The History Of The Russians In “Google Maps”, Social Advertising The “trash Islands” Redesign “Gazprom-media” And “MegaFon”

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. Google and the Agency for strategic initiatives launched the project, who will talk about success stories of Russians who have realized their ideas in business, culture, social or scientific field outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The history of such projects will appear in the “Google Maps”.

Apply with your story or information about someone elses project, please visit platform “Away from the capitals” to 3 October 2017. Applications are accepted in several categories. Russian tourism, manufacturing and crafts, training and development, social services, sports and healthy lifestyle, culture and modern technology. “MegaFon” announces rebranding. The company has updated the corporate identity and launched an advertising campaign.

Under the new strategy, the operator will focus on “digital customers”, said Director of strategic marketing Svyatoslav Gorban. Part of the rebranding has also become a new tariff line “jump” launched in the spring of 2017. “Megaphone” has presented the new slogan “it Starts with you” and the logo, which already began to be used in advertising campaigns and community-operator in social networks. Instagram launched into Stories ad format Canvas, which is used in Facebook.

It allows you to add in the “history” interactive publication that includes photos, video and animation. Also as you will use the “story”, filmed earlier. Create an ad for “stories” will be available to the camera features section Stories. Masks, boomerangs and painting tools. The company “Gazprom-media” held a logo redesign and corporate identity.

The development of a new style has been the company BBDO Branding. The updated brand was created about a year. In “Gazprom-media” said that the redesign is to expand the companys production and strengthening market position. According to the head of BBDO Branding Olga Konovalova, a new logo represents a “single, dynamic design”, where the hyphen represents the “synergy business” of the company, and the arrow — “leadership, development, and scope of activities”.

Facebook will integrate Ads Manager and Power Editor in a single advertising platform called Ads Manager. The new interface will be implemented gradually. If an advertiser uses Power Editor, then in the process of creating advertising and management, he will not notice the changes. If the company uses Ads Manager, it will be available to new features, such as checking draft sites and new ad creation process.

Google AdWords announced the launch of “Reports” — a new tool with which you can view consolidated statements for the whole account. The innovation will be available to all advertisers before the end of September 2017. Summary is a set of cards that display the selected indicators. It is possible to add tables, charts, and notes thereto,.

To create a dashboard, click “Reports” at the top of the page, open the tab “Reports” and click the “+Summary”. Facebook announced the launch of the Crisis — a new section in the social network, which will collect information about past emergencies, and also fast access to the functions of Safety Check, assistance to communities and fundraising to support the victims. “Yandex.Direct” added to the interface ad creation ability to specify a single maximum price per click for all the conditions to quickly send is for moderation and start screenings. Now, setting a maximum rate and maintaining the ad, it can be automatically sent to moderation or impressions.

Then on the campaign page already, you can assign individual rates for the different display conditions. All UI changes will appear in about September 21, 2017. Facebook has published the standards and regulations governing the monetization of content in a social network. They indicated which publishers can earn in Facebook and what materials they are allowed to publish. These standards also will apply to those ad placements, which is important context.

“Yandex.The market” began to update the latest information about the range of shops for a half hour, not 3-5 hours as it was before. Interface “direct” disappeared “do Not take into account user preferences”, but behavioral targeting has become mandatory for ad networks. Statistics “direct” shows that behavioral targeting generates advertisers 84.6% of target transitions to the sites and 88% conversion in all subjects where it can be used. If you disable this setting, campaign lose more than half of the target customers.

In the mobile analytical platform myTracker the function comparison report. Now any report can be compared with the similar preceding period or to set a time interval from among the preset. Day, week, month, 90 days or year. The data presented in table format. This allows you to more clearly serve important information.

For the first time YouTube has launched an advertising campaign aimed at attracting advertisers. The video is on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites. The videos demonstrate the capabilities of YouTube for advertisers and show what audience the company can reach. Advertising lasts six seconds or more.

Using a short YouTube video I wanted to show how effective such “compressed” formats. The campaign will last for six weeks. In addition to online advertising for two weeks, they will also use billboards and posters dedicated to the event of Advertising Week. Google made changes to AdWords, to preserve the possibility of conversion tracking in Safari after the launch of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) by Apple. From September 2017 Analytics.js records information about the AdWords campaigns in the cookie _gac.

This file allows to obtain more accurate information about how customers interact with the company. Advertisers that have linked their AdWords and Google Analytics will not notice any changes. Google will announce the conversion of Safari with a new cookie.

For advertisers who havent connected their accounts in AdWords and Google Analytics or disabled new cookie, AdWords will use the simulation to calculate the conversion of Safari, which could happen within 24 hours after the last user visits through an ad in the Safari browser. Brand drug “Imodium” for the first time in the Russian market has attracted a celebrity to cover the problem of diarrhea. The face of the advertising campaign was Mary Ivankov, a well-known blogger and traveler. In the commercials, when her stylist or operator happens to be stomach upset and is threatening the upcoming shooting, the drug solves all problems. UK Agency AMV BBDO invited users to become citizens of the Islands Trash.

In the Pacific Islands do exist, consisting entirely of plastic waste. The Agency decided to turn them into full-fledged state, to designate in this way the scale of the problem and remind that the size of the garbage Islands in the ocean already exceeds the area of France. The team introduced its own currency with a unit of measure debris (English — garbage), and on the banknotes portrayed the lost ocean animals. Also for Trash Isles created a flag, postal stamps and passports.

In the framework of the action the Agency has posted a petition on at the time of this writing, gathered over 100 thousand signatures. Each signatory becomes a citizen of the Islands, the Agency is going to send the results of the petition to the UN. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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