The series about the game project “Il-2 Sturmovik” — the video and the story of the Director about filming

This film was made for fans of the simulator “Il-2”. Today, such a little, and dinosaurs like me are almost gone. I went from being a simple player to developer. When 15 years passionate about the game, gradually grow into a community of fans on the Internet. Someone you know personally, someone nicks.

Once you realize that and you will learn how to recognize old used car. No one — except me, of course — not prepared to shoot. On the record of interview had not previously discussed a single issue. In the end, the film hit 70% of what was filmed. Producer “Il-2 Sturmovik.

The battle for Stalingrad” albert Residents never expressed any censorship requirements or prohibitions. You see everything as it was happening at the time of imaging, one-to-one. I could write a text for the speaker and shipping it. “I see so”.

This is an easy opportunity to change the meanings places to do black and white. Its different. You directly ask the people that are fans of the genre know only nicks and the messages on the forum “Il-2”.


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