The Service For Sending A Random Photo From Your Phone And A Mini-polls: 10 Mobile Social Networks That Have Not Yet Become Popular

Project Manager and Tribuna Digital Mikhail Kalashnikov put together a list of little-known Russian user products. To launch a new social network has ceased to be fashionable sometime in 2009. At the peak of popularity of “web 2.0” appeared in the social network for all.

From the professors to the dogs and the dead. Personally read the terms of reference in the social network Pro utilities with blogs and forums — I dont know what happened, I hope nothing. Since then, the social network of fashion trend became the basis of the Internet, but that does not mean that they no longer need to do. Social projects continue to be created, only in presentations to investors now use other fancy words.

Some projects die in a week (as Peach), others, like the Telegram, grow and develop, although start on the years later analogues. Projects aimed at a wide audience, almost always come out first as a mobile app and is often not even suppose to run in the web version. In this collection — narrative, mobile projects that have appeared in recent years. Application with mini-surveys of the two options.

You can quickly and easily create their own surveys. Times a day goes a selection of the best. Content so much that flipping is endless. Interestingly, the creators explain why they launched a project.

Despite all existing applications, adolescents still boring, and content from friends they love more than the adults who make a lot of money. The app has found an audience among teenage girls, and the internal native advertising loved brands. Arbit – about the same, but not only for girls, but only for iOS and only for USA. The app has invested a little-known NBA players.

In one of the first marketing companies users helped basketball player Anthony Tolliver to choose running shoes for the game. If the previous two projects — “anything in the form of a survey with two options” project, where the entire content consists of lists. Unlike projects like Playbuzz or qzzzr, the emphasis is on the content inside the platform and not on the service to external sites.

Project founder — comedian B. J. Novak, star and screenwriter of the TV series The Office. The platform has already been presented quite a lot of different media, although the audience as a whole is small. Local project for American students — mobile, paranoimia geographically bound to the campus. About how Yik Yak is only with regard to his mistakes.

Interesting. All posts disappear after a time, but the longer I live, the more likes collect. Maybe this app is better known than the rest. is a platform where you can record 15-second mini-clips with music from famous songs.

The first version was released in 2014 in Shanghai. In July 2016 inside apps daily created 12 million clips. Most meant to be friends, but there are popular “mysery” with millions of subscribers. In similar to Twitter, there are trends and hashtags — and, like all previous projects, no web version.

Originally run as “Facebook without the ads and spy on users” social network Ello eventually began to focus on representatives of different creative industries. Artists, designers, and musicians. Most popular features eventually came to the slogan. “Share.

Get Hired” — Ello, you can add a button “Buy” or “Hire” for their publications. The new project Creator of the social network Orkut, Orkut Buyukkokten. As the first social network, the app-based interest groups and powerful gamification and everything possible. In Russia does not work, the web version yet.

Imzy community like Reddit, only the beautiful and the good. Of course, with the web version, all the same it did the former head of product Reddit. Subject is not common, but all very friendly — in comments to the users comes good robot dinosaur, and the interface is more like a cartoon. Originally Imzy feature was the ability to pay other users posts and even comments, including regular payments.

Now, however, such a possibility is not see — all the same kind of social mechanics and the money combined is bad. Social network-based sound that combines radio, podcasts, voice mail and any other audio recordings in one place. With short formats and interactivity. For example, you can directly Pat on the air, and it can hear other users.

The Android version yet. I certainly wanted to include in a compilation app with a really stupid and pointless idea, but almost all of them have closed in recent months. For example, as happened with the app Beme, where the user has recorded a short video and send to friends, but he didnt know what had happened, and could focus only on their response. However, its Creator, popular video blogger Casey Neistat, has raised $6 million in investment and sold the project, along with a team for $25 million.

Fortunately, has not yet closed the application Rando is a service where you can send a friend a random picture from your phone. Sounds amazing it is useless, but it is also an attempt to find something new in the social mechanics as it once first appeared receding messages Snapchat. Following Facebook can grow from perfect the little things, but would this change really reflects how the people are arranged.

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