The Creators Of Firefox Has Introduced A New Logo And Corporate Style Of The Company

The basis of this project is the desire of the Mozilla brand to become more understandable for people. We want to be “Champions of healthy Internet”. The Internet, where we all are free to explore, discover, create and innovate without the barriers and restrictions. Where the power is in the hands of the majority, not the minority. The Internet, where respect for our safety, security, and identity.

The new company logo that refers to the characters “://”, which are used when entering URLs. For his writing used font Zilla, who created the Dutch Typotheque specifically for the company and will be available for everyone. In addition, Mozilla has selected few basic colors for your logo, which in the future will change depending on the context.

Will the company change the logo of its Firefox browser, the message is not specified. Mozilla has announced plans to rebrand in mid-2016. Then the company began to take the ideas of the users.

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