The developers of the game “the Slammer” to release “one-off” shooter in which the player is given only one life

One Life is survival. Now this genre is very popular, but he seems a bit fixated. We want to shake him, to make a really tough and adrenaline. One Life — a true survival simulator. Died.

Delete the game. We have quite a lot of experience developing with Unity technologies. The features of this engine allow us to implement everything we planned. Browser run we do not see, do not want to waste time on a lot of platforms.

The main thing is to create an atmosphere and a level of quality that will bring players to all of our ideas. Gameplay — as in any survival shooter. Need fast response, good accuracy and, above all, a head on his shoulders. One Life is hardcore for those looking for new sensations.

I would say, is a concentrated hardcore for the most persistent. As for references, we were inspired by games such as DayZ, Rust, ARK. Survival Evolved. But the main reference was real life.

It is the “feature” of permanent death, we decided to borrow. The game industry develops. Graphics, physics, sound in games is getting more realistic, but there is one aspect of the perception of the real world, which nobody was able to reliably simulate is the fear to lose his life and leave the world. None of the existing games you dont fear death really.

You can lose loot, experience and other game values, but you know you will have a second chance. It erects a “fourth wall” between the player and the game. Here is the wall we plan to destroy. You buy the game, survive it.

In the event of the death of your game character you can no longer play. Your account will not work. This is the concept of one life. All thats left of you in the game world is your database. If you were building it together with friends, they will be able to use your savings.

Weapons, ammonica, food and other. The idea is that the player has experienced an experience that other games can not give. Simply put, One Life will give the user the most emotion in his playing “career”. And emotions these are, for the most part, based on the sense of fear and a sense of power.

When you realize that you have only one life, the thrill of the game are different. No other game users do not value the life of his game character really. Only One Life you will think twice before getting involved in a dangerous adventure. Should I start a gunfight or better to retreat. In what location to go.

Dangerous with good loot (loot — note. Ed.) or the safe, where rewards are significantly worse. The answers to these questions each chooses. When the user understands the value of their own and others lives, we can implement new types of interaction between players, power-based.

No one dies in the game instantly. When the health of another player drops to a critical level, the character falls to the ground and cannot move, but its not the end. Now you decide his fate, his account is in your power.

Brutally do it all to the users. Of course. Your life in the game can be quite short but will give you an unforgettable experience. However, adopting a cautious tactic in our game you can live for months, using for the search loot less dangerous locations and events. So it all depends on the player and his style of play.

In One Life if you die, you lose your money spent on the game. So of course, we have pondered the question, what if the player was killed for non-game reasons, when the lights went out or broke the Internet. For them we have very loyal support system where you can ask players if there was something sudden. And we, in General, can recover the character, to give life again.

Naturally, each player will be monitored to gather the history of his appeals in support of. Accordingly, to operate the system also will not work. As regards, for example, of the cheaters, then, of course, in our game you will not see flying or passing through walls characters.

There is a system of reports that will quickly solve our system of support. All appeals will be investigated and the guilty will be punished. Cheaters will be in the bath, and the players we will be able to recover the character, and they will continue to play. ***.

The variation of the free-to-play model with paid sessions. If all without any “but”, and “played — died — good-bye”, my prediction. Flash, mass the discussion will continue to be niche with a small pool of adrenalinic, then — new rules of the game for 3-6 months.

But in General, is very illustrative case, when the developer first earn money and then catches the fan on their own, which is commendable. This kind of idea for years spinning in their heads, but no opportunities and experience. Then everything came together. Well, when there is an opportunity to make a dream game and dont care about the risks.

Very risky, but intriguing concept. Personally I would not play. Its a bold idea, a lot depends on the implementation, involvement, speed of progresss values.

What is and what will be the sign of the difference between hardfrom learned in the game to death, and the understanding of the cost of re-attaining the lost status. Good luck guys. Risk — a noble cause. No, it doesnt.

Judging by the roller, in the game small locations and outrageous DPS. Anyway, the locations do not know. If they really block the account, even if the game is free, people will play once, or maybe 10. Then get bored — not because of money but because of the time between battles.

Well, Yes, the mentality of all the players in all these games the same, as in Kill on Sight (“quick death” – approx.ed.). That is death right there. If the card is made in the calculation of the dynamics of the battle — but on video it is visible, that is the case — the deduction will be simply no (unless the design is registered at least some penalty for death). But, thats what I thought.

Information of the whole no. If you create a new account it will be possible by pressing a single button “Pay X” in the launcher or the main menu, and most X to be small — well level 5-30 cents, if the world is large and DPS will not be as brutal, it will be just a tougher version of the spawn for the money in our WarZ. Which in and of itself — that only this feature of the game — has collected about $4-5 million until we canceled it. Anyway, I suddenly began to believe in the project.

Spawn for $5 — dont believe. To respawn at a $0.05-to 0.3 — believe.


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