The main problems when working with the iPad on the sofa a study Mail.Ru Group

The study involved 5 men and 3 women from 25 to 35 years old. Representatives Mail.Ru Group analyzed the user behavior in different conditions. Natural (lying on your back, on your stomach sitting on the couch), when performing typical actions (e.g., when working with the email application). After analysis of the recordings from the cameras attached to the heads of the participants, the researchers found that some of the difficulties faced by people when using iPad apps, are physiological in nature.

“That is, the person sees all the buttons are, understands where and when to press, but to make him uncomfortable,” reads the study. Among the identified problems. Behind the button have to stretch.

The problem is particularly acute for respondents, sitting on the couch. Left hand they held the iPad and to tear from his hands was uncomfortable, as the keys they have to reach. To click you have to change the finger. During the execution step-by-step operations users sometimes have to change the finger who underwent the active action.

For example, when connecting to the application “Mail Mail.Ru” second drawer the first two steps can be achieved in the center of the screen, and in the third step, the task button is located at the bottom of the screen. To press it, the respondents had to change finger. For click have to change hands.

In some cases, step-by-step transactions, the respondents changed hands — for example, when using the menu in the app. Seven of the eight respondents flipped through the menu with the thumb of the left hand. Click on the options menu were all conveniently. The hand has to bend unnaturally.

The researchers observed that certain parts of the screen are uncomfortable to press purely physiological. “This is due to the size and shape of the device — the hand rests on the iPad, and to press the arm to bend unnaturally”. As an example we can cite the location of the button save the photo. Sitting on the couch respondents to click on the save icon photo was uncomfortable.

The icon is located above and close to the edge of the device. Thus, to use the familiar (index and middle) fingers sitting on the couch isnt very convenient — the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb rests on the device. The hand reaching for the button that closes the screen.

Team Mail.Ru Group found that for tablets the location of the buttons at the top were uncomfortable. When you click on the button at the top of the screen, the hand covers most of the screen of the device. As a rule, is blocked and that part of the display, which displays any changes after pressing. “Sometimes it confuses people, and they are a few seconds in thought, realizing what had happened”.

After analyzing the data, researchers have developed guidelines for developers of iPad applications. A map of the zones is convenient from the point of view of physiology the control layout in the iPad app, if the user is sitting on the couch:

Lying on the couch on the back: Lying on the couch on his stomach: All poses:


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