The new Pepsi campaign for 10 countries have developed Russian Agency BBDO Moscow

. The concept presented in the format of a key idea. “Things do not change us, affect the choice and the world around, and the moments when we make decisions and act according to them”. This idea is expressed by the new slogan “Life is a moment. Live it” (“life is a moment.

Catch her”). For transmitting the manifest to the audience the Agency has developed a video “Manifesto” series of documentaries about real heroes who participated in the project. While working on the campaign is the Agency sensitive to the needs of customers from different countries.

The videos have been translated into 10 languages and posted on the local YouTube channels, Pepsi. Also versions of videomontazha came out on TV and social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte. According to the Agency, this is the first Pepsi campaign, which is based on the new communication platform “Pepsi Moments”, identifying all brand communications in the region in 2016.

The video shows different moments from the everyday lives of the characters — skaters, parkour, graffiti artists, break dancers, motorcyclists and regular people. The video was shot in Moscow and the Moscow region on 16mm film without a storyboard over a period of nine days. Music track “Dawn” for 60-second commercials and versions for social networks written by Russian DJ Pavel Milyukov, and the soundtrack for a 30-second TV version was the song Right Here Right Now Fatboy Slim musician. The whole point of restarting the Pepsi brand in a new creative platform expressed in the packshot.

This dramatic realism. We show the interaction with the product, but not concentrating on it, and make it part of the time. Hand gripping a jar of Pepsi, and this gesture symbolizes the emotional commitment towards your passion. A new creative format reminds us that “life is changed not things, but moments”.

Sharing this belief, we identify why the brand comes in the life of the consumer. Our tagline and creative format, “life is a moment. Catch her. Play it. Try.

Love her” is a designer brand messaging, which should correspond and be relevant to consumers in more than twenty markets within the region. These messages will apply in many different contexts, thus creating an interactive communication platform. We are delighted that PepsiCo has supported our effort to create engaging content, and move away from standard advertising.

PepsiCo (client). BBDO Moscow (agencies). Digital Agency — Deloitte Digital.


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