The Results Of The Year: 16 Of The Most Popular Projects In The Category “Ideas For Business” For 2016

A small cube, on different sides of which are fake switch, multiple buttons, arcade stick (same as on the gamepad), a small notch, wheels, as on the combination locks, and a small circle — it can twist in different directions. Helps to occupy your hands when you need to focus. The project has raised about $6.5 million through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Service for image sharing, which is different from its competitors in that post photos of it, only paying for a subscription. The subscription price for a month is $1000. For the money the user gets the right to post pictures on the platform, and it can be viewed by any user of the project.

“Being rich is boring, if no one sees your wealth” — is the slogan of service. The service is designed for young people who would like “to feel the mothers care”, but not to go home with her real mother. “Leased” mom can hang out the washing, help with paperwork, bake a cake, discuss business over a Cup of tea and so on.

“At the same time rented mom is not to compare your child with other children, to judge his lifestyle, wardrobe, and diet or 45 minutes to discuss the neighbors dog” — say the creators of the service. The service is intended for those who would like to obtain from abroad, something that cannot be bought in his country, but did not want to pay the store for delivery.

The app will also come in handy if you need to get something unique that cannot be purchased online. The project team sets in the courtyards of houses converted into housing transport containers, which are then the owners can rent on Airbnb. According to the creators, the startup aims to solve the problem of a housing shortage in Silicon valley.

Inflatable sofa, which, according to the creators, the buyer will be able to take the. Folded “Bevan” is placed in your backpack or bag.

With the app, men can find a woman that agrees to go on a date with him — for a certain amount. In order to respond to the suggestion of the girls is 21 minutes. The service is available for adults only, but the developers claim that the project has nothing to do with escort services.

NoPhone — a piece of black plastic in the shape of the smartphone that the owner can carry in your pocket, keep on the table and so on. According to the creators, the device cost of $10 helps to get rid of smartphone addiction. System Do Not Snap consists of a special icon and the software recognizes this icon and the face of the owner in the pictures.

If built on the site hosting the picture Do Not Snap automatically blurs the face of the owner of icon pictures. The creators of the project are engaged in “transformation” cheap wines in the more expensive. The researchers replicate the molecular composition of expensive wines, getting copies of them with more affordable drinks.

A synthesized bottle of wine so you can buy many times cheaper than the original. The app, which you can use to chat in popular instant messengers. Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Grape and other.

Urban backpack designed for maximum protection from thieves. Backpack sewn from cut-resistant fabric, and zipper is hidden so that finding them could be the only one who knows where they are located.

Russian service, with which urban dwellers can find a place to take a shower. The program connects owners of fitness clubs, hotels, hostels, and so on. According to information on the projects website, he is now in the stage of closed testing. Page on Facebook have not been updated since August 2016.

App from Russian developers that alerts the car owner that his car is approaching a tow truck. On hearing this, the motorist may perepuskajutsja or to move to another area. By December 2016 the service started in eight Russian cities.

Earpiece that translates human speech in real time. The device works in conjunction with a smartphone app and is sold pairs two pieces — for example, to the travelers, the owners of the earphone didnt have to look on the streets of an unfamiliar city, someone who will be same device.

Tower vozdukhoochistka, which absorbs contaminants from the air and compresses them into small cubes, which are then used to create jewelry — rings, cufflinks, and so forth.

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