The Most Promising Startups In The March Version Of The Catalogue Of Projects Betalist

The collection service for fast application management tool for joint work on SQL systems and analytic applications. The service simplifies the licensing API that will allow developers to easily create a license agreement for applications and activation keys for the product.

Analytical service with which to manage your application. It allows the user to work with database tables, create charts or to obtain other information. Mateverse platform simplifies and accelerates the creation of systems of machine learning without writing code.

A single server provides the client with access to work. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and AWS Redshift runs on macOS, Linux and Windows. Software for SEO, which you can use to search by keywords, collect data, and even change the website content using a simple interface.

Tool management team, which can be used together to formulate questions and make faster decisions through data visualization. Platform for those who are not used to plan trips in advance. A housing, can be populated at any time, without the need to issue leases or other documents.

The app analyzes your purchases by credit card and informs the customer about discounts, bonuses and offers of the companies-partners of the Bank. With this program you can automatically make a refund. The tool processes data in real time and based on them creates videos.

A service that helps to create email signatures of all employees of the company, distribute them to the departments and to monitor the effectiveness of business correspondence.

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