The Story Of Fallout: As Originated And Developed By The Legendary Game

Among fans of the franchise still debate about what exactly is Fallout. For many, this is a game about exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland, genocide raiders and deciding the fate of the world. Others, such a definition seems to be insufficient. They believe that the main thing in the series — the combination of deep, nonlinear story and challenging mechanic.

The reason for these discussions — the differences between the two earliest and the two latest installments of the main series. The gameplay and aesthetics of the first sprite was inspired by the CRPG era of the 90s. The creation and development of the character then has received far more attention than decision-making during the fight. At the same time, Fallout 3 and its sequel, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, is an RPG — adventure game.

Mechanics and extensive, fully available to study the world United them with Oblivion and Skyrim, in other Studio projects. Despite the specifics of individual games, the four elements are present in the whole series. First Interplay was planning to make a Fallout sequel to Wasteland — his early post-apocalyptic CRPG.

But the rights of the latter belonged to Electronic Arts. To them, the company failed, and she decided to develop a new game with a similar setting. The basis of the first version of Fallout GURPS lay — a set of rules for tabletop RPG. Later his Creator broke the contract with Interplay (due to a too violent content of the game), and the company had to create a new system. Thus was born the SPECIAL.

. During the development of the project presented a few simple requirements. The game was supposed to be more than one way to solve any problem, the applicability of each individual skill, and black humor without slapstick and the long-term consequences of decisions. Though some of them do not exist in separate parts of the series, it is these elements that glorified her among gamers.

Fallout became a cult classic and even spawned a whole trend of RPG like her. These games took all of its best features. The system of stats and skills, freedom in character development, the variety of solutions the same problem, as well as a wide range of endings. Although such projects are still very popular, none of them have not yet been able to beat Arcanum is the brainchild of the authors of the original.

With the onset of the XXI century the popularity of crpgs began to fall. After Fallout 2, Interplays budget has decreased significantly, the cost of creating spin-offs have longer to pay off. Eventually the rights to the franchise had to sell. It became the new owner of the Studio Bethesda, known for The Elder Scrolls. In her hands the series got a second wind (or died, depending on how you feel about it).

Bethesda brought to Fallout new fans, but departed from the rules that guided the founders series. The franchise has become one of the most popular and the most profitable projects Bethesda and has brought the company millions of dollars. It is difficult to find a player who had never heard of Walt the Fight (Vault Boy).

Finally, Fallout is one of the most popular series for modders. Usually they correct the technical shortcomings and restore cut content, but sometimes entirely recycled gameplay. Opening splash starts with advertising Shelters, nuclear cars and robots series “Mr. Helper”, but also scenes of public executions.

Soldiers in power armor shoot a person, and then waving to the audience. Everything happens on the TV screen. The camera moves away from him and the player views the ruins of the city. The background plays a song The Ink Spots “Maybe”.

This is followed by the credits. The user sees the slides of a military chronicle, and Ron Perlman tells how the planet has come to such a state and says the famous “war never changes”. And although such entry is in each part of the series, in the original it was managed better. The monologue of the narrator only lasts a few minutes, but this is enough to convey the spirit of the era and the main themes of the plot of the game.

Not less easy to understand and the early levels. Leaving the safe walls of his home, the hero immediately stumbles upon the skeleton of the previous envoy of Vault 13 that already portends a difficult journey. Then he gets to the town of shady Sands, where a series of simple quests that reinforces the knowledge of the mechanic and rules of conduct on the Heath. Among them is the need to hide weapons among the civilian, trade, card, recruiting NPCs, debuffs and missions that become available only after some time (like a side “to Save Tandi from the raiders”).

The player acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of the wasteland. It turns out that after the war, some settlements became independent, and the population is forced to survive through agriculture and collection of garbage and defend against hordes of mutants and gangs of raiders. Most of these towns did not play any important role in the story. The only exception is the very same town of shady Sands.

In one of the endings in its place arose the capital of the New California Republic is very important from a political point of view, part of the Fallout universe. The story tells about the adventures of a Native — a man sent to the outside world to find a new water chip to save his vault 13. After an introductory screen the gamer can choose one of three premade characters (fighter, thief and diplomat), and create-your-own. The second is preferable, because the basis of Fallout is not that other, as freedom of expression.

The story of the Native is completely dependent on the players decisions. Gradually, the mission of finding the chip develops into a clash with an army of super mutants. Here the hero is required to defeat the mighty enemy, and to find answers to questions. “The survival of the human race in a post-apocalyptic conditions.

If so, is it good. To make whether the people of a new nuclear war. Mutants — growing or dead-end branch of evolution?”. The fate of the main antagonist of the game is also in the hands of the hero. The native is free to kill the Lord, to join him or to convince that his plans are doomed to failure.

Unlike most RPG, Fallout gives the quests a strictly limited time. If you do not manage to find the chip for 150 days, the residents of Vault 13 will perish, and the adventure ends. Although the limit can be increased, agreeing with the merchants for the supply of water, it will not solve the problem of the army of super mutants. The game will still have to be fast, otherwise people will get hurt.

However, the main advantage is considered a Fallout is not the main plot, and its numerous offshoots. Wandering the wasteland, the main character is involved in a number of stories about the life of the inhabitants of the former civilization. One of these side quests is to resolve the conflict between an honest mayor of Junktown, and the rich, who heads the local criminals the owner of the casino.

Originally it was supposed to do help first disadvantageous, because then he would become a tyrant, illustrating the unpredictable consequences of moral at first glance the solution, but before release it was refused. The game has many missions ranging from the rescue of the merchant caravans of the Hub and ending with the protection of shady Sands from the raiders. But the cool quest, I think, is in the Boneyard. The player must help the rebels to retake the city from Regulators, the local corrupt police.

If you try, you can send to fight the corrupt power of the entire population. However, in this case, you will have to wait until like everyone that takes a lot of time. By combining these unrelated to each other storyline, created a harmonious Interplay, in terms of game design the game world.

The population of the post-apocalyptic West coast of the US had recovered from battle wounds, and already thinks about the revival of the country. Garbage collection, hunting, breeding of brahmin (two headed cows) and trade helped people to survive. A search of resources like food and water do not prevent them from writing charters, to discuss them and to monitor their compliance. Some ideas on how to develop the society further, he gathered around himself the whole organization.

The brotherhood of Steel protects old technology from other inhabitants of the wasteland, the followers of the Apocalypse seek to bring them to the world, and the children of the Cathedral — to unite all people under its flag. Fallout turn — based isometric RPG with a map made up of hexagons. Its combat system is built around the so-called “action points”. This parameter determines the allowable for one step number of steps, attacks, recharges weapons and operations in the inventory.

With proper spending of action points fast enough to kill even a very strong opponent, not losing any HP. Strikes at specific body parts more expensive than conventional attacks as to deal more damage and give the player an advantage in battle. Hit in the leg — the enemy was less action points. Damaged eyes it is worse to shoot.

. The game also has weapons with automatic firing mode (enemies killed by them, usually turn into beef). They are useful against the armies of super mutants, however, require care in handling, otherwise can suffer as companions and the innocent people. The combat capability of a character depends on its characteristics.

Strength determines the damage dealt with bare hands, the perception of a chance of hitting the target, stamina — max HP, agility — the number of action points, and good luck — the frequency of critical hits and chance to hurt yourself. What affects the ability to use a weapon, no need to explain. During the adventure your hero will change. Skills develop as you advance in level, but with SPECIAL stats usually nothing happens.

Some quests, armor and other things that allow to increase these figures, but injuries and radiation sickness lead to their decline. Except for stats and abilities, the protagonist also has a set of features and perks. The first set on the stage of character creation, the second is acquired by increasing the level. These settings help to make People even more unique.

. Do not think that the characteristics will only affect the combat readiness of. You can create a character, do not know how to fight, and relying solely on powers of persuasion, stealth or knowledge. Despite the fact that the implementation of the main quest will require the deaths of some humans and mutants, the Native does not have to become their executioner. Freedom of choice — the most important feature of Fallout, and if gamers dont like the pitching role of American fighters, the game will not be forced.

Graphics Fallout has stood the test of time. Although the isometric graphics are quite good, the best part of the design of the game is, of course, dialogues with the main characters. Each conversation is provided with a moving image of the interlocutor. To create these portraits Interplay made busts of the protagonists, and then digitized and animated them.

This technology is allocated to the graphics of Fallout on the background of low poly models 90 times. Some elements of the interface also pleasing to the eye. Among them — a tube amplifier under the image of the interlocutor, menu with mechanical buttons and analog displays of elevators.

One problem — sprite animation. The movements of the characters seem unnatural, as work on the pathfinding algorithm on a hexagonal grid. Moreover, in battle they are pretty slow, so they have time to consider. The soundtrack for Fallout was composed by mark Morgan, known for the music from Planescape.

Torment. His melodies in the style of dark ambient was very atmospheric, but most of them lose their charm outside of the game. The only exception is the composition of Vats of Goo (Mariposa) and City of Los Angeles (Boneyard). But even they have one drawback namely, the lack of originality. The first track uses fragments of Alternative 3 by Brian Eno, and the last pieces of Grass from Richard “Aphex Twin” James.

. Meanwhile, the sound effects, and voice the main characters is great. Particularly noteworthy are the introductory speech of the narrator and dialogue with the Lord. Classic Fallout almost completely devoid of bugs, which distinguishes it from other parts of the series.

Among the problems of this game — the conditions under which one of the endings becomes unavailable, as well as the behavior of the characters in battle. Sometimes enemies and allies heroes team up against a common goal, pursue it until then, until one of them dies, and not stop, even if somebody else shoots them in the back. Updated version of Fallout supports high resolution, but because go well on modern computers. However before starting it is better to reduce, otherwise the game will have to visualize too many objects at a time, which may lead to hang or even crash.

Fallout is a great game and one of the most important RPG of its time. It has a carefully thought out gameplay, adjusted the structure of the world and freedom of choice. First you have to examine the complicated interface and basic principles of gameplay, but its worth it. You do not spend a lot of time — the first part of the series is much shorter than the other.

Released a year after the original, Fallout 2 has inherited many of its features, starting with the engine and graphics. At the same time, expanded the game world, plenty of side quests, less gloomy atmosphere and elaborate story helped the game not to become a clone of the cult RPG. The sequel continues the story of the attempts of humanity to rebuild civilization.

After leaving vault 13 after defeating the super mutants, Native founded the secluded village Arroyo. Over time, its population has formed its own culture, and the exploits of the hero of the first part became a legend. The plot of Fallout 2 tells the adventures of his grandson. Struck by drought, the village sends Favourites in search of the garden of Eden creation kit, or Geck.

This device returns to the land its fertility, thus giving the inhabitants of the Shelters the opportunity to return to the surface. And while everything starts about the same as in the case of a water chip from the previous game, this time limit no time. The plot of Arroyo attack before the hero manages to find the precious instrument, and the village has to save not from dehydration. Both parts of the series starts with a training level.

However, if in the vicinity of Vault 13 and shady Sands, the player learns the basics of gameplay, in the Temple of trials and Klamath he learns to use skills and items. Even connoisseurs of the game Fallout have not sweet. Although in search of the first gun will take a lot of time and effort, it is not particularly effective, as it requires reloading after each shot. In addition, in Fallout 2 much more than enemies, spreading debuffs, but the cheapest and most reliable method of treatment of diseases by temporarily lowering the perception.

. In short, for the normal passage of the tests required high levels of strength and endurance. And all anything, Yes only to survive outside the village, desired accuracy, as most of the enemies it is better to hit from a distance. It turns out. Or suffer from the annoying fights in the early game, or late.

Since the release of the first game, the role of individual settlements in the main storyline increased. Formerly independent, they began to unite with each other in efforts to resolve global problems, such as the expansion of organized crime and environmental pollution. The majority of quests require the hero to make a trip to a particular village to negotiate with its population. The fate of many cities is heavily dependent on the fate of others.

Although some locations Fallout 2 are superior to the other in size and development, each of them something stands out. The confrontation of the four crime families of new Reno, the attempts of the New California Republic (former shady Sands from the first part) to revive the U.S. bureaucracy and elitism in the City of Refuge, friendly relations between humans and mutants, broken hills — just a few examples of the uniqueness of the individual towns and settlements. Fallout 2 is different from its predecessor a large selection of teammates.

Among them — Gul-a doctor, a super mutant Sheriff, a wild shaman, a couple of dogs and cyborgs and intelligent, but crafty teenager responsible for the emergence of “screw”. In General the second game surpasses the first by the amount of content. There are more cities, partners, recesses, special meetings, epic battles, weapons, jokes — all, out of the original Fallout among other projects of the 90s.

Fallout 2 is more serious than its predecessor. The attempts of the protagonist to adapt to the environment given far more attention, especially in new Reno. It resembles a post-apocalyptic version of the story of a provincial teenager caught in the big city and met with all the “charms” of the Metropolitan lifestyle. On the day of release of the contents of scenes of sex, violence and drug use brought the project into disrepute.

Most dissatisfaction has caused the ability to kill children (and this despite the fact that such an action is punishable by loss of reputation). However, instead of having to clean up a minor NPC from the game, in some versions, the developers made them invisible. Because of this, earn them a reputation as child-killers could accidentally. The sense of humour of the developers helps to dilute the seriousness.

In Fallout 2 a great many funny moments and characters. Among them, hot — tempered Sergeant Dornan, with whom the Chosen one is found on a mission to introduce into the ranks of the Enclave. The drill instructor despises the main character, criticizes him because he wears a uniform, guards the hangar or does not have the proper documentation. Most of the jokes are quite relevant in the context of the game, can not be said about the lions share of references to other works.

However, this has suffered even the first part of the series. Articles about the universe does not explain where it came from, the TARDIS from Doctor Who or what crushed the poor soul that was lying in the paw print like a Godzilla monster. Although the sequel took most of the mechanic of the previous game, has changed the role of the characteristics of a hero.

Now from the figure of charisma depend on how many companions one can hire. Equally important is the level of skill of the “Naturalist”. To survive the random encounters in Fallout 2 is no easy task, especially if we are talking about the remains of the army of the Lord in vault 13 or the soldiers of the Enclave in San Francisco. “Naturalist” helps to forget about this problem, because it reduces the chance of encountering her. Finally, there are more abilities.

Unfortunately, most of the new perks are absolutely useless, therefore that would not be good. As for random encounters, Fallout 2, they were worse. And heres why.

First, the battle is much more tiring than before. Sweep mines Wanamingos or the hold of the tanker “Valdez” from mutants no pleasure. The only difficulty is that enemies become stronger and more tenacious, and learned to attack in groups. Weak arms of a hero early in the game and a low speed movement of sprites only add fuel to the fire.

Secondly, during random encounters there is always a chance the NPC, where there is the idea in General should not be. Inspired by the battle of the people with the Controllers from the previous game, the developers decided to try the same thing in the sequel. Group NPC as friendly to players and hostile, fighting with each other. But it happened so often that an event ceased to have any weight and was starting to get tired (especially given the slow speed fights).

In General, Fallout 2 will not appeal to those who enjoy the battles with the NPC. Not only that, enemies appear where it is not necessary, so they are still terribly overinflated. Special attention here deserves Frank Horrigan is the main antagonist of the second part of the series. He has the highest HP and SPECIAL in the game, and his Arsenal consists of two unique and very powerful weapons. Although the hero may not join him in the fight directly, peacefully he did not succeed.

One of the coolest innovations in Fallout 2 was the “Highwayman” — a broken nuclear car that can be repaired in the middle of a long quest. In this case, the hero will be able to quickly navigate through the game world and carry more things. However, to fill this car will have the ammo for energy weapons, but its worth it. In the end, that can compare with a trip to the post-apocalyptic wasteland on his own rusty car, and the only guitar song in the game.

To Arroyo, 106 miles, we have full micro fusion cell, half a pack antirain, its midnight and Ive got the Vault suit 13 half a century ago. Went. More practical from the point of view of mechanics was another innovation — improved karma.

Now the game registers not only the reputation of hero, but the attitude of residents of certain settlements. Titles like “approximation families”, “Slaver” and “porn star” provide Elected respect among some and notoriety among others. There are similar mechanics in the first part of the series, but a large effect on gameplay shes not having. Fallout 2 suffered from numerous bugs.

Interplay managed to fix some of them (among the best known of the trunk of “the Highwayman”, following the player as a companion), but not all. Still missing some endings (for example, a good for Vault 13), random hit in a temporary ally still guarantees notoriety in his hometown, and artificial intelligence is affected. On modern computers, the game often crashes and lag, especially during the battles with the NPC. Given the shortcomings of the combat system of Fallout 2, it makes random encounters a real torture. Without unofficial patches to play the second part of the series is not recommended.

Did the sequel to surpass the original. Its hard to say. On the one hand, Fallout 2 is full of bugs and shortcomings, as designed less than a year. At the same time, many innovations and a deeper storyline with numerous branches and put it above the first part.

Simply put, it has both strengths and weaknesses, but the first far outweighed the latter. This is similar to Fallout 2, Darklands and Arcanum. This part ended the first Chapter in the history of the franchise. None of the subsequent games did not continue its traditions. Spin-offs went in other ways, and the continuation of a series developed by the law adventure RPG first-person.

It all started with the Jefferson Engine is the exclusive engine Black Isle Studios. Created as the successor of the Infinity Engine from BioWare, he was allowed to work with polygons and isometric graphics of high resolution, to create dynamic light and shadow, and also to switch between real-time and turn-based in Arcanum. In short, the perfect tool for developing role-playing games in the spirit of late 90s.

Interplay was planning to use it for such major projects as The Black Hound (a spin-off of the first two Baldurs Gate) and Van Buren (working title failed the third part of Fallout). Unfortunately, in 2003 the budget of the company significantly decreased. She had to close Black Isle Studios and sell the rights to the Fallout franchise before the end of the development of a new game. If The Black Hound was only design documents and a couple of early screenshots, in the case of Van Buren in the network leaked demo version.

She still kept in the archives of the No Mutants Allowed forums and ModDB. In addition, many of the concepts, characters and locations of this project found its use in Fallout. New Vegas from Obsidian Entertainment. Action Van Buren occurs approximately ten years after the events of the second part. The player assumes the role of a Prisoner — a man, by mistake, went to prison, or the offender is serving his term there.

To escape from there he secretly helps the mad scientist Victor Presper, whose goal is to unleash a new nuclear war. Being part of Lauras Fallout, the storyline of Van Buren has a huge number of branches associated with individual settlements and factions. Among them is the Brotherhood of Steel and New California Republic (this time they are fighting with each other), Daughters of Hecate and Caesars Legion, the Mormons and the tribes of slavers, and many others. The main highlights of the project include the epic battle at Hoover Dam and travel into orbit to find a nuclear satellite B. O. M. B.-001.

The player is free to destroy the brainchild of Prospera or break with it, some part of the world. The rest of the endings are entirely dependent on the decisions taken during the main storyline. Van Buren planned to modify the system of SPECIAL. Several skills of possession of firearms wanted to do one, and eloquence, on the contrary, to split into the ability to persuade and deceive.

It was also planned to add a individualized appearance of the hero. The events of the leaked demo version of the game takes place shortly before the first nuclear war. They are irrelevant to the main plot, so the Prisoner is not even mentioned there. Instead, the role of the protagonist is the so-called Citizen.

Accompanied by Armstrong — American corporal, in power armor, he must fight his way through armies of the Chinese Communist rebels to enter the Refuge 1, to repair and run the life support system. This level was supposed to be learning Prolog for a complete game, a demonstration of the combat system and the use of skills. Demo Van Buren is quite short and also raw. Algorithms for collision detection and camera movement are accomplished via time, turn-based combat mode doesnt work at all save your progress impossible, the death of a Citizen is not accompanied by a Game Over screen and menu options are completely useless.

The only way to change settings is to edit the. INI file. Rumor has it that on the day of completion of the development project was close to completion. However, evidence little. Nobody has managed to find something, besides the existing problem of the demo version.

Most likely, we will never know, what could be the Van Buren, mark someone developers more money. Its a shame, because Interplay had such big plans. From the date of closure of the project, the franchise of Fallout and CRPG genre has changed a lot. Only now the developers have decided to remember the past and try to recreate the combination of complex mechanics and non — linear combination, which is so familiar to players of the 90s.

Fallout Tactics. Brotherhood of Steel or simply Fallout Tactics is a spin-off of the famous Saga about a nuclear Holocaust. Unlike other games of the franchise, it has multiplayer and three modes of battle. Continuous turn-based (real time), the command step-by-step (all fighters move one user at a time) and individual step-by-step (characters act in turn, as in the first two parts of the series).

Fallout Tactics developers tried to adapt the system to SPECIAL tactical gameplay involving covert action in real time (step mode only available in combat) and mechanics reminiscent of Commandos. Behind Enemy Lines. Numerical superiority is always on the side of the computer, and therefore the need for victory strategy. Gamers should be able to set traps, the proper positioning of their characters (this puts the enemy in an awkward position, and it also guarantees the survival of the party), and also beware of enemy patrols and alarms.

According to the tradition of the franchise resource extraction in Fallout Tactics paid very much attention. As it turned out, the Brotherhood of Steel is not very care about their own subordinates. Users have to stock up on stimpacks and ammo, and buy weapons and armor for their characters independently.

As you progress through the story the importance of the equipment fades into the background. There are types of armor and weapons, which are simply no better. After the acquisition, the gamer will only have to develop your strategic thinking. System SPECIAL is almost unchanged, except for the emergence of new skills. Replaced useless in terms of Fallout Tactics “Eloquence” came “the Pilot” to determine how well a particular character manages vehicles.

Unfortunately, these non-combat skills of almost no use in practice, especially when the maximum level of “Light weapons”. The speed of the characters is a big problem for many TRPG. Despite the importance of shelters and “lying on belly” for visibility and effectiveness in combat hiding and crawling characters is extremely slow (“prone” and crawl helps to improve the accuracy of snipers, good hiding when the shootings; the standing position is the only position not involving reduction to damage taken in melee). In Fallout Tactics also flawed algorithms for determining the way that spoils the passage of large and well made levels.

The events of the spin-off talk about the division of the brotherhood of Steel, which was sent to the Midwest because of the political conflict. Unlike the others, the group takes into its ranks not only of the savages of the local tribes (to them, by the way, the Warrior is the main protagonist of the game), but ghouls, super mutants, deathclaws, and even robots. Linearity is another feature that distinguishes Tactics from the main series. Though the main character is free to move around the map, open world — no more than a slight reference to other parts of the franchise.

Separate locations ceased to be separate settlements or cities. They have become levels are traversed in a pre-written script, as well as a base in which the detachment of the user is resting between missions. The games plot develops in a new, more traditional models. Previously, users had the choice between a large number of branches of the main quest, but now the latter paid much more attention.

Fallout Tactics is a chronicle of the brotherhood of Steel, not ordinary inhabitants of the wasteland. This is a story about finding a legendary Vault 0 and the fight with the evil computer, working through the human brain. Endings in the game less than usual, and factors that affect which of them will get a hero, only two. The decisions taken during the last couple of missions, and the karma of the protagonist. All these ideas are good, but they are implemented very poorly.

If the first part of the series begins with a short but informative monologue about war and peace, in Fallout Tactics, the narrator spends precious minutes on just talking about the Brotherhood of Steel. Before each mission the player is given a goal and explain why he needs to achieve it, however, slow and monotone voices of leaders always want to skip their words on deaf ears (with the exception of situations involving the Calculator closer to the final). Finally, sometimes the game tries to joke, but nothing good comes out.

For example, whats funny about the savage and the slave, suffering from STDs and prefer to treat them with oil and fire due to the distrust of the doctors of the Brotherhood. Even by the standards of the franchise is a joke below the belt. Bad Fallout Tactics is not called, however, to the level of their predecessors, she is clearly not up. It is quite decent graphics, soundtrack is good alternative for music of the first two installments of the franchise, although it was not written by mark Morgan and Inon Zur; the story concerns a typical series themes.

However, sometimes it becomes quite boring. It is worth to play only for those who appreciated the combat system of the first two parts, but dont expect it to be the same. It was assumed that the game will be a sequel. The basis of his story was supposed to go, the idea of the “Day of the triffids” (novel by John Wyndham), “Seeds of destiny” (the last episode of the thirteenth season of “Doctor Who”) and Fountain of Dreams (extremely bad continuation of the original Wasteland).

However, due to low sales of Fallout Tactics, the project was closed. Old CRPG is hard to adapt to a console because of the differences in the controllers. Interface designed for mouse, not suitable for users of analog stick. To reduce the need to navigate between endless menus, “computer” mechanics we have to simplify, which often leads to neigrabelnosti.

Despite these and other difficulties, one company has created a spin-off of the popular post-apocalyptic franchise. And although he did not live up to the level of the classic parts of the series, its gameplay and story helped him to reach the target audience and to captivate gamers for a long time. But it was not developed by Interplay Fallout.

The Brotherhood of Steel. Despite the love the fans of the franchise to controversies and lively discussions, their something in common. They dont like Brotherhood of Steel. The mechanics and atmosphere of the game have almost nothing in common with her predecessors. The developers have tried to revive interest in the franchise, mindlessly adding explosions, Busty girls, mate, jokes below the belt, is the energy and music of the genre nu-metal — in short, everything that the idea loves a youth of the twenty-first century.

Similarly to the previous spin-offs, the games plot tells the story of the unusually tolerant (now its not even trying to justify the adoption in its ranks outsiders) division of the brotherhood of Steel. The goal this time is to find the missing paladins. The brotherhood opposed the raiders, led by a female vamp (in Fallout Tactics similar situation. The leader of the local troop of ghoul fanatics made a super mutant with big ambitions).

The events of the Brotherhood of Steel take place between the first two parts of the series. Back some heroes of the classic Fallout, but Rombus has even become a playable character (he Comes from Vault 13 be available after the first passage of the main quest). Many of the plot lines of the original were developed, despite the General linearity of the script. Opening monologue is good (although its writer, it seems, believed that a nuclear war started in the fifties, not in the future, inspired by modern fiction), can not be said about following him to the cutscene.

Ugly hero models, bad voice acting (actors can be understood, considering what they have to work) and a huge Billboard of the manufacturer of energy drinks Bawls produce unpleasant first impression. Then it gets worse. Images of characters like the local prostitutes and smelly bartender is very superficial, and their joke — primitive. ENT is mentioned rarely and out of place.

Finally, during boss fights the music from Slipknot, Killswitch Engage and other such groups. After all, it is music in the vein of Fallout, though. If this game even just a stupid indulgence typical of teenagers to the level of ridiculous films category B, it would not have lasted due to the primitive mechanic. Traditional RPG elements in it.

She looks like a clone of Gauntlet, and quite lousy. To win enough just to mindlessly press buttons and sometimes to monitor the environment. Brotherhood of Steel — a history of killing people and monsters and collecting loot. Is worthy of opponents is tenacious, but uninteresting bosses, and a whole army of stupid mobs attacking in melee and ranged combat or self-destructing.

The battles are long and tedious, and the reward is quite impressive. There are also technical difficulties. Brotherhood of Steel suffers from the problems with the camera. It is located too close to the hero, which the player is forced to rely on the minimap to not get lost.

In addition, the game does not allow the user to create their own character. The choice has only a powerful man, quick girl and a ghoul, representing a cross between the two. The implementation of the main quest unlocks three more, but what would a gamer nor ruled, the gameplay is not affected. From skills and perks also depends nothing.

Max — you can get a dog, but their usefulness ends. When you create a Brotherhood of Steel was used engine studios Snowblind Studios, who gave us Baldurs Gate. Dark Alliance is much more successful (at least from the point of view of graphics) draft. Rights Snowblind Engine from Interplay had, but because she has been on trial for the illegal use of someone elses.

This suit combined with all the aspects of Brotherhood of Steel (I didnt. Very much it is boring) illustrates that no one wanted to create a good game. The developers were ready to take the first available engine (Interplay was the publisher of the series Baldurs Gate), to cook with it, some semblance of the locations (and when the designers realized that the levels are too short, they “extended” them, adding the need to move back and forth), season their is known product and hope for high sales due to the word Fallout in the title and the music popular at the time groups. In short, the Brotherhood of Steel is a purely commercial project, and the ugly.

Although the rights to the franchise no longer belonged to Interplay, the Studio was able to obtain permission to create the MMORPG in the same universe. However, because the project never moved, in 2009 (a couple of years after the transaction) Bethesda demanded to shut it down, which led to a long judicial process (the final verdict was handed down in March 2016. The rights to the MMO Fallout has moved to Bethesda). It ended in 2012. Interplay lost the license, and the development of Fallout Online (nothing to do with based on Fallout 2 fan-made MMO with the same name) was stopped.

The game was the cause of one of the most well-known litigation between the studios, but about her almost nothing is known. In 2011 he published a small teaser of the gameplay however it did not demonstrate. Also in the Internet you can find a couple of screenshots and trial documents. According to one of the project was playable in 2011.

The game was supposed to go on the same engine that Earthrise from Masthead Studios partner for Interplay to develop a Fallout Online. Judging by the screenshots, the project combines features of MMORPG and third person shooter, with the first prevailing over the latter, which featured Fallout Online from Bethesda works. Part Jason Anderson (game designer, who later founded Troika Games) to the development could mean the return of some mechanic of the first part, however, were does it system SPECIAL. Mailing The The Armageddon Rag, which was published from July 2010 to February 2011, has revealed some details of the project.

A race intended to be playable, and each of them would have its advantages (ghouls, for example, would be experienced engineers and merchants). Advertisement “the Gun store Crazy Ivan” from the same distribution given the intention of the companies to expand the Arsenal of the hero and add a so-called “Superoperator”. Also repeatedly mentioned mine Monkey butt, so she also planned to make part of the game. After closing Fallout Online its working title Project V13 has moved strategic RPG about settlement construction.

Because the full rights to the franchise now belong to Bethesda, it is possible that the company will want to create your own MMORPG within the Fallout universe. However, this game will have to the project, Interplay and Black Isle nothing.

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