The Most Popular Commercials In Russian YouTube In March

The editorial Board of the rubric “Marketing” in conjunction with YouTube publish YouTube Ads Leaderboard — a list of the most popular commercials posted on YouTube. The rankings are formed by using algorithm that takes into account a combination of paid and organic views.

Selection criteria: Work comment the creative Director of “Google Russia” Marco Cremona, as well as representatives of Russian advertising agencies.

In advertising Whiskas bard the artist sang about “koloseviciaus” — a special form of attachment to the cat, which is accompanied by an “uncontrolled bouts of tenderness” and expressed “readiness to constantly adapt to the interests of the pet”. We wanted to somehow indicate this phenomenon supersubtle owners — those who are willing to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of a favorite cat. So first coined the term “koloseviciaus”, he is succinct and ironic. That tonality was important to withstand and song.

Or rather, in it we sought to the irony. After all, what sings Simon is a view of GoToWebinar at ourselves. It is all built on insights, therefore, people recognize themselves in it. The video has received a significant number of organic views.

In my opinion, in this case, the invitation of celebrities is appropriate and justified. In fact, it is obvious that the client is not asked for Seeds Slepakova to adapt to the traditional format of the company. I think he was given full freedom to implement creative abilities. Showman didnt have to change your personal style for the brand, and due to her talent that loves the audience, it immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

As a result, we get a promotional video in which, with the exception of the background color, there is no direct mention of the brand until the second minute, which is really phenomenal. In addition, the video is positioned not as advertising, but as a song, so — no need for time limit. I really liked the simple integration of the cat in the video. Especially good artificial foot, which near the end starts to stroke Seeds.

The theme of a new movie producer of grain products — kindness and mutual assistance. The company spoke about a joint action with the Fund “Mercy”, in which the proceeds from the sale of vegetable products will be aimed at support of children from needy families. It is gratifying to know that the Russian company reached the milestone when corporate social responsibility becomes a part of the mission of the company. This speaks about growing our business.

Brand “Lyubyatovo” chose understandable for its target audience, form, language, and visual representation — out emotionally, straightforward and, I think, quite effectively. In the video, the company with the help of singer Enrique Iglesias introduced a new product — crisps in a tube, Lays Stax.

The plot Iglesias seduces a strange girl to try the new Lays. In the new commercial for the brand has told about how in the modern world, many things become applications — including mobile operators. Let the roller and boring, but Yota sure can learn from the production budget (and I hope that he does not particularly wasted), but easy to understand materials.

Immediately clear which brand is immediately clear that the app is supposed to replace your operator. Sweet that did the voiceovers in the style of Siri — its not very pleasant, but noteworthy. At issue is one — if it worked on someone their own message. Not that somebody is going to be interested in such statements and promises. But it is a question of the product itself.

The authors of the video are urged to use every opportunity to try life taste. The plot is a pair of lovers on the beach at night and finds the forgotten badminton set. However, the birdies suddenly turns into a glowing ball.

This movie about badminton. About a couple on the beach at night. About silk dresses and the waves. About the new active role of women in a relationship. Pro-life.

About sand castles. About a star from the sky. And about the sausage. There are so layered history, involving so much that they simply do not retell in a nutshell.

How is it connected and what for all this together exists — the question is, apparently, the Creator. That is, we are dealing with the philosophy of the higher spheres. And creativity on a universal scale, in fact. There are a couple of smaller issues, which are knocking somewhere in the subcortex. Was there a brief.

Was creative. Why did the sausage say to me about the badminton stars appealing to you. Who are these people whove seen the movie millions of times. Really free. If they were looking for the hidden meaning of the message and did.

If they went with this new knowledge in the meat Dept. at your nearest store. Is it possible to use this revolutionary approach to other areas, instant adhesives, for example. My experience is powerless before such a task. The only — this is hardly a movie about taste, sorry. Honestly, there is nothing to comment on.

Any words is superfluous. Thats just perhaps the logo at the end. I think, in connection with the release of the brand new Zen level of communication, required a rebranding. Looking forward to it.

Not to miss new opportunities encourages and manufacturer of crackers TUC. The plot of the movie biker refuses prejudice, and meets a goat who becomes his best friend and partner in Billiards and other adventures. The video played up the weird contrived insight — when youre hungry, you miss incredible opportunities, such as.. a fateful meeting with a goat. At this moment, forget about the TUC and want to give goat Snickers, because immediately I think, “hes not him when youre hungry”.

The movie could be nicer if not for the stupid jingle. Despite this, there are a couple of funny moments, for example, a tough casting. The biker in the video is very similar to his friend max. But such micrococci as game of Billiards hooves and a goats “high five” and make the video funny and cute.

Advertising in support of the new animated film “Zveroboy”. This is a very dynamic ad, which perfectly used the first five seconds. For a small period of time appear on the screen all known the happy meal box turned into cartoon characters, and funny characters from the new animated film “Zveroboy”.

Obviously, a good solution is the use of the song as the main idea of the movie. I also found it interesting gradual transition from one character to another, and annular plot, which ends the same, with which it began. In the video, the company announces the start of sales of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R.

In the story, pressing the engine start button, the driver is moved from familiar urban landscape into the wild. The campaigns slogan — “Someone is building sports cars. We released the beast”. The idea of this movie is simple, but very powerful. This car is a beast, so why not combine its outstanding speed at the legendary nürburgring race track and the wild forest where animals live.

The result is exciting is a car spectacularly speeding on terrible pavement, go around obstacles and demonstrates the incredible power, hitting even the Gecko. The involvement of the British racing driver of the Mercedes team of Lewis Hamilton in this context it seems absolutely natural. The parallel between the engine and the woman is classic, and the final movie is no exception.

Manufacturer of diapers demonstrated the benefits of its product and announced a contest for consumers. The movie overall shows good functional benefits functional diapers. Energetic, vital.

It is good that in the video there are fathers who actively play with children. Cool, that is my mother baking cakes, it is now a rare thing. A little overdone, of course, in the moment when the mother holds a diaper at the babys face — but none of us are perfect so like perfect baby diapers from advertising. A bit confused by the promo offer in the final — active childrens play can hardly be called a discovery — but I guess its to even more inspire mothers.

Overall, the movie is not bad, its goals, I think, will achieve. Know. If the child got some diapers, the mother will be loyal to the brand at all 250%. The company launched interactive spring event, offering users with a map service “invite” spring on the street.

For me, the story of a seasonal campaign Nescafe Gold is not formed, starting from the packaging. Not feeling that it was developed in a hurry. Web site and video on YouTube as a communication, rather, function as an emotional background, and the level of production leaves much to be desired. Spring visual not differ in the choice of streets, and the web site still perceived as advertising, so the actual customization and engagement not happening.

For comparison, the recent project for Earth 2050 “Kaspersky Lab”, where he created a fantasy world, to learn and study which is really interesting. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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