The Most Promising Startups Feb Version Directory Project Betalist

Team online catalog Betalist startups published a blog on Medium at a selection of projects that were most popular among the site visitors in February 2017. Edition publishes abridged with permission of the authors. Analytical service that helps to collect and process information about users.

The tool gets data from microprobe that the client places on its website. A collection of cards illustrating the basic elements of design and design processes. Minimalistic web browser, the creators decided to get rid of the tabs.

Service to create and edit command documentation. “Smart” personal assistant, calendar, todo list and alarm clock in one app.

A service that helps quickly turn a set of data from a table in a separate web page. Social game that helps users to understand how the investment market and how they can profitably invest their money in stocks. Tool management team, focused on distributed projects.

A tool that helps owners of b2b-projects to find customers for their business in their field of work and geographical location. The platform that unites journalists and startups. Reporters can suggest topics about which they would like to write, and startups — their stories.

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