The Most Popular Commercials In The European YouTube In 2016

As indicated by the ranking of the ten most popular videos in Europe in 2016 included a lot of long video — seven out of ten commercials longer than two minutes. The leader of the ranking — in this video, Nike — lasts almost six minutes. In the promotional video from Nike football player of Portuguese national team and Spanish club “real Madrid” changes bodies with his young fan. Both learn to live in their new bodies until it is faced on the football field as opponents.

A Christmas video from a network of stores John Lewis, engaged in the sale of household appliances, furniture, clothing and other goods, tells the audience about gifts for the holiday — and that they can appeal to not only the recipient, but everyone else. Animated Christmas movie British supermarket chain Sainsbury — about how important it is to devote time to the family.

German supermarket chain Edeka, in his Christmas movie played on the idea that in the new year busy adults often forget about their children and put the preparations above their desires. In creating this promotional video for Coca-Cola attended the Australian singer Conrad Sewell and Swedish DJ Tim Bergling (Avicii). Ice cream maker Cornetto shot a promo which shows the love story between a girl and a young man, born in the summer.

The supermarket chain Netto, in his promotional video, imagine how could look like for cats. Pets gain products in the truck, frightened at the sight of cucumbers scattered, climb up to a shelf with bottles of lemonade and wonder the shelves filled with canned goods. Polish ecommerce-service Allegro showed the story of an elderly resident, who has acquired the English language, to come to London and see his little granddaughter. Retailer Marks & Spencer took Christmas is about the life of Mrs Claus the wife of Santa Claus.

In the absence of her husband, she arrives by helicopter to the homes of children who tell her about themselves and their relatives, and gives them Christmas gifts. Became very popular in Facebook movie about people who found out about his origins through DNA test.

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