The Most Popular Commercials In Russian YouTube In September

The rankings are formed by using algorithm that takes into account a combination of paid and organic views. Selection criteria. Very happy, what a touching story from the “Moscow credit Bank” scored the highest number of organic hits this month. This proves two important points.

First, the personal stories, as before, are format greatest response from the audience. Secondly, the relevance of the story to the local audience plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of campaigns. This cleverly done story seems to take place in Moscow, and the viewer immediately feels an emotional connection with what is happening. Due to the fact that this video involves characters of different ages, it touches the hearts of different generations.

Finally, the idea the video would not be fully realized if it had to limit the 30-second format. Therefore, the decision to broadcast on YouTube was really correct. This platform helped to set the right tone and the right tempo that encourages the viewer to feel sympathy for two characters in the movie in the first place to the brand.

The second video in the number of organic views contains an element that is a guarantee of success. And its almost the only advantage of too long infomercial, where it is not shown more than almost anything, except a pet cat, with the pleasure of the friction on the armpit of his mistress. The plot is really very simple, it is a key visual image in many respects is not new, the use of colors of the brand throughout the whole video looks unnatural, and his beginning is not very original, of course, except a good idea of the appearance of the cat in the fifth second of the video. Also at the end of the video a few ambiguous looks the return of the cat trying to RUB on shaved armpit of a young man.

I can explain a lot of views of the video Lhomme Ultime only an artificial wrap, what including says no comment. In the video there is nothing outstanding. No new visual language, as in the Kenzo World, nor a killer soundtrack and actors of the first magnitude, as in Dior Homme Pattinson c.

I wonder one more thing. The video for this song, which starred John Malkovich, and less views. Maybe its the underboob. But no. I do not think that just one shot is enough for more than a million views.

This is the usual roller perfume. “A house in the village” showed “sympathy” cheese and sour cream on the home table, creating anthropomorphic packaging of their products. A pack of two are committed to each other, but they constantly interfere with some obstacles, but in the end they will reunite.

Festival of light show “Circle of light” has released a “trailer” of their events. The organizers of the show, the venue and early submissions. The use of stars in the movie is very competent. Olga Shelest is a mother of two wonderful girls, Galina Bob — mother not only in life but also in the TV series “Deffchonki”.

From the point of view of creativity its pretty predictable — mom-stars help ordinary moms to learn the important facts for the growth and development of the baby, turning to the experts. “Ascona” declaimed their multizone mattresses, showing that they help to sleep and feel fresh. The company advertised a new product Adrenaline Game Fuel, created for competitive players and their fans.

The video shows the playing team in the tournament branded clothing brand. Videos incredible car stunts, such as this one, very popular on YouTube. VW has added a little humor to this widely used approach and has achieved an excellent result.

I really liked the contrast between the amazing stunt with a burning car and a calm voice of a stuntman, which was used in the first five seconds of the video. Video holds attention with fun conversation and, of course, a set of threat and ignited the imagination of the stunts performed directly at the plant. The soundtrack perfectly complements the breathtaking scenes, seasoned with subtle jokes that give this commercial ease. Thus, this movie is remembered much better than an ordinary Thriller.

Brand of biscuits “Barney Bear” presented a new product that tastes like condensed milk. In the video, the boy walks in the garden with his father, disguised as a bear, and taste the sweetness.

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