“The People Who Are Interested In You Will Not Be Asked To Invest In Their Business In Five Minutes Dating”

“Networking is a funny concept. And very toxic. The idea is to simultaneously communicate with an entire group of people hoping to get someones contacts to then ask them. I hate networking, and Yes, I am ready to accept the fact that one of the reasons is that I have it nothing is impossible”, — writes Westenberg. “When you walk into a room where some sort of event, everything in it look at you like a pack of hungry wolves.

They are suitable with false enthusiasm shake your hand, and as soon as they will realize that you no longer useful to them, then go find a new victim. But if they need something, they will do anything to get it,” he continues. According to the author of the material, the worst itself at such events are entrepreneurs who are about to start your project. “They approach me at events in the coworking and exhibition spaces, but once they learn that I dont work for Google or Atlassian, or Blackbird, or someone else, then immediately stop the conversation and go look for someone else.”.

It would be funny, but really it just shows how they will treat all with whom they have to deal with during the development of their business. Westenberg believes that such conduct is unacceptable. “I feel terrible every time something like this happens. But the worst thing is that this is true not only for networking. I pass through it every time you check your email.

Most of the letters in it — just an attempt to get something for free, served with sauce of friendship.”. I love your work. Thank you for writing about it.
— Glad to hear it, it is very important to me.
— Give me money. Invest in my startup. Give me free advice.

Make sure that material about us published in Business Insider. The owner made it a rule to meet only those people who are interested in what hes doing. “The planet is quite small. You can even calculate how many people live on it. But I dont want to waste a second on those of them who see me as a money bag, or the ability to move”.

According to Westenberg, to distinguish people who are really interested in what is their companion, just. “Only those who care will speak to you. People who dont want something that will not even try to hear you. They only care about what they might be useful”. These people call your name, say the name of your project.

The conversation flows quickly, because the only thing they need is to establish whether to spend time on you, to determine the value of Dating and move on to the next source. People who are interested in their interviewee and what he does, writes entrepreneur, will be able to hold the conversation for a few hours. “You can go from the discussion of the work to the economy, creativity Miley Cyrus and ways to cook eggs”. Such people, says, Westenberg, happy to help in difficult times. “You interested in them as people, not as someone who will give them the opportunity to promote your business.

They will invite you to drink because they want to, not because you have changed your LinkedIn status”. “I know a guy — the owner of a small video game store. We live in several different worlds, but for a long time know each other. Every time he contacts me, he asks me if I want to watch a movie, drink or snack. And I always agree.

When I recently bought the game through the Internet and found out that the disk is damaged, he replaced it with minimal markup. Hes just a really good guy,” says the entrepreneur. In this case, for all the years of Dating this the shop owner never asked Westenberg to write about it in a blog or some other way to help his business. “Hes doing something for me and asks nothing in return. Such people are always stretched to you my hand,” he continues.

“Those involved in networking, you always need something big. Five minutes after the beginning of the conversation they are already asking you to invest in their business, to establish with them the company or read a book they wrote, and to Express their opinion,” explains Westerberg. I would hesitate to ask even those people who have and know. It is unrealistic requests, and they talk about the disregard. They want to answer and leave as quickly as possible.

Friends who are interested in the man himself, continues the entrepreneur, asking only that you can actually implement. They know the interlocutor and ask him about that organically fit into its activities. For example, to read a blog post or give advice on marketing. “Do it respectfully, openly and honestly.”. “I know beautiful networkers.

They come in and leave with five new friends and the crowd promises. I respect them for their trust in other people and ability to communicate, but have no respect for how they treat others. I want to meet people who care. Im not interested to collect the email address Im interested in cool people to share experiences and knowledge,” concludes the entrepreneur.

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