“The players understand when they want to get every penny”

You may find that what will be presented in this article is trite, but its only because actually the way it is. And yet some things are better to repeat, and most importantly — even trivial things are not all yet known. To articulate all these thoughts and turn them into text, I pushed comment by Leonid Sirotina to a posting on Facebook. The implication was that the open leaderboards — evil. This will be discussed further.

And we lived very simply and well. In the Golden days when free-ro-play was young and strong, and market almost did not exist, the businesss companies were built on “pillars”. Whale-the economy was simple and beautiful — was created almost endless monetization curve involving the pumping of accidentally caught in nets game people with large cash reserves maximum amount of this cash. Gameplay sharpen it under this.

The game could invest endlessly (and here by “may” means “must”), the most terrible dream of the developer was the person who in the game are all bought, and he is bored. And the ratings are actually very organically fit into this idea. They served exactly the stimulus in an endless race purses. If you think its been so long that I could remember only grizzled veterans — it is not so.

Dont remember the exact numbers, but Zynga in its best years, too focused in the development of the whales, which were served by separate VIP-support. And it says Yes, because Zynga is famous social games, and far from hardcore. The point is that these players are capable of providing completely insane income project, managed to get enough of them. Only trouble is — the appearance of such a player cannot be predicted absolutely, hes one in a thousand, and pass through the funnel it is a little easier than others.

So, essentially, it is a phenomenon out of the market. And thats exactly the market once it happened, changing the whole free-to-play. The more the penetration of the Internet, the more I become gaming devices (and I personally believe that smartphones in their current form — this is primarily a gaming device), the less the concentration of whales, but players who are not willing (or unable) to pay for games at all — more.

And then there was a turning point. So the game continued to be profitable, they had to do business. Just as before this it became clear that to make some trash and can only make a million thanks to the incredible coincidence (which gave rise to the culture of development), now it turned out that it makes no sense to wait for the whale to the sea, and you have to buy traffic, to optimize costs, to consider all sorts of ROI and other scary numbers. This had an impact on marketing, but actually applies to the games themselves.

Anyway, enough lyrics. What is changing in the games due to change the entire paradigm?. Leaderboard — this is such a red rag. It is assumed that it adds competition, and all players in unison, eager to throw off the pedestal the asshole who managed to climb on it.

In General this is true, but for the mass market does not work perfectly, because in this competition been meaning to do for her strong focus, and the mass player can sometimes be a disorder — he understands that the rating is the goal of the game, and at the top does not get there. He does not have neither the time nor the resources. Paywall is still our all, although there is a tendency to remove him in favor of retention (hold) and earnings through advertising, which is now really on the rise. Most importantly — you can forget about trying to pull out of the player every penny. Among other things, they learned to feel.

It is also a consequence of market development. The likelihood that your game will be first person, becomes vanishingly small. And so he has some experience and he has nothing to compare. Need to behave more carefully from all points of view. In the application settings in the “Classmates” must mention this phone support.

Honestly, I never thought that someone uses it, however, once at 11 PM, I (Yes, my phone was listed there) called middle-aged, judging by the voice, the woman and began to complain that can not pass level 87 in the game. That was quite unexpected, but the fact that she, apparently, and in a head could not come that you can pay and pass the level. We could her it is more transparent to hint in the game, but, in General, such an idea would be absurd. However, in the game shes playing, and thus can generate income one way or another.

And if we had included such players in the category of “extras”, that is, those who created the backdrop for paying players, now we need to think about it. By the way, according to statistics, in that game 50% of the players were women older than 40 years. And this is also dictated by the market. Once we could afford to take care of all sorts of tutorials on the why, the player still has nowhere to go, will understand.

Then we would have already pushed through the funnel, carry it by the handle on the game. In the end, it acquired absolutely monstrous shape. To be honest, I myself succumbed to this trend — in games to think frankly laziness. The player is cheating on you. Do not even hesitate.

All of them play several games in parallel, which means you need to ensure that even after a weeks break and two dozen games of competitors the player is able to return to you and continue the game. Not to discover that everything he destroyed, or Vice versa — to see the chaos of objects and items to which he does not remember what to do. To have to constantly tell. And all the fine arrows and tooltips will not disappear.

The main call — we must realize that we live in the market. Very rigid, fast-paced and rapidly overheating. For us, each new platform is a new market. For example, in 2016 leave a lot of VR devices, and they likely will become a new market.

And there where still some sports immaculate indie developers, will come a huge company, armed with experience and money, and the market too quickly will subject to the General laws and become superheated. The game is a part of pop culture, and pop culture, again, primarily lives according to the laws of the market. And that is why the market is necessary to follow and to understand where it goes. In most cases, to go against the tide of suicide.

Remember — the one who went against the tide and won, most likely, not a genius, and lucky, who himself did not understand how it had happened.

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