The New York Times Published An Article One Word About The Ethics Of A Group Of Postal Correspondence

Title The New York Times. “When I by mistake added in an e-mail chain, do I click “Reply all” and ask them to remove me from the correspondence?”. The text of the article consists of one word. “No.”. Best story in todays NYTimes

Under the blank for the text of the article stated. “Internal mail system” the New York Times has promoted the creation of this material”. On the word “No” is a reference to a PDF document with explanations of the author Daniel Victor. The journalist writes that the day before he received the group letter that was not meant for him. Usually in these situations someone from the recipient clicks on “reply to all” and asks to remove it from the correspondence.

Then write the other, send each other dozens of unnecessary notifications, says the author. Victor advises to use the Mute function in Gmail, not to receive more notifications from the correspondence. Or not doing nothing the situation will resolve itself, the journalist writes. In the 2013 edition of the TJ column published Yegor Danilov about the life of startups. The material consisted of a single phrase, “Every day you just want to lie down and die”.

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