The Most Promising Startups 2017 Forecast Betalist

At the beginning of this year we would like to look ahead and share a list of startups that have high hopes. In previous years we have predicted several success stories, such as the Front (raised over $13 million and growing rapidly), Human (recently acquired by MapBox) and Pinterest (valuation reached $11 billion). A service that helps to create notes and texts. Apple included it in the list of the best apps of last year. This year, the creators plan to launch the web version.

Clearbit Connect extends the capabilities of Gmail, helping the user to learn more about the recipients. The service was used by 100 thousand people a day. It also supports Google Inbox and integrated with Twitter. In the new year, the creators plan to add support for other email services.

Replika is a “smart” bot, which can communicate with the user and train it during interviews. This year the creators (Russian startup Luka) plan to run the application in open access.

The creators describe Lemon as a “fitness tracker, but for loans” is the analog of a credit card that allows you to analyze expenses and financial condition. App Milanote helps to make notes for creative work. The creators plan to open the service to all in the early years, to later turn it into “a platform for creative collaboration”. Among the early users they mention the employees of such companies as Apple, Philips, Adobe.

Clerkie — personal financial assistant that helps you make decisions and manage the budget. Stream enables developers to create scalable tape user activity. Now, according to representatives of startups, products on the basis of their technology is used by over 50 million people.

The team operates a total of 11 people. In 2017 the service developers are planning to present a personalized ribbon. Gasket helps to work with tabular data in Google Sheets, by importing information from different sources.

Fman — “a modern file Manager for advanced users”, which runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. In the first quarter of 2017, the developers will make your service public and add support for FTP. Supertoday helps to track the users actions depending on the context, that he was able to perform, what and how to spend their time and to form new habits.

Mila is a “smart” bot that sorts of people that met the user on the list, and then allows you to work with them with the help of marketing tools. In 2017, the developers plan to add support for Gmail. Kylie — a service that helps in the sales process by using natural language and machine learning technologies. Now the tool works in testing mode and allows you to create draft emails.

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