The New Era Of Branding: How Starbucks And Other Brands Use Logos, Receipts, And Space For Rapprochement With Consumers

Design is at the peak of popularity. Technological, financial and consulting companies arrange a hunt for design Agency. Of the top 25 startups in every third co-founder is a designer. According to The Institute Design Management Institute, over the past 10 years, the company who design the most attention, exceeded the stock index S&P 219%. Brands have finally realized that good design is not a fad, but a business imperative.

This is an opportunity of self-expression, mental attitude to solve complex problems and the means to create human relationships with clients. Defining this activity as a source of new ways of interaction with the environment, design thinking places a more significant role and puts in front of her more ambitious goals. However, among all of the advantages of this approach are no less important is the process of implementation of the design, i.e. the transformation of business strategies in lovely, simple and thoughtful layout.

It is the process by which the company over the years has not ceased to keep pace with the times, saves energy and develops successfully. Taking into account these factors I have identified five key principles that helped us to bring a new era of corporate identity design. Design can get a higher level only when they are hiding a deeper meaning. It is necessary to look inside the corporate culture of the company, evaluate its legacy, opportunities and hidden assets.

It is important to look outward, to try to understand their customers, identify the context of the competitive environment and try to anticipate future developments. When Southwest Airlines needed to upgrade your style, the designers decided to look for inspiration in its history and internal culture. So the idea is to find a character that would emphasize the attitude of the company to those who always made her unique, to people.

Considering that the most important thing in man is the heart, this is the way the designers decided to place on key parts of the aircraft — at the bottom of the fuselage and on the inner side of the front door. The unobtrusive symbol reminds the crew of the ship and its passengers. “Youre in good hands”. Taken together, these elements help to visually Express the idea of company — Southwest Airlaines created by people and for people.

Today, the stream of identity involves not only what is done by the brand, but also what is being said. Among the many modern and innovative and promising companies such experience stimulates the growth and development of. When the company Hyatt, which manages a network of hotels of the highest class, acquired AmeriSuites Hotels, then decided to completely change not only the brand, but also Association that causes clients the word “trip”.

New name — HyattPlace — was chosen due to the visual system, the Central element of which was the concept of “More than a house”. That is the place where customers can work productively and rest comfortably. The idea has been realized taking into account the smallest nuances and the consumer experience.

Rooms are designed so that the client felt that is both at home and in the office at the same time. In the common rooms guests are greeted by a brand of music that changes depending on the time of day. Even aromatic compounds were selected in such a way that guests were surrounded by the unique smell, which they wont hear anywhere else in the hotel. HyattPlaces carries a much greater idea, appealing to the emotions. Creating a unique experience, the brand helps weary travelers feel at home (or even better).

Brands must be able to maintain a dialogue with modern customers, which are almost always in the network. As a result, the characters become more recognizable, the style of speech is more conversational and actions — more playful. The current system design are taking into account not only the fact that we can show to customers, but also what sensations we can cause them in every time.

With the media branding of Samsungs Milk radioservis the designers had a goal to devise a revolutionary and an individual offer, which could change the perception of Samsung. This strategy touched every aspect of the application, ranging from algorithms and UX and ending corporate style, logo and name. When the user rotates the switch, the background and colors of the design change, emphasizing the responsiveness of the service, as if it adapts to the tastes and mood of the owner.

This not only confirms the promise of the brand (to help users to expand their music collection by recommending similar tracks) but also makes it stand out among other competitors in a crowded market. A real emotional connection between the brand and customers is created as a result of the many interactions that happen every day. Such moments, starting from the warm telephone conversation with a representative of the company outside of the script and ending with any kind of unexpected attention, imperceptibly determine our attitude to the brand. However, companies around the world still have not adopted this technique.

Recall, for example, the moment when the customer pays and receives a receipt. The company is constantly keeping an eye on him. Here is an illustrative example of energy company British Gas, which turned the situation on its head by changing the value of the moment. Instead of demanding money, the company gives customers tips on how to save.

Information on the receipt clearly divided in color sections, developed on the basis of the basic issues of interest to buyers at the time of payment. Plus, the designers chose a more soft and understandable language. Making the interaction more human, the company British Gas was able to reduce the number of calls in a call center (that helped her save more than a million dollars a year) and to relieve tension, arising from the customers at the time of payment.

Not to be lost in this world, which every year becomes more and more difficult, we strive for simplicity. However, simplification should not be mediocre, banal and monotonous. Simplicity is the first step on the way to surprise and pleasure.

A vivid example of the compelling simplicity of the brand is Starbucks. Increasing the logo and removing the words “Starbucks Coffee”, the company has made their trademark Siren seductive as ever. She always was the Muse who promised to every visitor not just a Cup of coffee, but an extraordinary experience. She became the guardian of the integrity of the brand. Her image has consistently appeared in the companys application, and on the map “Starbucks”.

With a simplified image of Sirens clients received more vivid and sensual experience of communication with the company. While the traditional purpose of corporate identity remained the need for consistent presentation of the brand, the role itself has changed design. Design for business is the same than the evolution of nature — a means for development and survival.

The design is not visual strategy. He turned into the Arsenal of tools to maintain and continuing dialogue with customers that is the main factor to create emotional connections in the increasingly complex world.

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