The leaders of the “VimpelCom”, Papa John's, Wendy's and other companies in advertising their products

Slobodin said of the possibilities of the advertised functions. “VoLTE is such a cool sense of presence that it seems that you can teleport to the other side of the tube”. He is calling to the far East, after which it instantly appears fisherman costume. Also Slobodin demonstrates how long he had to wait for a connection before the introduction of VoLTE.

He could inspect the plant, to twirl in the chair, to launch a paper airplane. The emergence of CEOs in the videos with the advertising of their products — a common course for majors. For example, in 2011 about the history of formation and development of pizza chain Papa Johns told its founder John Snatcher. In the video he recalls how once he had to wash the dishes, and he wanted to create the best quality pizza and sell it worldwide.

In a series of promotional videos of the company Dollar Shave Club, which provides delivery subscription razors, starred CEO Michael Dubin — in one video, he introduces viewers to the warehouse and convinces them of the need to buy the product. The same idea was used by the company Dollar Beard Club, created in opposition to ideological enemy Dollar Shave Club and involved with the delivery of cosmetic products for beards.

The main hero of the rollers was the co-founder of the brand Chris Stoikos saying. “Members of my club certainly will not get a stupid razor that will completely destroy masculinity”. Especially popular idea, product presentation, company Executive was in the late 20th century.

For example, on the characteristics of The car Chrysler LeBaron told in 1982, the President of Chrysler Corporation, Lee Iacocca, noting that nothing like that neither Ford nor General Motors. His speech is replete with phrases similar to slogans. “There is no perfect car, but this one is the closest to perfection”, “If you can find a better car, buy it”.

Frank Perdue, CEO of Perdue Farms, specializing in the sale of poultry, told in the 1970-ies about product quality standards, holding a chicken. “The fact that my sorters reject 30% of the chickens, leaving the best. Therefore, in the name of the company contains my name. If you are not completely satisfied with the item, email me and Ill give you money”.

The founder of the American network of fast food restaurants Wendys Dave Thomas turned into chefs for the sake of advertising. In the video he walks around the room in his dressing gown and prepares sandwiches. Advertising is withdrawn in a humorous style, so the head of everything in the kitchen. Video beer company Boston Beer Company founder Samuel Adams presented as “brand beer man” in love with your product.

The video shows how he jumps into a barrel of drink, drinking his nose and says. “Beer is not a job, its my life”.


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