The media learned about the attempt by Apple to hire ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson in preparation for the launch of its video service

Apple representatives contacted Clarkson and his team in preparation for the launch of its own Internet television service. According to the publication, the it company expects to create a “competitor Netflix” already by 2016. Details of the project are still unknown. Apple “came out” on Jeremy Clarkson in July.

The offer, made popular presenter was “unprecedented”, said the source Variety. Despite this, in the end, the rights to show the program received Amazon. At the end of July it became known that Clarkson together with his colleagues James meem and Richard Hammond have signed a contract for the production of an analog of Top Gear on the Amazon Prime video service. The output of the show is expected in 2016.

The Clarkson compared his departure from the BBC and the beginning of cooperation with the Amazon from “change with maize on a spaceship”. In August, the media learned that on Amazon Jeremy Clarkson will receive about $15 million a year, or nearly us $1.22 million for one episode car show. May and Hammond on the contract with the company will get $11 million a year or $915 thousand per episode. How much was offered the leading Apple unknown.

As emphasized by the Variety sources, in the next few months, Apple plans to intensify its efforts to attract top creators of TV content. Working on a TV service, the company has already started negotiations with several top Hollywood executives, the newspaper writes. Officially Apple has not yet commented on the plans for the launch of the video service.


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