“The HR Manager Indicated That The Problem May Be In Me”: Two Developers On The Corporate Culture Of Uber

Developer Alex Kras has published in his blog article, which told about the interview in the service to order travel Uber and why he decided in the case of a positive answer is not to take a job in the company. He also mentioned the history of Susan Fowler, who has been with the company for a year and described their experience. Edition vc.ru chose the most interesting moments of the materials.

“Less than a year ago I had the good fortune to be interviewed at Uber. At that time I knew little about the company, besides being a major startup. I was looking for work, and the Uber recruiter he contacted me, so I decided to try,” writes Goss. According to the author, to interview in the company he has never used the services of Uber — just once-he had to call for ride from Lyft driver.

Recruiters have offered a candidate a free ride to the office for an interview and the developer decided to use this opportunity to better explore the interface of the application. “I got into the car and began to talk to the driver. It turned out that Uber had helped him to get more orders, but mostly he uses Lyft. I told him that I was going for an interview, and he noticed.

“Its great. I heard that at least for office workers, they are pretty good””. After the trip Kras tried to give the driver a tip, but not found in the application, the corresponding function. “I wanted to give him a good bonus, because I felt awkward, forcing him to answer all these personal questions.

But I cant find the button that is in the same Lyft. But I had to abandon this idea and to go to the building”. According to the developer, a few weeks before the interview he had just finished reading the book “Disrupted. My misadventures in a start-up bubble”.

The book, he says, opened his eyes to the nature of startups, particularly startups-“unicorns”. And all that happened in the office Uber, reminded him of work. Kras said that I had a job interview in a suit, and he had to wait for the interviewer for about 15 minutes. Appeared, the recruiter apologized, referred to the errors in planning and explained that now they will have to let it go.

My first interviewee was a young man who left his job at Facebook for Uber. He said he wanted to be “closer to town”, but I think he also counted on a large share in IPO. The guy I liked, but all the time of our conversation, I thought. “I cant believe that he left Facebook”.

After the author has passed another interview in the same room — technical. “I didnt remember — it was a young man, tired and obviously overworked. I think he told me that the code of the service is constantly something breaks, and employees often work at night, trying to fix it”. Then came the recruiter and took the Beauty in the other room.

Along the way he again apologized and explained that the company is growing rapidly and the it Department for it has not kept pace. He also said that in the coming year, management plans to double the number of the development areas. Now the candidate had lunch with HR Manager. “The food was healthy.

By asking a few introductory questions, the HR specialist asked. “What would you do if you were asked to perform work for 80 hours in just 40 hours?”. I said that if it would turned out to be really critical, it would perform the task, but would prefer not to do this all the time.”. He didnt seem too satisfied with my answer.

Kras also notes that almost all employees with whom he had to talk that day, was young and not yet had children. “More than 30 years, I have a family and two children. A job interview in Uber the first time in my life when I felt old,” he says. After he passed, another interview — this time a remote interview with a developer from another team.

Equipment in the conference room was not connected properly. They could see each other, but not heard. Team 20 minutes trying to solve the problem while Kras was not offered a phone call. Then he had gestures to explain to the interlocutor that he should call him.

“This employee worked at Uber for many years, and he assured me that in fact in the company not everything is so hectic, how was my interview. He worked on the payment system and asked me to give some recommendations. I offered to add a tip, and he replied that the company thought about it but decided that it would only ruin user experience”. The user must be nice when you do not have to worry about tipping.

Following the interview again took place in the new premises. It was conducted by two developers. Girl and boy. They checked basic knowledge of frontend development. “By this time I already well understand that Uber is not for me, but we ended the interview.

The guy was so tired that he drank during the conversation two cans of energy, and having gone, left in the room your laptop.”. After the developer had another interview in the same room. Talked to two experienced developed by veteran and newly hired into the company the girl. According to Krasa, about 40 minutes he talked to the veteran about all sorts of unrelated things, and the interviewers left him with the recruiter.

He snapped back the developer in the other room and started to ask him about salary expectations. “I told him how much we had at the time, and he said it was a little higher than their base salary. According to him, the company prefers to pay a relatively low salary, but to compensate for this option. I remember when I thought.

“You will pay me less than I already get, but make up for it due to its bloated cost. No, thank you””. Then the developer has offered to ask questions that interest him. He asked whether the company somehow solve the problem with the drivers.

“The recruiter noted that the company is looking for ways to help drivers. For example, the team has the idea to create a tool that would help them to understand, how much really are their services.”. As if the real problem was that the drivers just didnt realize how lucky they are to work for Uber. Then Kras said whether they intend to raise rates for drivers.

The recruiter responded that this is not the best solution — as it invariably will lead to increased cost of travel. “I thanked him and went away. I knew that would never work for Uber. A day later I called back and was told I wasnt suitable company.

I didnt want to publish this story, until I read the note the girl who worked in Uber a year — her very badly treated”. Kras refers to a material which in February 2017 were published in his blog developed by Susan Fowler. The girl joined Uber in November 2015.

On the first day of work with a new team Manager through the internal chat of the company told Fowler that he is in an open relationship and his girlfriend is easy to find new partners for sex and hes not. “He tried to persuade me to intimate relationships, it was clear. I made screenshots of correspondence and addressed to the HR specialist,” she says. In your HR Department Fowler said that her Manager — a valuable employee, and besides, this is his first offense of this kind, so the company will give you a warning and severe reprimand.

I was given to understand that I have little choice — to go to another team and no longer work with this man or stay in my and to accept the fact that he is likely to write not the most flattering opinion of my work and the company wont even consider this revenge because I was warned about this outcome. The girl met with other women in the company, and many have told her similar stories, and some admitted that they gave the same report as it is — and the same Manager. “They were doing it long before I joined the company. Obviously, it was still not the first and not the last of his misconduct”.

Women met with representatives of HR services to resolve the situation, but according to Fowler, they were given to understand that sanctions will follow, and their words are considered to be slander. Some time later, the Manager left the company, but the reasons are not explained. In this case, said the girl, in the whole company that was constantly under political game, and one of the managers admits that trying to climb as high as possible by any means.

“This struggle was reflected in the entire company. Projects rejected and closed batches, the work was not performed, we are only waiting for when we dissolve. Total chaos”. When Fowler decided to leave the company, she had good recommendations, make it in your team could many project managers, she says.

“I never thought that something could go wrong. And then my transfer was blocked.”. According to the Manager, I have had some undocumented problems with the effectiveness — although Ive never tore deadlines, and performed all tasks right on schedule. I refused to explain why. At first, I was told that the case in technical skills — I explained that the tasks given by the managers, and if they are not satisfied with my level of training, they would have to tell me about it and to put other tasks that the suit.

Then I just stopped this conversation. In the end, Fowler found that her refusal of care would play into the hands of the project Manager — other teams could not keep women and the draft still a few girls-developers. “When I joined the company, 25% of staff were women. Soon the number fell to 6%”.

Soon the girl held another conversation with the HR Department. “This time they asked me if I thought that all my reports too much attention devoted to me — and maybe the problem still is not in my environment and in myself”.

Some time later, the head of the threatened Fowler with dismissal because she wrote a complaint against him to the HR Department. She wrote another one — and HR-specialists, and technical Director, confirmed that the threats were illegal, but did nothing. Then Fowler got a job offer from another company. In December 2016 it left Uber.

“I think that young people should not spend their strength to such an employer. Hopefully, the company will be able to grow up and revise their own rules,” concludes Alex Kras.

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