The representatives of CCC and “Hairy cheese” spoke about the idea of advertising the show with “How I became Russian”

In the community there is a picture on various aspects of life in Russia. The attitude of the accountants, the sadness, the monument to Peter I in Moscow, the contest “Eurovision” and other. After the first group of authors published a trailer of the series with the note “based On my public channel STS has produced the series”, a large number of users stated in the comments, unsubscribe from the group.

The series, which will premiere on the second of November, talks about the employee of the American Newspapers who went on a business trip in Russia and leading from there a blog about my life in another country. According to the Director of transmedia projects Department “CTC Media” Alexey Pivovarov, this project is one of many experiments with non-standard channel promotion and only a small part of the advertising campaign.

Amongst other activities, media campaign on TV, online, press and radio, as well as posters on billboards and public transport. Representatives of STS claim that the results are very high. The scope of the community exceeded two million users, and reviews “even after deanonimizatsii project was much better than expected”.

Edition talked about the project with the co-founder of the Agency “Fuzzy cheese” Igor Petrushova and head of SMM-Department STS by Anastasia Bachevo. Why, of all sites you chose “Vkontakte”. The petrushov.

Its simple — there is more than just representatives of the target audience of the channel and the opportunity to effectively promote the community. The audience of “Vkontakte” loves a funny concept group, we just about it, and the comic series perfectly fit this format. How much time did you reached such a large audience. How did you promote the group.

First 35 thousand people, weve gained exactly 30 days. All the promotion was done solely through the “repost” in the relevant community (from “Slightly stoned version” to the “Russian village”). We did not use any calls to action — like that the reader saw the community as an interesting non-commercial project. We did it.

There was some key point that ensured the growth of a large number of users. The petrushov. This point was not.

Were probably more successful publication, from which users can better concentrate in subscribers. The publication about the lack of smiles on the faces of the Russians, for example. Everyone loves this theme. What is the audience of the content group.

What is the main idea. Batsueva. We wanted to make as many people as possible from social networks found out about the show, but in this case important was not so much the scope as the format. We tried through natural social networks of genres to convey the idea of the series.

“How I became Russian” about it. Unique Russian reality that is difficult to perceive without humor. The content in the group, like the series, intended for very wide audience. This book describes clear and simple things that can catch all.

For example, relationships with saleswomen in supermarkets. A very important topic, we think. How many people worked to create publications.

The petrushov. Content make four people. Some writing, others prepare the illustrations. In the work on good content is always important to involve multiple writers, so they can complement each others ideas.

On what sides of life you were focused in the first place. Its still largely cliché and real life. Batsueva. We had not trevelina task.

To make a mix from the finished script of the series pilot series and real-life stories that can become memes. First the guys looked content to be in tune with the and useful ideas, and then began to develop them. The petrushov. Of course, we used real stories.

We asked foreigners who you and reminisce all that surprised them in Russia. Plus, we dug deep in myself and tried to understand that we ourselves are surprised. And subscribers we planted some interesting ideas. There you can find cliches.

But clichés never occurs out of the blue. Under them there is always real history. What kind of feedback have you noted the audience from the band and how did she take the information that this is a marketing project.

Batsueva. When we conceived this project, we assumed that at the time of disclosure will be disappointed. But the audience reaction was much more positive. I think its a good result and work on the content within the content group, and content quality. “How I became Russian” is a new project from the creators of CTC hit series “Kitchen” — and he has all chances to become the next big thing.

The petrushov. Reaction after the first Deanna was predictable. Some were offended and unsubscribed, the second started to admire the marketing technique of CTC. Liked the people who first cursed the admins and announced the departure of the public, and then immediately admitted that the series still look.


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