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History of edition of Playboy. $8 thousand invested in creating Playboy, brought its owner a millionaire. The most noticeable girls of their time — from Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson — for almost 65 years has appeared on the covers of the magazine.

Despite the high competition and the development of the Internet, Playboy is still sold in stores. His career as the founder and editor of Playboy Hugh Hefner started the magazine Esquire. The copywriter brought the young man $60 per week. Hefner is happy and hes not going to change anything until the boss announced the relocation of the office in new York.

To cover the costs to relocate the journalist asked an increase of $5, but he was denied. In 1952, Hefner retired and decided to create my own magazine, which later became one of the main competitors of Esquire. Since high school, Hefner was fond of journalism.

He drew cartoons and wrote articles for the school newspaper, was engaged in a military journal during his service in the infantry, produced humor magazine while a student. Despite the fact that the young man was never the best on the course, the learning was easy for him. Whether short-term courses fine arts or courses in sociology.

Enrolling the faculty of philosophy at the University of Illinois, he is just two years received the degree of bachelor. Hefner IQ is 152 points. People who scored more than 150 points, are considered owners of extremely high IQ, they can easily be found among the Nobel laureates.

To open your magazine, Hefner took $8 thousand, most of whom he borrowed 45 people, including his mother. The first title was Stag party (“stag”), its logo had to become a deer (stag). But at that time there already existed a magazine Stag, so the novice businessman had to find a new name.

The word Playboy came through the other Hefner, whose mother worked in the same garage. The logo was replaced by a rabbit, which drew the first art designer of the magazine Art Pole. The artist had no idea how famous his work. Logo took him no more than half an hour, the distinguishing attribute of the logo was a butterfly from tuxedo.

For the first time the famous logo appeared only in the second room. It was not in the first edition and the name of Hefner, who was not sure that the magazine will be sold at all. The businessman reasoned that in the case of the collapse of the lack of references to him will help him maintain his reputation.

Despite the fact that the Playboy founder described as a sophisticated mens magazine that would reflect the views of the postwar generation, iPod Hefner did at half-naked girls that wore out on the turn. In many ways, the idea was dictated by the army last businessman who remember the popular calendars with beauties hung on the walls in the barracks.

Hugh Hefner realized that the cover of the first issue depends largely on the fate of the entire magazine. After reviewing hundreds of photos of the girls, the businessman dismissed them all. He needed exclusive. And he found it.

At the same time was rising star Marilyn Monroe. In the circles Hefner went the information that for several years before becoming a famous actress starred in a Nude photo shoot. No one has seen these images.

A young entrepreneur has done everything to redeem the footage. For $500, Hefner found a photo for Playboy. Either then or later, the businessman was never presented to the actress. Now the legendary first issue can be bought from collectors for $4 thousand.

In 1953, 27-year-old Hefner launched circulation. He only had to wait as the public will accept the magazine, before he even dared to sit down for a second room. The results exceeded all expectations.

Were sold over 50 thousand copies. At a price of 50 cents per issue, the businessman was able to immediately pay off the debts and start to prepare the second edition. The first time the pictures for the magazine, Hefner bought the studios, however it is not happy.

The businessman was sure to dictate fashion and style, to remove the need to. However, the publisher had neither the experience nor models. Then Hefner came up with the idea to place on the pages of the magazine photo of ordinary girls, not professional models. So Playboy introduced the concept of “girls next door”.

The first pose was accepted by the Manager of the office of the magazine, which was responsible for a subscription to Playboy. The only condition of the girl was non-disclosure of her name. Hefner called her Janet pilgrim, giving reference to the Puritan early America (the pilgrim fathers — the early settlers that created the colony in North America). Her picture on the cover introduced a new word Playmate (“playmate”).

In addition, an expression of “girl of the month” and later “the girl of the year”. The idea in demand. This allowed Hefner to increase the magazines circulation to one million that year earned him about $6 million.

Soon “girls of month” and “year” began to appear in other publications. What gets contracted “girl of the month” Playboy has not been disclosed. According to some estimates — about $20 thousand, the girl of the year — about $100 thousand.

The contract does not allow girls within two years to carry out Nude photography for other publications, TV or advertising. In addition, they are required to attend all events organized by the magazine. The contract spelled out the behaviors, topics that can be discussed with the press, and the circle of questions which should be any “girl of the month”.

For example, it should study the biography of Hugh Hefner and the history of Playboy magazine. If the first issue of Playboy, Hefner was prepared in the kitchen in a small apartment in Chicago, then after a few years he could afford a mansion with over 70 rooms. His bedroom was decorated with a bed with a diameter of 254 cm, the house was equipped with an indoor basement swimming pool.

Playboy models and staff of night clubs could rent rooms on the third and fourth floors of the mansion for $50 per month. By the end of 50 years of Hefner felt that the business is ready to go beyond the log. On the pages of the publication he proposed the idea of a private club hit, or would only the “key holders”, bought for $25.

The entrepreneur received nearly three thousand reader responses and decided to act. In 1960, Hefner opened the first club in Chicago, inside of which you can enjoy drinks, music, and Playboy Bunnies, who became the sex symbol of the 60s. “Disneyland for adults”, as it was nicknamed in the press, became the busiest club in the world, Newsweek called him the first among the 40 must-see places in Chicago.

The main attraction were the clubs “Bunny girl”, which served as the waitresses and received in those years, about $200 a week. The rules of the club forbade to touch the girls.

Special attention was demanded by the uniforms of the waitresses, which was to reflect the logo of the magazine. Designer Ilze Taurins invented satin strapless bodice, a fluffy tail and Bunny ears. Hugh Hefner completed the image by adding in a costume, Bunny bow tie, shirt collar and cuff.

The original model for the costume was a girl with height 158 cm with parameters 94-58-81 is, in the opinion of management, was the perfect size for a Playboy Bunny. The uniform was the first ever to have received registration in Patent office USA. Similar clubs were soon established in Miami, New Orleans, new York.

After a few years members of the Playboy clubs, there were already about one million people. Hefner earned more than $60 million by selling about 2.5 million keys. In 1964, Playboy opened a casino in London, which became the most successful gambling establishment in Europe in the 70-ies and has brought about $26 million profit a year.

Arab sheikhs enjoyed lost girls Bunny. In the early 80s, Hefner was forced to sell the school after the scandal of granting loans to the players contrary to British law. The mid 60-ies was the heyday for publication, the journal has acquired a cult status, receiving the title of most influential mens magazines.

Models and Actresses wanted to appear on the cover of Playboy. The first cooperation is guaranteed not only the increase of the fee, but often the marriage, the second is the growing popularity of. On the cover of Playboy at different times lit up the actress Joan Collins, Sharon stone, Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger, drew Barrymore, models Cindy Crawford, Kate moss, Naomi Campbell, singer Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Mariah Carey.

A record number of times on magazine covers appeared Pamela Anderson — 14. Shortly before his first appearance in the magazine she was delivering beer at a football game in Vancouver, where she noticed agent Playboy.

Only about ten men were privileged to get on the cover of Playboy. Including actors Steve Martin and Leslie Nielsen as well as entrepreneur, and now an American President Donald trump. Hugh Hefner developed the publication in two ways. Leaving behind the magazine the right to entertain the revision started with the readers of “hide and seek” began to place the logo of Playboy on the cover so that its not immediately possible to find.

The editors received hundreds of letters asking to tell me where rabbit is hiding. Below the envelope was delivered, in the row for the address was enough to draw the Playboy logo. Soon it appeared in the magazine tips on finding the rabbit on the cover.

However, Hefner did not forget about the once-planned concept — Playboy was to reflect the lifestyle of a whole generation of men, who consisted not only of the sexual parts. On the pages of the journal were printed the stories of Vladimir Nabokov, and Pulitzer prize winner John Updike, Nobel prize winner Saul bellow.

A novel by ray Bradbury “451 degrees Fahrenheit” was published in three spring room 1954. Soon the businessman launched the magazine a serious interview. The first who agreed to answer the questions of the journalist Playboy, became a jazz legend miles Davis.

At that time, the musician had struggled with heroin addiction and has toured in Paris. Davis openly shared with readers his views on race, American culture and between the public in the US and Europe. Despite the seriousness of the lyrics, fans of Playboy is not diminished.

In the early 70s the magazines circulation reached seven million copies, a record for a glossy publication and brought it to the owner of $12 million. Readers are curiously waiting for the new interview. Among them was a conversation with the writer Vladimir Nabokov (1964) and human rights activist Martin Luther king (1965), directed by Stanley Kubrick (1968), musician John Lennon with wife Yoko Ono (1981), the founder of Apple Steve jobs (1985).

In 1971 Hugh Hefner Playboy led the company on the new York stock exchange. The following year appeared a German version of the magazine, and then Italian. For a businessman in addition to the journal was listed as 23 clubs, casinos, hotels.

For $5.5 million, Hefner has acquired a unique and Airbus, equipped with a cinema, dance floor, bars. However, the interest of the magazine and to the same clubs gradually began to fade. Visitors interested in dances and Dating, the waitresses in the style of a Playboy Bunny was not popular.

In 1980, gambling has brought the brand to the $363 million, then after a couple of years income has decreased by 45%. Against Playboy turned several campaigns, among the opponents of the publication made by the society for womens rights and fighters against AIDS.

A serious blow to the business caused the Commission to combat pornography, created by American President Ronald Reagan. Sale of erotic publications everywhere was banned, he was given special point, which was at times less than normal. The magazines circulation fell nearly four million.

Hefner was forced to sell the London casino, as well as the legendary Airbus. In addition, he fired the company President. However, the health of the businessman has not allowed him to take up this post at the helm stood his daughter Christie Hefner.

The young entrepreneur began to develop a division of Playboy Entertainment. The heiress made a bet on video and television, creating a channel Playboy TV. Due to the fact that home video Playboy was sold worldwide in the early 2000-ies of the income unit approached $100 million. Playboy managed to resist and in the Internet age.

While many mens publications have been closed, the magazine has reduced the number of copies, but left on the shelves. He continues to be manufactured worldwide, except some countries in which Playboy is officially banned. For example, in India, China or Singapore.

However, in 2016, Hugh Hefner was forced to sell the legendary mansion in Los Angeles, where in early 70-ies he moved from Chicago. Celebrated numerous house parties for many years belonged not to himself, and Playboy Enterprises. The amount of the transaction amounted to $100 million.

But the Playboy founder still lives in it. Under the terms of the agreement, Hefner could stay in the mansion until the end of life, paying the owner a rental fee in the amount of $1 million a year. Even in the case of a sale of the brand Playboy Hugh Hefner will remain a public representative of the company.

It negotiated a special point in any negotiations. Hefner over 64 years is the current editor-in-chief of the magazine — this record was in the Guinness Book of records.

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