The Most Popular Commercials In Russian YouTube In November

The rankings are formed by using algorithm that takes into account a combination of paid and organic views. Selection criteria. Any copywriter wants “to insert the beach” in the ad, then to go to take it off.

Some guys managed to “insert beach” is about a secure Internet, and thats cool. The movie is filmed beautifully, but to expose the hacker as sophisticated, charismatic, handsome, almost Tony stark, who drives an expensive car is weird. The movie makes to impress him, and not worry about your money. I think if the hacker was in the image of a vile, unworthy bastard who spends my hard-earned money, giving lust and debauchery, I would be more offensive. After viewing more I want to become a hacker than to install “Yandex.Browser”.

This beautifully filmed ad, which takes us through six iconic events in the history of Russia, stressing the role of art in one picture. In the first five seconds, the authors draw the audiences attention and intrigue her, shifting in 1841. It instantly arouses curiosity among the audience. So the video occupies the second place in the number of organic views per month.

In addition to the story, I believe that the ability to quickly dive into the story, not lingering too long on each individual period, is the key to success. And of course, the popularity of video contributed to the pride and love for their homeland, laid the inhabitants of Russia at the genetic level. This beautiful video starts with music, of soap operas of the sixties. Everything is so bright and clean that even the mountain of dirty clothes similar to ice cream cones.

Add to this rabbit with blue eyes, dressed in an elegant jacket. And now, the images of “Alice in Wonderland” captivate the audience. Creatives always have to find ways of promoting products with no real distinguishing features. But in this case, we have a great new feature we forgot to put something from clothes before washing in the machine. Great job.

In the next series of project AguMoms TV presenter Olga Shelest and actress Galina Bob showed the audience, in what conditions are childrens meals at the dairy plant “Agushi”. Google demonstrated the capabilities of its voice assistant. Videobloger Nastya grets went to Yekaterinburg, to check who better knows the area — her grandmother, who lived in 50 years, or Google.

Aliexpress video shows how people every year “in all corners of the earth” waiting for November 11 — “world day of shopping AliExpress”. This is the company launched TV — Russia became the first country where the brand has used this channel.

The Google project “the Master and Margarita”, the company showed their version of “Bad apartment” from the book, in which actors, presenters and bloggers read a piece of writing. This is a very good illustration of the expression less is more. Full version history so “chewed” that its embarrassing after the absolutely brilliant “Giacomo Become”. The 30-second version though is a bit like Russian videos for Mars the beginning of 2000-ies, still leaves the viewer with a smile on your face and a desire to enjoy a Cup of Nespresso.

Of good. Its nice that the local office P&G have considered the Russian audience ready for unrestrained creativity on the verge of absurdity. Can assume that the creative concept was also good, Duke of Sogelub is normal. Kharlamov, of course, not Terry crews but is also quite harmonious for this creativity.

From the bad — everything else. The absence of the Director, weak script, bad casting of the secondary characters, bad style and bad environment keyer. Looks like a typical case when the Agency meekly went for a compromise instead of having an opinion. But such potentially bold projects and the management should be with eggs.

Yes, it was all about the video. Myself, I may say, the campaign is an awkward sentence, “send my options” — a typical example of creative and strategic impotence.

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