The Money: How To Find A Bonus For Your Company

HR-Director of “SearchInform” Kirill Medvedev about where and why there are standard methods of bonuses. Russians love money. The fact normal, but lets add details.

As an incentive, employees of Russian companies are least interested in free training, career development or interesting projects. 77% choose award — according to the survey of international recruitment Agency Kelly Services. And it seems that it suits everyone — if you believe the Hay Group, in 2016, 83% of employers increased bonus payments to employees. Most often, cash bonuses I want to add enthusiasm and loyalty and as a result increase the profit of the company.

Everything is logical and understandable. So why not pay. Because sometimes extra payments go out the window and do not benefit, and even harm the business.

The usual scheme. The employer shall designate a permanent salary and gives the employee a plan. Performed, get an additional amount. The goal is to stimulate a person to achieve better results. But often instead, it performs a clear plan as much as you need to “pull” wages to the expected level.

Tasks outside of the rules, the specialist is not interesting. And this is only one of the possible scenarios, but the risk is greater: The result. The money is paid back, the company did not feel good, the potential remained unsolved and initiative, he is unlikely to show.

Because this scheme is not for everyone. However, in departments which do not expect labor feats, it is appropriate. We have the variable part of the salary is at a call center. Work here is regulated from beginning to end.

Who to call, what to say, how much time to spend on conversation. From the call center do not expect initiative and work as much as you. During business events, it becomes larger and company it is important that this work was done. Employees are ready to increase the load for a fee – and in the end both sides are satisfied. Heres an example where bonuses current activities is running.

The employee takes the initiative and work creatively, trying more than others and sometimes, personal time, benefits the company — and you say that you recall all through the year. If not to encourage for a really important achievements from a year person will encourage someone else, and you will lose a good specialist. Those who remain will begin to perceive thirteenth salary for granted. And motivation to do something “beyond the norm” from month to month too.

To reward needed and not once a year, professionals whose work has a creative component. They have a specific goal, but no one bothers to try new approaches to achieve the best results. This applies, for example, sales managers, HR professionals, employees of marketing and PR management positions. If the initiative of the employee allowed to achieve outstanding results and reward.

And better — in hot pursuit. So the specialist will know that his input is appreciated, and will become even more loyal. He will be motivated to seek the best solutions and continue. Suppose the initiative of the staff member was useful to the company single.

You encouraged his prize, and thus completed the cycle. But what if life specialist a good in the long term and it is introduced into the work. Inform the staff and promised money to anyone for the same achievements. But you set the bar, which also will be the restriction. People get used to an award for specific achievements, “contribute” them to the program maximum – crying your attempt at motivation.

Instead, for example, we use your approach. Once the award offer employees the prospect of income growth and professionalism in the bunch. Deepen knowledge, sharpen your skills, expand your opportunities, in General, grow — and we will increase the salary. The essence is the same – a specialist will get more.

But in the long run, such a system is useful for all. The company develops human resources, and the value of employees increases not only within the organization but also on the labour market. Employees clearly understand their future, including financial. According 2017 will be the last year, when we will be able to state the General growth in the number of real jobs.

2018 job offers for professionals with low skills will start to decline, the requirements will be higher and the selection is tougher. Because this approach works on the employees themselves. Encourage them to develop and enhance their value as professionals. It is impossible to carry the scheme bonus payment as the tracing is not something that from other companies, but even from Department to Department within the same organization.

In each case, to work its approach. Step 1. Take a specific OU and clearly define that aspect of his work, which directly affects the profits of the company. In our case, the task of programmers – to create high-quality code; testers – to find maximum number of errors that the team has corrected them; the call centre should be of interest and bring to the event as many people as possible.

This goal is a constant in your equation. Step 2. Within a specific business process, find the component which is impossible to systematize, technologically, to describe and to put on the conveyor. The component should directly affect the goal.

It is X. For example, the desire of the programmer not just to comply with the deadline and meet the requirements, but to Polish the code so that later it found less bugs. The excitement of the testers questioned the work of the whole team, to find bugs in the product under the most unusual circumstances. Fuse call centre to establish more trusting relationships with clients so that they not only came to the event but are open to dialogue.

Step 3. Set clear rules for the passage of a professionals will receive awards.This means that you need to pass their business process, to understand what difficulties may arise, what are the nuances to be observed by participants. Rules should be unambiguous and clear so employees understand what actions to take when and a bonus for it to count.

Analyze the business process. Formulate a hypothesis. What are the conditions that stimulate employees to further activity. Tell them the rules and start the test model bonus. Then analyze the result.

If the scheme doesnt work or works poorly, go back to the hypothesis and improve it. Try again. We have introduced, in each case, their system, considering the needs and motivation of employees in a specific Department, a specific office. The only way to be sure that the bonuses will not fly into the pipe and will give maximum effect.

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