The Service Delivery Of Food Grow Food Arrived To Feed The Employees “Tinkoff Bank”

The reason for that action was the letter of Oleg Tinkov employees “Tinkoff Bank” requirement is only once a day and spend less time on coffee and smoke breaks. Colleagues, I see you have relaxed?!

I remind you that the meal (aka lunch) we have one time and is one hour.

Healthy people do not eat 2/3/4 times a day. Even if it amounts to one hour, which I highly doubt. If you are sick — there is no boarding house, we have a lot of work in the years ahead.

I hope that from now on in the cafeteriasll see you soon between 12 and 16 hours. Action Grow Food under the name “#ligneuses” takes place near the Central office “Tinkoff Bank” in the business center at Golovinskoye shosse, Dom 5. A few girls in hoodies with the logo GrowFood distribute packages of food to staff leaving the business center and people passing by. According to PR-the Manager Grow Food, the purpose was not to make fun of the letter Tinkov, and to show that five meals you can put in one hour and to ban fractional power is meaningless.

If a person is used to eating four or five times a day, why not. Five meals you can put in one hour, especially if the food comes already warmed up and ready.

We have great respect for Oleg Tinkov and “Tinkoff Bank”, and his campaign wanted to show the employees how to save time on food. First truck Grow Food arrived on Parking of the business center, in connection with the protection of “strongly asked” to drive off.

An hour later, a van came to the police and checked the documents of staff of Grow Food. “Then came again, but this time to eat,” says PR-Manager of the service. Grow Food service was founded by Danielper and Pavel accelerates in October 2015. In November, the project has attracted 4 million from investors club VentureClub Alexander Borodzicz. In June 2016, the service has attracted 30 million rubles from the Fund AddVenture.

The service offers daily delivery of prepared food for athletes for a week (five or seven days). Sets calculated by calories, depending on goals of the users of gain muscle mass or maintain shape. 23 January edition know the opinion of Russian businessmen on the initiative of Oleg Tinkov. Many entrepreneurs agreed with Tinkovs actions, although he admitted that the writing style is quite sharp.

25 Jan Grow Food released test “Find out who you are on version Tinkov?”. Test results — “Sick Soger with mineral water”, “Business-woman from Starbucks” and others — are accompanied by Tinkoffneuznaet promo code for 500 rubles to buy subscriptions to Grow Food.

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