tablets, DVRs, virtual reality helmets), knives, mens clothing and accessories (socks, sunglasses, wallets), microcredit organizations.

Less common advertising of online games and services for business. Category “cinema” rich advertising YouTube channels. In addition to video blogs, popular products for men — most cinesouth male audience about a quarter higher than female.

Advertising in other categories predictable. In addition, groups often found advertising of goods of mass consumption. It should be remembered that, in General, advertising the same subjects in different communities can be very different and the final decision on publication is taken by the site administrator.

So the ads must conform to the General idea and the content of the selected community — then it will seamlessly weave into the site and bring more coverage. It is important to examine the content of the group, given the number of advertising publications similar subject and overall style of the content. Any updated information which is tailored to the usual format for the particular community, perceived and naturally attracts more attention.

In this infographic we can see that advertisers make a choice in favor of medium-sized venues with an audience of 10 thousand to half a million subscribers. Significantly fewer ads found in large and small communities. Groups with less than 10 thousand subscribers have low advertising coverage, so advertisers consider investing impractical.

However, there are sites with a minimum number of subscribers, but with high-quality specialized content and active audience. When it comes to the target segment, the publication in such a community will be much more effective than advertisements in “the millionaire”. Sites with an audience of more than 500 thousand subscribers often have a high cost of accommodation. Advertisers rarely place ads for fear that investment will not pay off.

Typically, the ads in such groups choose clients with serious budgets of advertising campaigns, for which it is important to get quick results in the form of growth of the audience or increase sales. The price per advertisement averages 153 rubles, and in popular subjects does not exceed 350 rubles (the most expensive advertising is in the bands category “Science and technology” — 332 rubles, and the cheapest was male subject — 112 rubles). These values we received, collecting information about all the sites that are related to popular topics, where the summer was placed bids.

It is worth noting that the price of advertising on sites included in the top 100 by the number of orders placed, on average 58 rubles. As we can see, advertisers prefer to publish more publications for less money, and not Vice versa. We cannot say for sure whether organic advertising “Vkontakte” cheap or expensive tool. The cost in different communities can vary greatly depending on the subject matter and scope of advertising.

Choosing the site for placement, not necessarily to focus on group-millionaires. The price of the message, which can reach tens of thousands of rubles. There are many advertising sites with good statistics and low price, so you can try organic advertisement and to check its effectiveness is possible and with a minimal budget. By advertising on sites with the average number of subscribers, you can attract quality live audience.

In the first place when planning your campaign it is important to determine themes sites. And on the basis of statistical data, you can generate approximate budget and select appropriate advertising platform. Very often the owners groups overpriced advertising publications because of the large number of subscribers.

In theory you pay for that advertisement to be seen by the entire audience of many thousands, but the number of involved participants is much less. Therefore, the choice of sites should focus on the coverage of advertising — the number of people who will see the ad.


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