The Results Of The Year: 8 Of The Biggest Scandals 2016 Version

2016 was unsuccessful for Yahoo. At the beginning of the year as part of the new development strategy, the management decided to lay off 15% of staff and closing five international offices. As a result, in comparison with 2012 the number of employees of Yahoo decreased by 42%.

The head of Yahoo Marissa Mayer has been forced to take this step due to the increased losses of the company. In 2014, the company showed a profit of $7.5 billion, in 2015 the losses amounted to $4.4 billion. One of the possible ways out of the crisis could be the sale of the company. On 25 July 2016 by the U.S. Telecom operator Verizon announced the purchase of the core business to Yahoo for $4,83 billion.

In case of approval of transactions by regulators and shareholders, Verizon planned to establish a joint company on the basis of Yahoo and AOL with more than billion users. However, the deal may fall for other reasons. 22 Sep Yahoo confirmed theft of personal data of 500 million users, which occurred at the end of 2014. According to the company, attackers captured user names, email addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords.

In October 2016, Reuters news Agency, citing its own sources inside Yahoo said that the company cooperated with the American intelligence services, transmitting personal user data to the FBI and the NSA with the help of special applications that scan outgoing and incoming emails with special keywords. The company representatives assured that such an application in the system of the company was built. 15 December 2016 Yahoo released data about another cyber attack, which in 2013 was the stolen data to a billion users.

According to sources Bloomberg, in response, Verizon wants to either reduce the cost of buying the company, or at all to refuse to deal. 20 September, Facebook started sparring the visitors of the restaurant of Georgian cuisine Saperavi Cafe Christine Hollo and its owner Khatuna kolbaya. The reason for the dispute was the refusal of the waiters of an institution to charge the phone lobby.

The debate attracted the attention of many Facebook users who criticized Kolbaias rudeness and unwillingness to meet customers. In response, the owner stated that the waiver of charging mobile devices is the fundamental position of the institution. But what she caused, acting Chairman was not explained. In response to the request of the publisher she noted that was forced to introduce such a rule in 2015 due to complaints from visitors who accused members of the staff in the deterioration of the smartphones and tablets that failed because of bad chargers.

In addition, Kolbaia prohibits visitors to use their own charger, because it could have caused a short circuit and fire outlet. According to the businessman, this rule is already a year all regular customers know about it. 19 October, Russian entrepreneur and writer Sergey Minayev said on his page on Facebook about the conflict with the administration of the Moscow hotel Golden Apple.

The staff of the institution refused to settle Minaeva without a passport and agreed not to certify his identity for passport photos in the smartphone. As a result, he was forced to look for another hotel. Minaeva angered integrity of the administration that acted within the law and do have the right to refuse to the businessman. In response Minaev sent to suppliers and partners of his restaurant “Bread and wine” letters of recommendation not to use the services of a hotel with the travel arrangements for employees and members of the writer began to go to the page in Facebook and set it low ratings.

As a result, the Golden Apple fell from five to two stars. However, Minaev waged a “war of ratings” hit and restaurant writer. In the evening of 19 October, the rating of the pages also began to descend, staying at around 2.5 stars. Users began to leave sarcastic comments about the fact that the school Minaev “you cant pay new photographed the money,” and the restaurant does not sell wine without a passport.

SMM-Department brand Aviasales news quickly picks up the reins and generates additional traffic due to the virality of the content. Often the brand creates things “on the verge”, as it was with the special website, stylized blocked in Russia Pornhub, where each direction for the flight was called in the style of porn.

However, sometimes Aviasales goes too far. May 17, 2016, it became known that the airport of Anapa unknown in Cossack uniforms attacked Alexei Navalny and employees of the Fund of struggle against corruption, in which one person needed medical assistance. In response to Fliers posted on their pages in social networks note advertising the tickets to Anapa.

The publication caused a resonance and outraged Facebook users, who called to boycott the company and refuse its services. Among them was a leading TV channel “Rain” Lev Parkhomenko, journalist Alexander Amzin and chief editor of the publication Mikhail Zelensky. More large-scale conflict broke out in September 2016 between the Fliers and publishing house Look At Media. The company posted on his Facebook account a publication about the imminent divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, who did not like chief editor of newspaper Wonderzine Olga Stachowski (part Look At Media).

It condemned the note, stating that employees Aviasales long “work on the principle of “sexism, racism, homophobia. Your sales will skyrocket””. In addition, she has published a screenshot of correspondence with the public Kalinov, who called her “ugly” and suggested she “get a man”.

In response, the head of the publishing house Look At Media Alexey Ametov condemned the act new building, noting that to insult people in the debate is unacceptable. He also decided to freeze any marketing and commercial partnership with Aviasales for at least six months and stop a joint project in the field of advertising technologies. 30 may 2016 member of Facebook community “Blue buckets” was told that the company “Telemobil” requires users in the event of an accident when renting a car to compensate for the cost of repairs and additional charges a penalty in their favor.

The author is a lawyer in the field of consumer protection, named Andrew, who asked not to disclose his name said that the company introduces customers to the confusion and conditions of the penalties listed on the website “Telemobile”, contrary to the information specified in the customer agreement. Attorney client Alexander Semenov got in an accident while driving the rented vehicle. As a result, “Telemobil” demanded to pay 97 046 rubles and 20 kopecks penalty for getting in an accident, 485 231 rubles for the repair of the car Hyundai Solaris, and 5500 rubles for examination and 750 rubles 60 kopecks postage costs — just over half a million rubles.

However, in social networks representatives of the company told potential users that in the event of an accident the client should pay 5 thousand roubles at the price of damage to 10 thousand roubles to 15 thousand roubles at the price of damage to 100 thousand rubles, or 20% of the cost of damages in the amount of damage more than 100 thousand rubles. In the comments discussion on Facebook the representative of “Dailymobile” reported that all the documentation is in the public domain, and that the company has the right to demand from its customers to repay the cost of repairing the rental car.

In addition, he called the publication of the message of the lawyer of slander and threatened to sue for spreading false information. Alexander Semenov talks with the company about lowering the payout amount to anything didnt lead. Moreover, on 31 may, the representatives of the “Telemobile” reported the attempted blackmail from his side. Semenov allegedly offered to deceive the media for the sake of reducing the size of the penalties.

However, under public pressure, the company was forced to admit they were wrong. On the same day, may 31, it announced the emergence of a special tariff, which removes the culprit is the need to pay for the car restoration and administrative costs, and limits the penalty in 10 thousand roubles. June 1, 2016 representatives of the “Telemobil” said they were going to cancel polumilliardny penalty to the affected user and check the style of communication with customers in social networks.

As a result, the company decided to limit the maximum amount of penalties for drivers involved in an accident on the fault of up to 150 thousand rubles, eliminating the additional fines and charges. In August 2016, the American manufacturer of liquid meal replacement Soylent has introduced a new product — an energy bar called Bar Food. However, the first buyers have discovered an unexpected side effects.

Vomiting and diarrhea. 13 Oct 2016 Soylent was forced to suspend sales. Two weeks later, customers have complained of similar side effects from the new version of instant powder Soylent 1.6 — the main product of the company.

The company recognized that the product composition similar to the composition of the nutrient bars, and decided to suspend the sale of powder until January of 2017, promising to change the recipe. According to co-founder and head of the Soylent Rob Rhinehart, the cause of the poisoning could be the flour of seaweed, which was a common component in the two products. In September 2016, it became known that the founder of Oculus VR Palmer Lucky involved in the financing of “group persecution” directed against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Its founders spread offensive memes and images to reduce the chances of victory of the candidate from the democratic party. The scandal has caused a resonance in American society, and many applications for virtual reality devices refused to support the Oculus VR. Soon the Lucky apologized for his actions, calling him her personal decision that has no relation to the actions of Oculus and partners.

In addition, he admitted that he secretly transferred to the account of the supporters of Donald trumps $10 thousand. If we estimate the number of scandals and embarrassing moments, that 2016 was the year Burger King. In January, amid criticism of members of the American Academy, which was accused of racism for lack of black nominees for the “Oscar”, the Russian branch of the brand decided to defuse the situation, Vaslav conflict in social networks.

In response, the European leadership, Burger King has demanded to remove the recording. In March 2016 the advertising of the brand has again surprised the users of social networks. In the Moscow metro with the Wi-Fi connection arose plug c is a new dish on the menu — the “worst of the Whopper”, which was accompanied by the warning “don amastris”.

The image quickly went viral. Some users it offended, while others — praised the company for daring. A month later, the brand again decided to use a play on words and presented advertising a new promotion, inviting customers to “get drunk” ice cream.

Patience FAS burst, when the company went too far and published a picture of the nuggets, laid out in a rude gesture pointed to competitors Burger King. The Agency decided to know the attitude of users towards advertising and held a vote, the results of which revealed that they did not consider it offensive.

The climax came in August, when Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda has agreed to become the face of Burger King. In return the company offered him “generous compensation”, “unlimited food and drink” and “an opportunity once a month to close the restaurant for parties and easy to organize a riot.”.

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