The Results Of The Year: Key Events On The Market In 2016

In September, Apple introduced a new model of its smartphone — the iPhone 7. The company first began to make radical changes to the design and size of the device with the new serial number. The size of the screens remains the same. 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus.

To refresh the appearance similar with iPhone 6s, Apple first added a new black case colors. Instead of one space gray customers choose between a black and a glossy black “onyx”. The latter is available only for smartphones with large amounts of memory. 128 and 256 GB.

The design of the new smartphone has become resistant to external influences — moisture and dust. To do this, the engineers got rid of the physical Home button it is touch with tactile feedback through vibration.

The most discussed change is the lack of a standard headphone Jack. Now with a iPhone headphones with Lightning connector and an adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm. The company relies on a complete rejection of wires and the transition to wireless headphones. Along with the announcement of the iPhone 7 in September, Apple unveiled the AirPods with built-in microphone.

The device went on sale in Russia in December at a price of 12990 rubles. AirPods are automatically connected to Apple devices, simply open a case in which they are stored. It headphones charged. Key difference 7 Plus have two cameras, so that the smartphone appeared digital zoom and depth of field effect.

The company has decided not to publish data on iPhone sales first weekend. However, the sources among the retailers claimed that the smartphone is in great demand than previous models. The cost of the base models iPnone 7 with memory of 32 GB will be 59 990 rubles.

Google first decided to start producing smartphones. The first such smartphone is Pixel and Pixel XL. They replaced the closed range of smartphones Nexus, which the company developed in 2010.

Smartphone Pixel is equipped with a five-inch AMOLED screen (Full HD resolution), Quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. It is available in versions with 32 or 128 GB of memory. Resolution main camera Pixel is 12 MP, front 8 MP.

Google state that in the Pixel set, “the best camera on the market” — in particular, by good color rendering and the ability to take pictures almost continuously. All users Pixel get free and unlimited storage for photos in their original resolution in Google Photos. The smartphone is equipped with a fast charging option, which provides up to 7 hours device from the 15-minute network connectivity.

They will also be the first devices that will be compatible with the virtual reality platform from Google — Daydream. Pixel is available in three colors — black, white, and blue. The cost of the smartphone is $649 (about 40.5 thousand). It went on sale on 4 October in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Google has no plans to sell new smartphones in Russia. Another remarkable smartphone introduced in 2016 and which caused interest among buyers — Xiaomi Mi Mix. The display device is 91.3 percent of the area of its front panel. For comparison, the Google Pixel, the average is 71.2 percent, while the iPhone 7 Plus — is 67.7%.

Because of the new screen the manufacturer had to get rid of the traditional proximity sensor and earpiece. Instead, ultrasound system, determining that the device attached to your ear, and piezoelectric ceramic speaker system.

The front camera of five megapixels was significantly reduced in size and moved to the lower part of the housing, and a fingerprint scanner to place on the back cover under the main 16-megapixel camera. Journalists called Mi Mix one of the most beautiful smartphones in 2016 and suggested that after the Xiaomi from the boundaries in their smartphone and give Apple.

However, the first buyers of the smartphone say that it is very sensitive to drops. With minimal physical impact on the edge of the device its display is crack. Reporters noted that the price for the unique design of the device. If it drops, its display is virtually unprotected, then as competitors frame around the display absorbs impact energy.

Version of the 128 GB will cost $516 (about 32 thousand rubles), and the version on 256 GB — $590 (about 37 thousand). 2016, the company Samsung was supposed to be successful after a prolonged decline in the companys profit began to rise again. This contributed to the success of the flagship Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, presented in the beginning of the year.

2 Aug Samsung unveiled the seventh generation of the Galaxy Note. The device was warmly received by reviewers and users. It had a built-in retinal scanner, designed for use in conjunction with a helmet virtual reality VR Gear, it was waterproof and support the latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat. Photo.

The Verge. At the presentation representatives of the company several times hinted at the superiority of the Galaxy Note 7 on Apple products. Thus, representatives of Samsung said that “unlike some companies,” they are not forced to buy the stylus separately and charge it, and also the fact that the smartphone has the 3.5 mm headphone port. Key West the newspaper, which released the reviews of the device were of the opinion that this is one of the best smartphones released by Samsung.

However, by mid-September, the image of the Galaxy Note 7 has radically changed. In the media every few days, reports emerged about cases of spontaneous combustion device. The smartphone managed to burn Grand Cherokee to explode in the hands of a child. The company acknowledged the problem of mass.

Shortly to turn on or charge the device on Board is banned Finnish, Indonesian, Australian, Russian and other airlines around the world. The company tried to rectify the situation — promised to look into the situation to replace the faulty smartphones, but the problem took a spontaneous. Galaxy Note 7 was a major setback of the year in the smartphone market.

According to Bloomberg, the cost opinion Note 7 amounted to about a billion dollars is less than 5% of the net profit that Samsung was planning to in 2016. The capitalization of Samsung during the scandal with Note 7 fell by 22 billion dollars. The scandal affected the financial condition of the company — although not to the extent believed by analysts.

After review of the Galaxy Note 7 profit of Samsung fell by 30% in the third quarter of 2016. The companys revenue for the period decreased by 7.5% year-on-year and amounted to $43 billion. The division, which is engaged in production of mobile devices, received $88,2 million operating profit is the lowest figure since the fourth quarter of 2008, points out Reuters. At the end of October 2016 Apple returned the journalists attention to the segment of laptops with its new Macbook Pro.

A key innovation was the touchpad Touch Bar, which replaced a number of function buttons F1-F12 and Escape. The panel adapts to a running user application. For example, using Touch Bar you can edit photos, manage your emails, videos, to switch between tabs in Safari. On the panel you can also make icons Siri, control volume and screen brightness.

Third-party developers can adapt their apps for Touch Bar. To the right of the touchpad, the engineers placed the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID you can use to login to the operating system and to pay for online purchases via Apple Pay.

The Macbook Pro has an updated keyboard — similar to that used in the Macbook. Apple has replaced all four USB ports and one headphone Jack. This caused a lot of discussions in social networks — a technique many users were unprepared for the transition to a more modern standard. In response, Apple has arranged the sale of adapters for USB ports-the C — the price of adapters has dropped to 50%.

For example, adapter with USB-C to USB can be purchased on the company website for $9 or for 800 rubles in the Russian online store (previously the cost was $19). In December, the laptop went on sale in Russia. 15-inch Macbook Pro costs between 189,9 thousand rubles, the 13-inch panel with Touch Bar — 144,9 thousand.

In 2016, Xiaomi, which is usually called “the Chinese clone of the Apple”, introduced its first laptop notebook Air. The device is available in an all-metal enclosure of anodized aluminum in two colors — silver and rose gold, and its design resembles Macbook. Journalists called Mi Air Notebook by Xiaomi response to Apples aggressive expansion in China and attempt to shake the leading position of California company on the market.

12.5-inch Air Notebook got Intel Core M3, 4 gigabytes of RAM and SSD 128 GB expandable. The 13-inch version has an Intel Core i5 sixth generation, 8 gigabytes of RAM standard DDR4, SSD 256 gigabytes, and the video card NVidia 940MX support up to 1 Gigabyte of memory standard GDDR5. The laptop has battery, capacity which Xiaomi estimated at 11.5 (12.5-inch version) and 9.5 hours (13-inch versions) on a single charge.

The laptop, according to representatives of Xiaomi, has a full-sized ultrathin keyboard with individually backlit keys, space move which is 1.3 mm. Among other features of the device, which focuses the manufacturer, ultra — thin screen frame with a thickness of slightly less than 5.6 mm. Have Notebook Air five ports.

HDMI, two USB 3.0, a 3.5 mm connector for headphones and USB Type-C. The latter also acts as the connector for the charger. Air Notebook comes with Windows 10 Home. Russian retailers can purchase the laptop at the price of 45 thousand rubles.

Microsoft, like Google, decided to use Apples approach — that is, to engage in self-production devices. The first such product was the monoblock Surface Studio, equipped with 28-inch touchscreen. Its the maximum version is equipped with Nvidia GTX 980M 32GB RAM standard DDR4 and SSD disk 2 TB.

It has a SD card slot, four USB 3.0, and mini DisplayPort connector. Surface Studio, Microsoft released the Surface controller Dial, which allows you to scroll content on the screen by swiping your finger on it. It can also be put on the screen that will allow you to use additional UI elements — for example, a palette of colors for drawing.

Journalists and users have met the heat. Many have noted the devices design, in the style of Apple products. The cost of Surface Studio starts at $2999, the maximum version will cost $4199.

About plans to sell the device in Russia, the company said. In the official online store Microsoft Surface Studio not for sale. On 24 may, the manufacturer of “smart” watches Pebble has launched the third crowdfunding campaign on the platform Kickstarter to raise $1 million for the production of portable GPS tracker with built-in audio player. A few hours after the start of the campaign, more than 15 thousand people transferred Pebble over $2.7 million.

Pebble Core is a small square device with a headphone Jack. Pebble Core is suitable for athletes (mostly runners) and can “completely replace the smartphone,” says its description. The device tracks speed, distance and location of the user, and if necessary it can be used to transmit the SOS signal.

Core has 4GB memory, it is possible to download music, in addition, it can sync with Spotify. Statistics on the movements of the device signals through Autokomanda. In addition, there is synchronization with Runkeeper, Strava and other fitness applications with Wi-Fi. The Pebble Core can be used as a standalone unit, or synchronized with a clock Pebble.

The device can be reprogrammed and be used like the keys to the garage or car, and for walking of animals and call Uber. Just the manufacturer of the smart watch raised $12.8 million — far less than during the previous campaigns. According to investors, it is another Wake-up call. During the year, the market rumors of a shortage of funds, the company.

In addition, in March 2016 Pebble announced its intention to cut about 25% of the staff. In early December of 2016 Pebble announced the sale of the company to the manufacturer of fitness trackers Fitbit. Media assess the amount of the deal at $30-40 million.

After absorption, the Pebble will close its own production, and Fitbit will have technology and a team of. According to media reports, the transaction was low — experts attribute this to the financial problems of the company. Analysts attribute the closure of the company because she did not have time to scale your business. In addition, the market appeared Apple Watch, which for the year managed to occupy a leading position in the Wearables market.

September 7, Apple introduced the second generation of its smartwatch — the Apple Watch Series 2. One of the main differences of the new model was a complete water-resistant.

Externally, the new watch is no different from devices of the first generation. The company has placed emphasis on the sports features of the device. According to representatives of Apple, in hours you can swim without fear for their future performance in a new model of speaker is equipped with a mechanism for expelling the water. Apple made them more Autonomous than watch the first series — built GPS module that can work without being bound to iPhone.

Also a special model created in partnership with Nike Apple Watch Nike+. At the presentation in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim cook noted that the Apple Watch become the best selling “smart” clock in the world. In Russia the Apple Watch line of Series 2 is available at a price of 33 990 rubles.

In may at the developer conference I/O in California, Google unveiled the Google Home — the “smart” voice assistant for the home. Journalists call Home competitor home assistant Amazon Echo. Google Home is a device with a speaker, built-in microphone and a small LED screen.

Base units are available in different colors, so the user can choose the most suitable for your home. Using Google Home to search for information on Google, get answers, listen to the music using the device as a Wi-Fi column. The device may, for example, by the user, play music from Google music or play YouTube videos on your TV using Chromecast. Moreover the system can play music on all speakers installed in the house and in separate rooms.

Also Google Home can control “smart” home. Adjust Nest thermostats, lighting, set alarms. The device sold in the US at a price of $129.

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