The evening air: Releases of TV shows involving Zuckerberg, Mask, Calonica, gates

In 2012, the founder of social network Facebook has been on a visit to Russia. He met with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, spoke to the students of Moscow state University and visited the TV show “Evening Urgant”. During the program Urgant invited the founder of Facebook to help with the creation of his page in the social network. Leading to the question about why the main color of blue social network, Zuckerberg said.

“Because Im colorblind”. In response Urgant joked that “half a world away, in St. Petersburg, lives Pavel Durov, who is also colorblind and thinks the color blue is the best”. Zuckerberg told Urgant that familiar with Durov. The foreign press then noted that this was the first appearance of Zuckerberg evening on TV in that format.

Previously, he starred in the program Saturday Night Live, but the transmission was shot in the format of a late night talk show. Zuckerberg was involved in the plot with Jesse Eisenberg — actor who played the founder of Facebook in the movie “the Social network”. Eisenberg told how he starred in the movie, and then presented the allegedly real Zuckerberg is another actor, dressed as the founder of Facebook.

Later in the frame appears mark Zuckerberg himself. For the first time on the evening air of Travis Kalanick appeared September 10, 2015. Presenter Stephen Colbert (formerly Shaw led David Letterman) began communicating with businessman with a question about the destruction of the business classic taxi companies.

Kalanick told that, for example, in new York, the driver of “official” taxi pays around 40 thousand dollars a year for a rental car at their company. “For the money he could ride in a Bentley, but instead he goes to the owner of the company that gives license to drive a taxi,” said the founder of Uber. Founder of the service explained the mechanics of a short-term increase of tariffs Uber. When a territory is too many customers and too few taxis, the prices rise to match the demand and supply, as well as to attract more drivers to the area and “unload” it.

During emergencies, when the number of orders increases, the company disables the multiplier rate. Kalanick told that the next direction of the Uber business development will be the delivery of food. The businessman also hinted that driverless cars are tested not only in Google and Uber, but in Tesla with Apple.

Kalanick, he said, sometimes works as a driver for Uber was his rank in the service “5.0”. A few days earlier show Colbert visited the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk. The presenter said that he considers the Mask “supervillains”. Musk replied that just tries to do “useful things”.

For example, plans to colonize Mars. [Mars] is very inhospitable, its true. Its a planet that needs repair. First you have to live under transparent domes, but this can easily be transformed into a planet like Earth.

Musk has proposed two scenarios. “Quick — drop a thermonuclear bomb on a pole. Slow — releasing greenhouse gases as we have done on Earth”.

During the conversation with Colbert Musk also commented on the demonstration of the robotic charging for Tesla, resembling a snake. The businessman joked that “the best next to nothing to drop”. TV host another popular evening show on American television Jimmy Fallon invited his evening show Microsoft founder bill gates in January 2015.

The entrepreneur spoke about the technology of processing of faeces, in which he invested his money. As a result of recycling human excreta are transformed into water suitable for drinking and electricity, said gates. He invited the presenter to play the game. To drink water from one of two cups and determine that it is bottled water or the result of processing of faeces.

Water from the second glass drank his own gates. Fallon suggested that he got bottled water. But bill gates has admitted that he lied to the leader, and both glasses were filled with water obtained by processing the excrement.

In may 2013, Stephen Colbert was invited to his show Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Interviewer jokingly asked questions mainly on the fact that the photos disappear from the app after watching it. “People are ashamed of the photos in Snapchat and why you have included this feature?”, “Your income also disappear 10 seconds after receiving them?”. Murphy told the presenter that, in his opinion, this new way of communication. “Extinction is an attempt to make a dialogue similar to normal human relationships”.

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