The New Headquarters Of Facebook In Menlo Park, In A Report By Ilya Varlamov

The area of the new headquarters is 40 thousand square meters. The building houses 2,800 employees, and its roof is a Park of 400 trees. Ilya Varlamov noted that in the office there are many restaurants and cafes, rooms for rest and sleep, slot machines, Playground, dentist, dry cleaning. Employees get free drinks, the chance to bring ten friends and a walk in the Park on the roof.

First, Varlamov has been in old buildings. According to the blogger, the employees get free bikes to move around the headquarters.

The office is just Packed with a variety of inviting public spaces where you can work alone, chat with friends or just take a NAP after lunch. Free Burger. It is a normal situation when some Indian brings to dinner his extended family. Here with this there is no problem.

Varlamov says that in the office you can move freely, but not allowed to photograph the screens of employees. Employees are issued smart phones and laptops, everyone has the opportunity to choose the technique for yourself — “I Want five monitors. No problem”.

On each floor there are machines with necessary items — wires, keyboards, batteries. There are also special points where the support staff can help with technical problems or to provide equipment. Varlamov mentioned that in one of these items he was given a new memory card for GoPro camera.

Nearly every accessory in the apparatus of the written price, so they know how much it costs. But for the employee its all free too. The blogger writes that on each floor there are rooms with alcohol, employees often drink on the job and make parties.

Employees can take a carpentry workshop and a music room. The new building and Park on the roof. The descent on the working floor.

The layout of the new building as a whole. Jobs from afar.

The negotiation, which usually sits mark Zuckerberg”. During a visit Varlamov founder of the social network was in Africa. Dining room, which on Fridays is Zuckerberg and answering questions employees.

Report as a whole.

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